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(Aki Yada) An Idiot Teacher


n0224 2007/05/22
Aki Yada
An Idiot Teacher

AKI YADA of a shameless beautiful teacher was knocked down in this time. It is a super excitement content that insulted to rebuke AKI scathingly by the simultaneous attack of pussy, anus and mouth.
AKI makes the behavior of the impudence at the school as compels students to attend the class with nothing on and made masturbation to stay behind in the classroom. AKI puts non-opposes students on the venom fang of bully.
However, the bullying of AKI comes to principal's knowledge at certain day. The principal violently scolds AKI. The revenge play is begun with bullied students. Dignity as the teacher was broken to pieces by a lot of merciless attacks.

AKI who puts on tight miniskirt makes schoolboys of pure innocence sit nakedly and makes lesson as she like as play wit nipple, pour the lascivious words and so on.
Two students are called to the staff room after the class and masturbation is compelled in front of AKI. One student is made the pose of crawl on all fours and the finger is inserted in the anus.
Then, two cocks are made hand job service at the same time and the ejaculation is made compulsorily.

The splashed semen is tasted deliciously and the way of idiot is demonstrated. Bullying after school is that one student is made to standing in front of the platform and she played the young body.
Next is she extends over the face and violently presses between groins. The six nine starts from the compulsion careful licking service. AKI sits astride cock and cock is inserted in the pussy voluntarily at m-leg woman on top posture.
It turns with having inserted cock and shifts to a backward woman on top posture. After vaginal cum shot is made at the back and missionary posture the semen overflows from the pussy and goes out.

AKI takes the semen that remains in the top of cock and the ostium of the vagina and licks gladly. It is full in head of AKI to tasting a young cock every day. However, one day, students advise the idiot play received from AKI to the principal.
AKI is made cross examine by the principal is reconciled oneself to a fact. In addition, AKI is threatened to dismiss it and is under principal's thumb. The principal begins insulting with students.
AKI is bound to the hand in the back and is made to become open M-leg pose on the desk, and the pussy is attacked. After she is made shudder by the rotor toy, vibs toy is inserted in the pussy. In addition, the toy is inserted also in the anus.

AKI who is made crawl on all fours pose ejaculates for the following two simultaneous holes attack of pussy and anus. Then, fucking starts at the missionary posture on the mat.
AKI is made piston at the bending, side and backward woman on top posture and a large amount of joy juice that become cloudy overflow. AKI faints in agony to a violent piston when the cock is inserted in anus at the back posture.
The rectum juice drips and drops momentarily at the time of pulled out the cock from the anus. AKI cannot conceal the expression of the pain in the continuing anal fuck.

She is inserted in two simultaneous holes at woman on top posture and in addition, state of skewer of three holes. The body is stiffened so that a voice does not come out to the attack simultaneously by three holes.
The simultaneous three holes attack continues at the backward woman on top posture and first brute insert cock anus at the bending posture after tastes the pussy at missionary posture.
Then, semen is injected into anus after AKI ejaculates and faints in agony at the piston. The second will be inserted in the pussy at once and large amount of semen scattered in the vagina.

The third one was inserted into pussy at the missionary posture, too. The students who received a lot of idiot play gathered when anus fucking is curry on at the bending posture and they begin facial cum shot one after another.
Semen discharge into anus immediately after semen of five people was poured on face of AKI. Many students are sets in a tired out woman. Many students are coming together to AKI who is tired out.
The semen pour is forced to two holes of AKI who became lift hip up pose. Thick semen of 14 is poured in two holes that extend miserable and greatly.

The semen that is overflowed is pushed by the finger by force and compulsion semen excretion is made at the last.
After semen is raked out, AKI who is open leg greatly is inserted Cuzco into the pussy and a large amount of semen stays in the vagina and it waves when peeped inside of vagina. It gets excited greatly by the pool of semen.
Though AKI who is infringed on mentally and physically will keep working as a teacher, she will be made to teach while making fuck as students' playthings in the future.
Let's have idiot AKI who played with a lot of students complete the mission as masochist slut.

Aiko Imai
Ryoko Fujiki
Mai Kawana
Ai Ookubo
Junna Akimoto
Haruna Serizawa
Aika Sakurai
Megu Aso
Kaori Ashizawa
Sana Nakajima
Saya Namiki
Rika Asahina
Natsumi Sawada
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Akane Midorikawa
Sakura Sakurada
Kanon Kaduki
Ayaka Fujimura
Misaki Inaba
Yumi Ono
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Rena Moritaka
Michi Asao
Miyu Ohta
Mikan Tokonatsu
Himari Kohinata
Kasumi Matsumura
Maria Fujisawa
Yui Aizawa
Miku Kuriyama
Miki Sakai
Maya Inoue
Serina Natsui
Kokona Kawai
Miki Horikita
Risa Miyazaki
Hikaru Saeki
Miyuki Tsukamoto
Ai Tanaka
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Misako Fujii
Anna Isshiki
Miki Hirota
Miyu Aoki
Yuki Ozawa


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