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(Eri Nakayama) The neighborly Fuck


n0245 2007/08/03
Eri Nakayama
The neighborly Fuck

A piano sound and child's voice are annoying, it is not possible to sleep in dog's cry at night, the trouble with neighbors is the inevitable questions for modern people.
There are a lot of cases becoming murder cases lawsuit. ERI NAKAYAMA of a lovely feeling with ox-eyed lives alone in the apartment house and enjoys fucking with the boyfriend in the room every day.
However, she pants loudly when she is approaching acme, it arouses neighbors' anger and she will be played in some day. ERI who is opened beautiful small pussy by force ejaculates by the pant voice like a scream.

ERI is made to pant with louder voice more than usual and is made acme thoroughly. Neighbors' man comes to the place where ERI is relaxing in the bed at home for the greeting of the move.
She flirts with the boyfriend who came afterwards and begins the fuck. It is a deep kiss, careful licking service and finger fuck from the bust caress and then she ejaculates when thick vibs toy is inserted.
Neighbors' man gets excited by the pant voice that leaks from the other side of the wall. In later day, fucking with the boyfriend starts from fellatio and cock is inserted at the missionary after standing fellatio.

The leg is lifted high and the violent piston is made. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes. ERI is an expression of the ecstasy to a violent pushing up at the sitting and M-leg woman on top posture.
Then, it is the vaginal cum shot by the missionary posture at the last after backward woman on top and back posture. A large amount of semen drips from the pussy of a small appearance.
Neighbors' man cannot sleep for a big pant voice of every day. Then, he plan to abduct the boyfriend and to play with the woman is plotted with two friends who came to play.

The boyfriend is abducted according to schedule at that night. The boyfriend is made to call the voice in her room and they intrude into and immediately attack ERI.
Though it is ERI who is surprised at the neighbors' intrusions and opposes, the boyfriend flees dejectedly. ERI is suppressed and caressed between groins, and stockings are tear up.
In addition, the panty is taken off and the pussy is fully exposed and three fingers are put at the same time.

Next is attack by the rotor toy. After the clitoris and the vagina hole are stimulated, two rotor toys are thrown in to the vagina hole at the same time and a large amount of joy juice is gushed.
In continues, ERI faints in agony to the thick vibs toy attack by the crawl on all fours. Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted and a wet opening of uterus in the joy juice is exposed.
Men move ERI to the bed and force standing fellatio. Also ERI is made to lick ball bag politely. After double fellatio play, three cocks are thrown in to the mouth at the same time.

Though it is ERI who seriously dislikes and opposes, she is violently thrown down to the bed after compulsion fellatio and the fucking of men starts. First of all, the piston is violently made at missionary and bending posture.
After the uniting part is shown and it is put in and out violently, it shifts to back posture. The cock is thrown in one after another and she is hardly poked at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture.
It gets excited by the spectacle that the cock is inserted by force and a small pussy extends greatly and pushed up. The first vaginal cum shot is made at the woman on top posture while ERI violently opposes.

Immediate aftermath, the finger is put in the pussy by crawl on all fours and semen is raked out.
Next, the cock is inserted at back posture. The vaginal cum shot is forced to pussy of RIE who faints in agony while emitting a voice braving with neither the gasp voice nor the scream.
The vagina hole opens greatly by the forcible piston and vagina meat hangs down slovenly toward the outside. When vagina hole is dig with the finger, semen overflows with lascivious sound and drips.

Immediate aftermath, she is fucked at the missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture after piston is made at the bending posture.
Semen flows backward mightily momentarily at the time of be pulled out the cock. Other friends who came in the move celebration also participate in the feast in the next scene.
ERI is buried toy into the vagina hole at the open leg pose. Friends splashed semen to that pussy one after another. The semen that scatters to surroundings of the pussy is raked up with the vibs toy and pushed into the vagina hole.
Semen of total 15 covered all over vagina hole. Semen hangs down toward a sofa and the floor along a anus hole and falls. Immediate aftermath, vibs toy is violently made piston and she is made acme compulsorily.
The pussy is impoverished for the continuous vaginal cum shot and crotch where made dirty by a large amount of semen is in the horrible state. Neighbors' anger can be calmed down in this and excellent neighborhood will be made.
Thereafter, the body is offered every time the complaint is received from other residents in the apartment house though ERI came to pant in a bigger voice.
ERI finally became a hole pet for all residents. All residents became brothers who were connected by the pussy of ERI. Because it is, so to speak, a relative, the complaint's being received disappeared no matter how she ejaculates.

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