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(Megumi,Risako,Ai,Mariko) THE R.Q. 2007 Part3


n0246 2007/08/07
THE R.Q. 2007 Part3

This is the final chapter of Race Queen Special in 2007!! The reckless driving of four RACE QUEEN has not stopped any longer. The RACE QUEENS who gets to wet the pussy rush into the gangbang of the conclusion of the body entertainment at a dash.
It is not only the pussy fucking but also a lot of extreme play as anus fuck, vaginal cum shot and PISS SHOT as well.
The ejaculation of RACE QUEENS who is fingered whole the hole repeatedly echoes and the enthusiasm of the hall where joy juice scatters violently to the top finally.

The ultimate sumptuous feast that was able to be achieved because of the TOKYO HOT! Please enjoy without reserve the madness meat festa that prime body greatly dances wildly.
It starts from scene of 5P play where four RACE QUEENS play with vice president. The vice president in preparation for the body entertainment checks the play of RACE QUEENS.
AI TANAKA and MEGUMI ISHIKAWA are violently deep kiss and RISAKO MAMIYA and MARIKO KONDO suck the cock together. It gets excited by the play of MEGUMI that saliva is hung down in man's mouth.

Then, MEGUMI mounts on his face after simultaneous fellatio by four. AI sits astride a man next and starts fucking at the woman on top posture. Other three also led the cock to them pussy one after another.
Immediate aftermath, they move to another room and the body entertainment to sponsors starts. Men immediately caress the body of each favorite RACE QUEEN, it is a start of gangbang.
AI is inserted cock by missionary posture immediately after the clitoris is fingered and she was made acme. Also the cock is inserted in MARIKO and RISAKO Kondo and the piston is made violently.

MEGUMI is inserted the cock in the anus by the side and ejaculates. The pussy is voluntarily fingered with the finger while being grubbed the anus in the cock at side posture.
Next, three sponsors who erected the stick lie down on them back in the bed.
And, MEGUMI mounts on it and sequentially inserts the cock. She is poked by woman on top posture and the cloudiness joy juice is gushed and the mouth is closed with the cock, too.

Other RACE QUEENS intersect, too and MARIKO is inserted by backing and ejaculates greatly and also labia meat is enlarged and she faints in agony. Then, AI is inserted by side posture and pants loudly.
In addition, the cock is deeply inserted into RISAKO at bending posture. Then, it is body entertainment by one to one of sponsor and RACE QUEEN. It is play as which each RACE QUEEN choose the sponsor that they want to be backed up respectively.
AI, RISAKO and MARIKO begin fuck at the backward woman on top posture after fellatio.

On the other hand, MEGUMI who is inserted finger into anus and violently fingers pussy voluntarily at open leg pose is too pleasant and can not endure and makes PISS SHOT.
A large amount of urine is excreted though it interrupts once on the way. Immediate aftermath, she is fucked at woman on top posture. Super-VIP arrives continuously.
Four RACE QUEENS caress the body of super-VIP at a dash. It starts of 5P play. RACE QUEEN who is made to hear the special bonus will be provided competes and led the cock to the pussy.

And, super-VIP injects semen into vagina of AI. The special bonus of AI is decided by here. In the next scene, the cock is inserted by force into the anus of MEGUMI who is fucked at the woman on top posture.
In addition, the cock is inserted also in the mouth. Then, cock is inserted into the pussy in the state that cock has been inserted into anus. Other cocks attack her and MEGUMI takes them care hardly by the fellatio and hand job service.
Finish is to splash the semen into the anus at the back posture. A large amount of semen flows backward from the anus hole that extends greatly. Immediate aftermath, cock is thrown in to the pussy at the missionary posture.

Other fucking of RACE QUEEN starts, too and AI is made vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. MARIKO is enlarged labia meat with a violent piston and goes into convulsions violently and vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture.
MEGUMI is made vaginal cum shot at the backward woman on top posture in this time. Immediate aftermath, She voluntarily grubs vagina with the finger and raked out semen.
The owner also continuously participates in gangbang and injected semen into anus of MEGUMI by missionary posture. Next, the agency and the people of the mass communication arrive and received entertainment of RACE QUEEN.
The other three people surround MEGUMI of lift hip up pose. Men splashed semen on e after another to the face of MARIKO and mouth of RISAKO and AI. MARIKO got ten facial cum shot and RISAKO&AI got the ten mouthful cum shot.
In addition, the semen that splashed into mouth is vomited in the pussy of MEGUMI. Immediate aftermath, 16 total people ejaculate one after another in faces of RACE QUEENS who sit side by side.
It is semen storm of total 36 shots. Immediate aftermath, semen that places to the face is rubbed each other and it ends by the pose is decided in the state of a muddy whole body.
Anyway, it is just a terrific. The TOKYO HOT racing team is the strongest, they must just knock anyone down wherever they go. It will be expected to open the pussy greatly in a racing circuit all over the world and to take an active part in the future.

Kurumi Aizawa
Yuri Manaka
Saori Mizusawa
Yukino Sakurazawa
Misaki Sasaoka
Kaho Aida
Yumiko Shaka
Miki Sakai
Chiyuri Sakai
Yukina Yoshikawa
Miki Takahashi
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Michi Asao
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Naomi Akita
Yoko Sakashita
Kasumi Matsumura
Ryoko Fujiki
Karin Haduki
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Miho Nakatani
Rei Kanzaki
Misuzu Takizawa
Mariko Kondo
Yuko Miura
Ren Hoshikawa
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Rei Komiyama
Mako Kawai
Race Queen
Yukie Shinozaki
Momo Kitagami
Kaori Ashizawa
Miki Hirota
Reiko Yamaguchi
Kaho Shiratori
Hinako Yoshikawa
Minami Kitahara
Risa Miyazaki
Reiko Ohtsuka
Miyuki Morimiya
Miku Kuriyama
Rina Shibuya
Miyu Ohta
Serina Natsui
Megu Aso


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