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(Megumi Ishikawa) An Idol


n0227 2007/06/01
Megumi Ishikawa
An Idol

Appearance of most recommended idol candidate of TOKYO HOT. It is forcing of continuous vaginal cum shot of the impact to MAGUMI ISHIKAWA of the former gravure idol in the owner of good shape of dynamite tits with cute smile.
The spectacle that happily makes the pose putting up the bikini with lovely pink color is idol's image as it is.
Though narration that made by herself is also lovely, it can not be ended only by the image scene. Naturally, MEGUMI has been made tattered at the end.

When it is a lovely slut, the reckless driving of TOKYO HOT is also several times as violent as that always. Anyway, MEGUMI who seriously a faint in agony to cruel play is must see. I immediately became a fan, too.
The opening starts from scene as like image video. The woman who lies in sofa with bikini begins to caress her bust suddenly and stimulates crotch, too. In addition, the rotor toy is pressed against the pussy.
And, MEGUMI utters a big pant voice and got acme. Then, it is the PISS SHOT of impact, she opens the labia herself while standing up. It gets excited greatly by the shame play of former gravure idol. Next, it is scene in picture set.

It is necessary that gravure idol is made cherish by the funs and staff. Therefore, when MEGUMI greets the supervisor, she immediately begins fellatio.
After the polite fellatio to suck the cook to the root, it is hand job service while licking the ball bag. In addition, the cock of AD is sucked, too.
MEGUMI continues fellatio while hanging a large amount of slaver down and the semen is splashed on the tongue at the end. Then, taking a picture beginning in place where staff becomes pleasant.

MEGUMI follows the famous cameraman's demand though she dislikes. A man attacks MEGUMI to whom the pussy was greatly opened. The task of the man is to draw out a good expression from MEGUMI. It is compulsion fellatio and careful licking service.
Large amounts of joy juice that have already coagulated adhere to the pussy. It is an obscene pussy that cannot be thought a former gravure idol. The cock is inserted at the back compulsorily to pussy where is became sensitive by finger fuck.
The large amount of joy juice that becomes cloudy immediately gushes. The cloudiness joy juice scatters violently at backward woman on top posture as next.

Whenever the cock made the piston, the cloudiness joy juice pulls the string lasciviously at the woman on top and bending posture. And, it is compulsion vaginal cum shot after a high-speed piston.
It begins to ooze thick semen out in the ostium of the vagina that opened greatly. The cameraman puts out NG many times to MEGUMI who shows smile in continuing movie set and makes a pose because good expression can not be made.
Then, three cocks are appeared and the MEGUMI is surrounded in order to make good expression. The cock is thrown in to the mouth one after another. After it is made to fellatio politely one by one, three cock are licked at the same time.

The attack of the body starts after compulsion fellatio and violent finger fuck is made by the open leg pose. In addition, the cock rushes into a pussy that is already wet at missionary posture.
Moreover, cock is thrown in one after another at the backward woman on top, back and missionary posture. The opening of uterus is stimulated hardly by a violent piston at the missionary posture and she ejaculates.
The compulsion vaginal cum shot is made mercilessly to MEGUMI who strongly opposes. The cock that pulled out once after ejaculates inserts in vagina deeply again and all the semen is injected compulsorily.

Then, the second cock immediately inserts in and made vaginal cum shot after powerful piston. The third cock thrust in the pussy that go into convulsions and open widely. The smile disappears completely from expression of MEGUMI.
And, continuous semen injection is made into vagina jar. Play that puts the body is admitted and the sales of DVD and photograph collection of MEGUMI are decided. People who reserved DVD and photograph collection gather in the continuing scene.
MEGUMI is made to grip all cocks one after another to show the gratitude and it is compulsion facial cum shot. Total 13 people discharge semen into face of MEGUMI.

MEGUMI is made to suck the cock immediately after the ejaculation while saying the reward and made to clean up. The scene that vomits semen that remained in the mouth many times and hangs down from the mouth is so lewd.
MEGUMI waves hand and is showing the smile at the end though the face is made dirty by semen. No matter how smile is important for the idol, it is surprises to see her smile in this situation. After all, she is a simple foolish slut.
Next work of MEGUMI is a handshake session of thanks in the fan. It is fun to see how MEGUMI can keep the smile after semen is poured immediately before the limit.
It is a work by which a former gravure idol stepped forward one new step as a semen idol in this time. Let her aim the best fucking idol in world.

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