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(Rubi Aiba) A Delusion Slut


n0222 2007/05/15
Rubi Aiba
A Delusion Slut

The slender slut RUBI AIBA who loves fucking is captured in this time. She always thinks about lascivious things. A lascivious delusion whirls in the head at the time of flirting with the boyfriend.
On today, her head is fully occupied by the delusion that she is made sexual molester in the commuter train. A boyfriend makes a trick to insult such a lascivious RUBI. Boyfriend's friends intrude into while making fuck.
RUBI is attacked by cocks of stranger. The spectacle that woman who dislikes it is played by force is the highest no matter how it sees.

The lascivious delusion is made occupy the full in the head of RUBI though RUBI is sitting on a sofa as well as the boyfriend. RUBI is made sexual molester by the brute in the train.
Four men are surrounding RUBI who has the hanging on the strap and stands and make caress. In addition, RUBI is made taking off the panty and is made compulsion finger fuck. The cock is thrown in the mouth and compulsion fellatio is made as well.
Then, cock is inserted at the standing back posture. The violent piston is made at the backward woman on top, woman on top and carry woman in the arms posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy is oozed out in the ostium of the vagina.

The next is vaginal cum shot, it is made after men makes piston at the missionary and bending posture. The thick semen that tinged with yellow flows backward freshly.
The delusion continues and men make sexual molester again to RUBI who stands in the appearance that put on the panty stocking without panty in the train. Three sticks attack RUBI and they are thrown in to the mouth one after another.
In the next, RUBI who is made open leg pose is made finger fuck on the seat and the sticky joy juice gushes.

In addition, the pussy is attacked with the rotor toy. In the next, RUBI is inserted the vibs toy in the vagina and faints in agony to a violent piston.
The clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy while vibs toy is inserted into the pussy and she is made acme compulsorily. The pussy of just got the acme is violently poked with the toy and it is made acme again though she violently opposes it.
Then, RUBI wakes up from the delusion and flirt with the boyfriend is begun. The violent finger fuck is made after deep kiss. A drenched pussy has gushed the joy juice further. Then the fucking starts after skillful fellatio.

The boyfriend's friends intrude into there to fuck her while she is poked from the under at the backward woman on top posture. RUBI is inserted a cock from the under without any time to be puzzled. In addition, the cock is inserted in the mouth.
RUBI is fucked also by the stranger at the back, side and missionary posture and joy juice that becomes cloudy drips from the pussy. Then the vaginal cum shot is made at the bending posture and the sticky semen flows backward.
The second cock is inserted at missionary posture immediately. Pitiless semen compulsion injection is made to RUBI who really dislikes it. Semen flows backward slowly from the ostium of the vagina that extended greatly.

The third cock is inserted at the side posture. The compulsion semen injection is made further to RUBI who is continuously injected semen of men excluding the boyfriend and shows to oppose violently.
The fourth pushes back semen that blows bubble and flows backward into the vagina at backward woman on top posture. The excreted semen is pushed in again by the finger in the vagina. Men's insulting escalates further.
Other friends are called and the compulsion semen pours in the vagina starts. Semen is splashed one after another to the pussy of RUBI of the lift hip up pose. Vagina jar is full up by the semen of total four.

The semen that leaks to the outside is pushed by the finger in the vagina. Then, it is compulsion semen excrete. A large amount of semen drips from vagina immediately after lascivious sound. It is extremity of the shame play.
Next, the face of RUBI becomes the target of the ejaculation. Ten consecutive facial cum shot is made. RUBI is made dirty from the hair to surroundings of the mouth with semen and is directed to wash the face and the body with semen afterwards.
Men promise to be going to come the next day and dissolve. RUBI can not utter the voice to a cruel treatment. RUBI who was ruled the head by the lascivious delusion was confusedly fucked.

RUBI would be destroyed not only the pussy but also in the head also by continuous vaginal cum shot that did not give the anytime to delusion. The woman is a tool to offer the vagina jar for the cock. It is not necessary the idea of anything.
Many of faithful females will be proliferated in the future and men in the world are satisfied.

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