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(Nao Teduka) The Announcer


n0226 2007/05/29
Nao Teduka
The Announcer

NAO TEZUKA of new announcer became the prey. The announcer is one of the popular occupations. Though a lot of students try out for every year, only several students are able to become an announcer.
It is considerably difficult only even to remain in the final interview. The woman passed the examination of the obstacle and remained in the final interview. However, an insult sexual harassment final interview was waited for NAO.
It gets excited by the appearance desperately endured even if the body is made tattered. In addition, insult sexual harassment continues after she becomes an announcer.

Even it seems a colorful and happy world, actually it is an unexpected world to which the joy juice and semen scatter.
The directors including the president attend at the announcer's final interview. Suddenly after interview begins, it begins to grope body of NAO. After compulsion deep kiss is made, NAO is put finger in the panty and is stimulated.
However, NAO cannot oppose because it is an interview. The finger fuck is made while being stimulated the clitoris by the open leg pose, in addition, the cock is inserted in the mouth and it is compulsion fellatio.

Then the president inserts the cock from the front of NAO who is hold by director and section chief and made an open leg in the right and left.
After this, the powerful piston is made at the standing back and back posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy blots.
Fucking is continue at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture, and NAO who is strongly pressed uterine ostium crooked face and faints in agony. NAO seriously opposes for the vaginal cum shot though she manages endure desperately.

However, president made cum shot against her will. Thick semen flows backward slowly. Then, the second one is inserted at back posture immediately. NAO ejaculates while pouring away semen from ostium of the vagina.
The vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture though she opposes again. Moreover, the third is inserted to NAO who makes semen flow backward and is exhausted after the fact.
And then the vaginal cum shot is made again after hard piston is made at missionary and bending posture. After the cock is pulled out, NAO shakes her body with keeping open leg.

Then, it is PISS SHOT from pussy that trembles still afterwards. NAO is a brink of collapse in shame that semen and urination drip at the same time. Pitifully NAO wipes the polluted floor with toilet paper and is made to do settlement of urination.
As result, NAO passed final interview openly. In addition, NAO greatly selects the exception for the chairperson of the program. However, there is staff's cruel plot.
Directors plan the project that attempts the audience rating improvement to take up erotic in the program. It is a plan that the audience rating is taken by body of NAO. Directors suddenly attack NAO.

It is made taking off the panty by force and she is made finger fuck and attacked by rotor toy. The clitoris is violently stimulated with two rotor toys and NAO got the acme at the last.
When the Cuzco is inserted in the pussy, large amounts of cloudiness joy juice adhere to surroundings in the opening of uterus. NAO determines the resignation to the reckless driving of director.
NAO who shouts "Quit" is surrounded by the director including the president. And, the president shouts "It is a woman who resigns anyway, fuck her thoroughly" and fucking party is begun.

Cock is inserted at the missionary posture after compulsion fellatio. Then, cock stabs deeply one after another and at the lift hip up posture and the pussy is enhanced.
Then, it is vaginal cum shot at the back posture after violent piston is made at woman on top, backward woman on top and side posture. The second cock thrust in the pussy that drips and throws semen at missionary posture.
The second vaginal cum shot made at bending posture with opposes in vain. Then third one inserted immediately and made vaginal cum shot again at the bending posture after piston at the woman on top an missionary posture.

In pitilessness, the fourth is inserted in the pussy that is made dirty with semen and cloudiness liquid that flows backward. Then, staff such as AD, technologies, and stage settings is gathered while she is piston.
Then, vaginal cum shot is made by force while being seen by all the staff of company. And, last is the compulsion semen pour at the lift hip up posture. Semen of seven fills it in the vagina.
The immediate aftermath, she is hold in the arms and semen excretion is made. Semen flows backward mightily with a lascivious sound.
In addition, semen of eight is splashed into the face and it is painted on all over the face at the last though she is opposes seriously. The company decides this image to be broadcast at prime time.
NAO is made a complete change from the star announcer of TOKYO HOT television and would be exposed to the whole country as a public toilet where everyone was able to be used.

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Sana Nakajima
Mari Ebisawa
Yumiko Shaka
Miyuki Morimiya
Rika Wakabayashi
Rena Moritaka
Yui Kawai
Riko Araki
Yumi Ono
Himari Kohinata
Reiko Yamaguchi
Moe Ohsawa
Miki Hirota
Akane Matsubara
Ayaka Kaneko
Kanon Kaduki
Sena Egawa
Suzuka Kobayashi
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Kaho Aida
Misa Terada
Mai Kawana


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