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(Akiho Wakatsuki) Young Couple


n0247 2007/08/10
Akiho Wakatsuki
Young Couple

An intimate lover wants to be together at all the hours. A young couple is more so. Flirting is happy in above all as long as there is a spare time. AHIHO WAKATSUKI whom the blazer suits well is intimate with the boyfriend today, too.
The class ends and the boyfriend caress suddenly the body of AHIHO who tries to return. They start a fucking because nobody is in the classroom. However, it is found to seniors and becomes a fuss.
Men who get excited by the half naked body that flushes immediately after fucking drive recklessly. AKIHO who is fucked in vain in front of lover's collapses mentally and physically.

The boyfriend who cannot endure it from the school to the return gradually escalates the caress to AKIHO. AKIHO is stimulated nipple and pussy after the deep kiss.
And finger fuck is made at open leg pose. In addition, the clitoris is bullied with the rotor toy. AKIHO who has gradually felt it begins to suck boyfriend's cock.
By the standing fellatio, AKIHO deliciously licks the cock from top to root. In the next scene, the skirt is rolled up and fucking begins at the standing back posture.

The joy juice that becomes cloudy immediately gushes from the pussy. The leg is lifted high and the cock is inserted in the vagina interior then AKIHO faints in agony.
Immediate aftermath, the piston is violently done by backing and the pant voice grows gradually. The boyfriend can not endure and made cum shot at the M-leg backward woman on top posture.
A large amount of semen is injected in the vagina. AKIHO panics at the unexpected vaginal cum shot and the boyfriend throw in his finger to the pussy and raked out the semen.

AKIHO and boyfriend satisfied fucking and lie down in half nakedness. Then, seniors of boyfriend's extracurricular activities intrude into to the classroom at that time.
The boyfriend is found to cutting extracurricular activities and enjoyed fuck and is beaten up. On the other hand, AKIHO is suppressed and the pussy is exposed by force and the semen that remains in the vagina is discovered by men.
Men rage further, and insert the finger into her pussy and begin violent finger fuck. Then, AKIHO is made change of clothes from the school uniform to the school swimming wear.

AKIHO of school swimming wear is painted lotion between the bust and the groin and is stimulated. In addition, after the compulsion deep kiss, she is made finger fuck by standing back style.
A large amount of joy juice overflows and lascivious sound sounds from the vagina.
Immediate aftermath, toy attack starts at the open leg pose. The clitoris and the nipple are stimulated by the hair end of the brush and labia meat & clitoris is picked with chopsticks.

The pussy got wet much for such shame play. Afterwards, cuzco is inserted and the wall and the opening of uterus that beaten up by violent attack are exposed.
Next, the cock is thrown in to mouth of AKIHO and the compulsion fellatio is begun. Men throw in two cocks to the mouth at the same time and the double fellatio is forced.
In addition, the swimming wear is taken off and cock is inserted at the missionary posture and fucking party is begun. It gets excited by the expression of AKIHO who desperately endures the disgrace fucking in boyfriend's presence.

AKIHO is buried cock into pussy one after another at the bending and missionary posture. Though the boyfriend who is shown the appearance that AKIHO is bullied on side feels bitter loudly, he is immediately hit and faints.
On the other hand, AKIHO is made piston to opening of uterus violently and ejaculates much. Then first vaginal cum shot is made at the woman on top posture after man enjoy the piston at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture.
The second cock is inserted immediately in the vagina that makes a large amount of semen flow backward. The opening of uterus is violently poked at bending posture and second vaginal cum shot is made.

In addition, the third cock is thrown in to pussy that greatly opened. After a violent piston at the missionary posture, third vaginal cum shot is made at the bending posture.
The compound liquid with joy juice and semen overflow from the vagina. AKIHO who pants loudly as get hoarse the voice exhausted too much and cannot get up.
However, insulting continues still more and pussy of AKIHO is expanded by the lift hip up pose. Other men who hear of commotion of classroom and gather made cum shot to that pussy one after another.
Total 12 cum shot is made and is poured in to vagina. The semen that spills around the pussy is hung down as many as three times in the face by the body pose of lift hip up and AKIHO opposes it seriously.
In addition, three facial cum shot is made. It ends by a sorrowful two-shot that the boyfriend who fainted finally gets up close together to ugly AHIHO who is made dirty by the semen.
The woman is comfort thing for the ejaculation after all. Let's inject semen forcibly than flirting. The vagina jar that was not able to be used by impoverishing immediately throws away and procures a new vagina jar.
Fucking together and enjoy is a correct way to treat the woman.

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