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(Mayu Takada) The Dangerous Bar


n0243 2007/07/27
Mayu Takada
The Dangerous Bar

The mood is important more than anything else to seduce the woman. It can be seduced with high probability. if it is made to have a cocktail in a fashionable bar more than it takes it to a noisy tavern.
MAYU TAKADA of new face Office Lady was provoked to favorite bar of director after finished work. She is beauty and slender, in addition, MAYU has beauty attractive leg as most men fascinate.
Though MAYU was to have been drunk happily, she falls in a trap of director and master of bar and sleeps far from getting drunk and she is placed under house arrest.

It is two or more men that waited there who crowd the body. Please enjoy that superior slut is tasted. MAYU arrived little late to the bar where director waits her while drinking at the counter.
It is a special drink of the master making specially that was put out to MAYU. Contents of the drink are the poison cocktails that the director and master poisoned and any woman who drinks is fall.
MAYU is obstinately touched body by the director and opposes. Though MAYU tries to stand up and go home, master calmed her and she is made to dissuade.

And, the medicine begins to work while being looking at the jugglery of boast of master and MAYU faints to sleep suddenly. MAYU is put on the counter and made to take off clothes.
There is no consciousness though the nipple and the pussy are caressed by the director. Afterwards, MAYU carried in a back room where three regular customers of the bar were waiting for a superior woman body to arrive.
Her beauty leg is licked by the director and regular customers and the cock is rubbed against the hair and the face of MAYU. The director thrown his cock into her mouth and also it is inserted her pussy afterwards.

MAYU wakes up and opposes violently at the moment. However, MAYU is suppressed and poked violently at the missionary, bending and side posture.
Piston is continued at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture and a large amount of joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy.
And then it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture after violently made piston at the back and standing posture. Though the cock is pulled out after it ejaculates, it is inserted again and all semen is injected.

The director who satisfied leaves MAYU and goes home. MAYU of a black tight miniskirt is seat in the sofa.
Excitements of the regular customers who saw the fuck of the director and MAYU in the presence are in the state of the peak and they begin the pussy attack.
They slowly took off stockings and the panty while tasting the beauty leg and pussy is exposed. The vibs toy is thrown in after the toy attack and finger fuck.

The vibs toy is made piston while being sucked labia meat with the straw made of the glass and MAYU is made acme by force.
Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted and the inside of the vagina which the cloudiness joy juice overflows and the opening of uterus are exposed. Next, regular customers insert the cock in mouth of MAYU one after another.
Three cocks are sucked at a dash and fucking beginning. It is continuous of a thick scene as fuck while satisfied beauty leg that lifted high and fuck at the back posture while labia meat is expanded by the finger.

Then the first vaginal cum shot is made at the bending posture after piston at back, side and missionary posture.
The second cock is immediately inserted at the M-leg backward woman on top posture and made vaginal cum shot after it is violently stirred as like labia meat becomes hypertrophy.
The third one is inserted at the back posture while semen flows backward slowly.

The semen that flows backward is pushed into the pussy again. And third vaginal cum shot is made after violent putting cock in and out as like to destroy the opening of uterus.
The inside of vagina is stirred by the finger and semen is begun to grub. The attack is continued more and VIP members in the bar gather in surroundings of MAYU of the backing pose.
Dirty semen is splashed to the pussy that is expanded by finger and opens mouth greatly one after another. Semen of total 15 is poured in the vagina. MAYU turns her face away many times and dislikes it seriously.
The overflowed semen is pushed into the pussy by the finger. And it is the time of closing the bar. MAYU who gets exhausted and cannot move by tired out is made to stand by force and she is made to return as like the shape made dirty by semen.
The last is PISS SHOT scene. A large amount of urine powerfully turns to the top and gushed from the pussy that expanded by finger at open leg pose. It gets excited by the appearance in urethral mouth when urinating being caught clearly.
MAYU seems to have lost the memory this night completely because the medicine had worked too much.
MAYU is surprised at the cruel state that the pussy where is made vaginal cum shot many times extends greatly and a large quantity of semen stays and consults the director.
However, MAYU is invited to the bar again and will be played. The woman is a creature that doesn't learn by experience.

Aiko Imai
Ryoko Fujiki
Mai Kawana
Ai Ookubo
Junna Akimoto
Haruna Serizawa
Aika Sakurai
Megu Aso
Kaori Ashizawa
Sana Nakajima
Saya Namiki
Rika Asahina
Natsumi Sawada
Japanese pussy
Akane Midorikawa
Sakura Sakurada
Kanon Kaduki
Ayaka Fujimura
Misaki Inaba
Yumi Ono
Office lady
Rena Moritaka
Michi Asao
Miyu Ohta
Mikan Tokonatsu
Himari Kohinata
Kasumi Matsumura
Maria Fujisawa
Yui Aizawa
Miku Kuriyama
Miki Sakai
Maya Inoue
Serina Natsui
Kokona Kawai
Miki Horikita
Risa Miyazaki
Hikaru Saeki
Miyuki Tsukamoto
Ai Tanaka
cum shot inside pussy
Misako Fujii
Anna Isshiki
Miki Hirota
Miyu Aoki
Yuki Ozawa


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