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(You Honjo) Plotted Interview


n0228 2007/06/05
You Honjo
Plotted Interview

The most charming point of YOU HONJO who aims at Race Queen is a preeminent style and the dynamite tits. In addition, not only looks but also active characters are one of the charms of her.
However, it is necessary to connect the sponsor with an exclusive contract to take an active part as an independent Race Queen. It is useless only in the character and looks good as there is a regulations thing in various industries.
Finally, the appeal that uses woman's body is requested. After all, it is only the body that puts on the costume of Race Queen and is requested to YOU who came to the interview.

Whether it takes an active part as a Race Queen is decided by how is made to delight the person concerned to offer the body.
YOU who came for the interview is caressed between groins and the tits when it is guidance of making pose and opposes violently. She is made to take off clothes and is made finger fuck and stimulated clitoris, too.
In addition, the cock is thrown in to the mouth after clitoris is violently stimulated by the rotor toy. Though YOU dislikes, she does not refuses it because she wants the contract as the Race Queen.

She licks the cock from top to bottom and it gets excited by a scene of skillful fellatio. In the next, it is urination to expand the pussy by the finger by the obscene pose that greatly expands the leg while having stood.
Thin stripe urine is excreted intermittently. Then, cock is inserted at the standing back posture. The piston is made while lift one leg up and pussy is drenched much.
In addition, high-speed piston to which hand is moved back between groins and labia is expanded greatly by finger.

A lascivious sound has been emitted from the uniting part at each time cock inserted pussy deeply at backward woman on top, woman on top and bending posture. The pussy where inserts cock many times is opened greatly.
In addition, lascivious joy juice drips from the ostium of the vagina in large quantities and it makes anus to wet much and vaginal cum shot is made finally. Immediate aftermath, YOU stands up and expands labia by the finger.
Semen flows backward slowly from the ostium of the vagina that goes into convulsions. However, the contract is still early. It is necessary to offer the body more. Then, the lesson is begun to an immature YOU as a Race Queen.

Insulation as expand labia by open leg pose and the urethra expose continues. Moreover it is toy attack, too. YOU violently ejaculate to an obstinate toy attack to clitoris. However, the mouth is closed with the cock.
The whole body of YOU goes into convulsions and she is made acme compulsorily. In the next, the vibs toy is put in the vagina at the M-leg pose and clitoris is also stimulated, then she goes into convulsions again violently.
YOU is made acme again while making pussy wet. The test tube is inserted in the vagina that immediately after got acme and the inside is seen all over. Inside of vagina becomes muddy by the joy juice.

The appearance where the surface of walls of the vagina moves is exposed. Next, Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus that greatly opens the mouth is peeped. Then, it is lesson of fucking.
Three cocks attack YOU and fuck is starts at the missionary posture after compulsion fellatio. Cock is inserted at side, backward woman on top and woman on top posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy.
The opening of uterus is violently poked at back posture and YOU ejaculate greatly. The appearance that vagina meat clings to cock is so lascivious.

It is inserted continuously on by lift hip up posture. YOU is made to see the uniting part and the piston is done.
Other parties in the company gather while YOU is fucked at the missionary posture and surrounded circumference and it is first vaginal cum shot, then semen is mightily discharged from the ostium of the vagina.
Immediately after this, second cock is inserted and injected semen into vagina. Semen blows the bubble and it flows backward. Immediate aftermath, third one inserts at backward woman on top posture and vaginal cum shot is made again.

YOU tastes the insulting that continues vaginal cum shot is made while everybody stares. In addition, the pour of semen is forced in the vagina that extends greatly by the lift hip up pose immediately after that. Total ten brute splashes the semen.
The scene that the semen that poured one after another overflow in the vicinity of vagina entrance returns to vagina is so exciting. The immediate aftermath, it is semen compulsory excretion.
The large amount of semen flows backward with lascivious sound. In addition, the pussy is stirred by the finger. And then last is PISS SHOT. It is made expanding the labia meat while open the leg and squatting down.
It flows trickle at the beginning and excrete with good power at the last. The lesson ends and YOU passes as not the RACE QUEEN but a public lavatory. She is fucked and made vaginal cum shot at anytime and anywhere.
The fold of vagina wall of YOU is worn out to a violent piston of every day recently and the pussy loses well-set. There is no next renewal of a contract and a dismissal notice has been decided.

Michi Asao
Shizuka Kiriya
Maya Inoue
Kaori Ashizawa
Misaki Inaba
Yui Kawai
Yui Aizawa
Office lady
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Kurumi Aizawa
Yui Yoshii
Mayura Serizawa
Hikari Hayakawa
Yuki Ozawa
Miki Sakai
Kaho Noguchi
Aya Sugisaki
Anri Sawatari
Miyuki Morimiya
Reimi Minami
Rika Kagaku
Megumi Morita
Yukina Yoshikawa
Rina Shibuya
Special Edition
Miki Hirota
Maki Matsumoto
Chinami Kawana
Miku Fukuoka
Remi Oomiya
Natsumi Sawada
Erina Mizuki
Mika Ijyuin
Serina Nakajima
Reimi Kanoh
Erika Kojima
Maya Tsubaki
Mizuho Hamasaki
Rei Komiyama
Akane Midorikawa
Misako Fujii
Yumiko Shaka
Anna Isshiki
Yumi Ono
Makoto Amano
Virginal Cum Shot
Kokona Kawai
Mina Watanabe


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