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(Sayuri Kanzaki) a Campaign girl


n0225 2007/05/25
Sayuri Kanzaki
a Campaign girl

The prey of highest level was caught. SAYURI KANZAKI is ideal beautiful woman as like model who has beauty leg, dynamite tits and tall height. The aim of SAYURI in the future is to enter the entertainment world.
SAYURI who first aims at campaign girl as the first step applies for the campaign girl of TOKYO HOT swimming ware. However, the examination was the thing which was severe so as not to be able to imagine it.
SAYURI of a preeminent style appears in front of the judges who are going to devour a woman's body by examination. The stage of the bully examination was completed.

Please enjoy the state that the body of SAYURI is teased thoroughly, and is forgotten. SAYURI appeals that the model of nature as to be seen the audience for the judge. Even if masturbation is compelled then she obediently follows it.
SAYURI became open leg and the finger is deeply thrown in to the pussy and it moves violently. She got the height is seriously while dripping the joy juice that becomes cloudy.
When examine of swimming wear is finished, it is criticized severely that amorousness is insufficient though SAYURI got acme in front of judges. When it is necessary to get to know a man more to put out amorousness, the judge compels fellatio.

Three cocks are thrown in to the mouth one after another. Then, it is found by young son of president who has suddenly entered hall. The young son promises to recommend the president SAYURI as a campaign girl.
The condition is an offer of body of SAYURI. SAYURI who wants to pass immediately begins fellatio. To licking the ball bag and concentrated caress to the head of cock are repeated as directed.
Then, mouthful cum shot is made after rub service by the dynamite tits is made. The semen of the mouth is hung down in the palm and it returns it to the mouth again. And, it vomits in the palm again.

In the next scene, it is second stage of examination to wear another swimming ware. At this moment it is come to light that foolish young son have not any authority for this examination.
However, SAYURI takes heart and makes the pose again in front of the judge. The vibs toy is thrust in the pussy of SAYURI who makes standing backing style. The hole is soaked immediately.
In addition, the clitoris and the vagina are attacked with the vibs toy. In continues, the other two judges join the examination, and the dynamite tits and the pussy of SAYURI of the open leg pose are caressed.

Then, vibs & rotor toy appear there. The rotor toy is inserted rudely in the vagina interior and the clitoris is stimulated at the same time. SAYURI is made labia going into convulsions and made acme compulsorily.
The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes enough and stays at vagina jar is seen when Cuzco inserts into pussy. The examination proceeds and it is the final examination. The judge inserts cock in the pussy of SAYURI who takes standing backing pose.
It is fuck while satisfying the beauty leg. It is very lascivious appearance that heavily laden with dynamite tits is swing.

SAYURI is violently poked at backward woman on top and woman on top posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes and doesn't stop. The cock that covers with joy juice is pure-white.
At the back posture after missionary, the piston is making while it is showed by force to SAYURI who hates. And semen is compulsorily injected though SAYURI opposes much.
Then, second and third vaginal cum shot is made immediately after heroic piston. The third cock is pulled out immediately before the ejaculation and splashes the semen aiming to ostium of the vagina that greatly opened.

The semen that spills outside the vagina is pushed into the vagina interior by the finger. SAYURI who got up afterwards is made to expand labia meat for myself and to excrete semen.
Semen flows backward with a lewd sound from the vagina jar from which a large amount of semen is invaded by a continuous vaginal cum shot. It was an adoption as the clerk that it had been reported to SAYURI who drips semen slowly in exhausted expression.
The dream of campaign girl and enter the entertainment world are broken and scattered. However, TOKYO HOT is not a demon.

SAYURI was admitted to do the work of clerical work especially with swimming wear of T-back so that even a feeling had become campaign girl.
The content of work that little different from general clerical work starts from tea service, copy taking, finger cock, and after lunch break there are afternoon fellatio, compulsion insertion.
T-back costume got good evaluation by the man employee because the cock can be easily thrust from the back.

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