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(Ikumi Higashiyama) A Wanton Wife


n0223 2007/05/18
Ikumi Higashiyama
A Wanton Wife

The young wife IKIMI HIGASHIYAMA with plump body was captured this time.
Anyway, the young wife cannot be managing the free time. After the husband is sent off in the morning, she has nothing to do. In addition, if the husband goes to a business trip, free time is increasing more.
IKUMI also has a secret love affair as well as a lot of examples of a free young wife. The opportunity is an online dating Web site introduced by the friend. However, secret love affair is found by the husband and IKUMI is on the horns of a dilemma.

The husband who raged put IKUMI under house arrest and a hard insulting including the SM play is carried out. A lascivious plump body collapses cruelly. The virtuous young wife who is insulted is completely changed with the slave of meat mass.
IKUMI is a young wife who cannot manage the free time. The husband makes business trip for four days from today and IKUMI becomes alone.
IKUMI who cannot have managed the free time gets acquainted with a young man in the online dating that introduced by the friend.

Though IKUMI is puzzled to the first secret love affair, she is guided to man's home after meets on the road SEX starts immediately.
IKUMI who gets excited in the deep kiss positively caresses man's body. The nipple is violently licked and fellatio begins afterwards. IUKMI goes into raptures and the sucks the cock while dripping a large amount of saliva by standing fellatio.
In the next, man inserts his cock into her wetted pussy at the missionary posture after she is made careful licking service and finger fuck.

IKUMI is made the piston at the bending, missionary and back posture and the joy juice overflows from the vagina. In addition, posture shifts from side to missionary and vaginal cum shot is made by force to IKUMI who is strongly opposes.
The vagina that slowly makes semen flow backward is stirred by the finger. The scene is change and it is home of IKUMI. She is not forgotten the thing of a man of online dating system and starts masturbating in the sofa.
IKUMI recalls a rendezvous with man and violently fingers nipple and pussy. Then IKUMI got acme finally. Though secret love affair is done repeatedly with a man afterwards, it is found by husband at a certain day.

The husband shows off the evidence photography of secret love affair and scolds IKUMI. Though IKUMI tries to cheat, she is bound in the hand in the back with the rope by the husband.
In addition, IKUMI is hung from the ceiling and the compulsion finger fuck is made. Though IKUMI denies having a love affair with determined, man of love affair is brought there and everything is disclosed.
Husband's anger to the woman who kept denying having secret love affair is terrific and two men were called in order to add more violent insulting. Men attack IKUMI with vibs and rotor toy.

A large amount of joy juice gushes for the attack of the pussy and the clitoris simultaneously. Then, it is stimulated between groins with the electric massage machine and IKUMI is made acme compulsorily.
In addition, cock is inserted at the standing back posture compulsorily. At the same time as the cock is being thrown in the vagina one after another, mouth is closed by the cock, too.
IKUMI who was untied rope afterwards was moved to mat and raw cock is inserted at the back posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes to a violent pushing up from the under by backward woman on top posture.

The piston continues at woman on top and side posture and the vagina wall is dyed in red. Then vaginal cum shot is made at side posture. It begins to ooze semen out in the ostium of the vagina that goes into convulsions.
The husband immediately inserts cock at the back posture. The spectacle that the semen that flows backward and the joy juice that becomes cloudy adhere to the cock at the piston is so lascivious.
And the semen compulsion injection is made at the end of violent piston. When the cock is pulled out and labia are expanded by the finger, it is stirred compulsorily in the vagina.

The third cock inserts in the pussy that trembles with shame and vaginal cum shot is made again at the missionary posture.
The ostium of the vagina in the state of greatly extending to continuous play is stirred by the finger by force and IKUMI is made to excrete semen. However, husband's anger has not been calm down yet.
Many men are called and the compulsion facial cum shot is forced to IKUMI. Total 16 brute splashed semen to IKUMI who greatly open mouth and sticks out her tongue. IKUMI is directed to paint the semen that splashed on the tongue on own body.
Her body becomes muddy by the semen. It is the moment that young wife degenerates to the lewd slut. It is necessary that the woman who betrayed a man should abuse thoroughly and beat down to bottom.
Please contact the TOKYO HOT when there is a joking woman. Any woman is rehabilitated immediately. We let them promise to live as an obedient meat jar throughout the life as slave.

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