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(Megumi,Risako,Ai,Mariko) THE R.Q. 2007 Part1


n0242 2007/07/24
THE R.Q. 2007 Part1

The most openhearted summer in one year will be here. Though there are various happy events as fireworks, camp, sea bathing in the summer, don?ft forget an annual large event of TOKYO HOT.
Yes, it is the Vaginal Cum Shot Gangbang with the Race Queen of TOKYO HOT. Elites that are chosen Campaign girl of TOKYO HOT racing in this year and wears black bikini to body are four people (Megumi Ishikawa, Ai Tanaka, Risako Mamiya and Mariko Kondo).
Only the woman of a preeminent style was arranged. It is full of all excess excitement scenes with fucking, gangbang and vaginal cum shot.

Please enjoy special version part 1 of competing and a sumptuous feast of four beautiful women who make a large amount of liquid scatter and pant by non-stop.
At the beginning, it is the scene that takes a picture of four people who are change of clothes to black bikini with hidden camera. MEGUMI who is only short and looks as idol draw severe glances of in other three people.
After clothes are changed, they move to another room and four people chosen this year are announced to the mass communication.

Though taking a picture ends with good evaluation, three sluts (AI, RISAKO and MARIKO) rage at MEGUMI who starts standing out though she doesn't seem to be RACE QUEEN.
Though it is complained to the manager, he wheedled them into promote the sales of us to the sponsor happily by four people. After the announcement is praised, four people who were called from the owner suddenly force the body entertainment on sponsors.
Four Race Queen begin entertaining though they hesitate for the appearance of the doubtful sponsor who put on the mask by pants appearance and smile. Men get excited by the appearance of the superior woman and the body is caressed immediately.

Masturbation is compelled after they were mad sexy dance that shaking hip.
Four Race Queen sit on a sofa and begin masturbation at the open leg pose. It gets excited by the appearance of masturbation of MEGUMI who put up the saliva to finger and paint it to anal.
Men stimulate the pussy of Race Queen who masturbates with the rotor toy. MARIKO who is attached labia meat and clitoris was made acme while shakes the beauty leg.

One the other hand, MEGUMI violently stimulates the clitoris with the rotor toy. MEGUMI made the urination for great pleasant. She is hold in his arms and a large amount of urine is excreted.
Immediate aftermath, a small rotor toy is inserted in the anus by crawl on all fours, and the clitoris is stimulated and she ejaculates. Then, the people in the agency arrive.
Sponsors stand by to another room once. The body service to the people in the agency starts. Race Queen starts to suck and hand job service to the cock of agency people who sit on a sofa.

Semen is splashed to the pussy of lift hip up pose at the end. Men made total seven cum shot to the pussy of RACE QUEEN of their favor. The leaked semen is pushed by the finger in the vagina.
Immediate aftermath, it gets excited by the appearance of MARIKO who tries excretion by M-leg open leg pose and MEGUMI who voluntarily expanded pussy and stirs inside by finger and begins to grub semen in the half-sitting.
Following scene, Race Queen are taking a bath to the hot spring with the owner. Though owner gets great satisfaction by surrounded beauty slut, RISAKO and AI are taken for the sponsor as present.

And, 3P play is begun with remaining MEGUMI and MARIKO. It moves to the bed after fellatio in the hot spring and MARIKO is inserted cock at M-leg woman on top posture.
MARIKO who is already get wet reaches acme immediately while cock inserted. Immediate aftermath, MARIKO shyly and seriously dislikes fucking at the backward woman on top posture while uniting part is seeing by MEGUMI.
Then, MEGUMI is made fuck at the missionary posture. A man violently made the piston while his ball bag is liked by MARIKO. Semen is injected in the vagina of MEGUMI who is gushing the joy juice that becomes cloudy.

MARIKO sucks the cock that immediately after the ejaculation and semen is squeezed. In addition, owner licks pussy of MEGUMI and joyfully tested semen that flows backward.
Though the owner who satisfied left there, the manager throws in the cock to the pussy of MEGUMI of seeming not to be satisfied in backing and MARIKO starts to lick the ball bag at once.
It gets excited by play that pushes cock that came off from pussy once into mouth of MARIKO and inserts it in vagina of MEGUMI immediately. Then, cock is inserted in pussy of MARIKO at backing posture and MEGUMI begins to lick the ball bag in this time.
The spectacle that MEGUMI opens hips of man who is just making piston at side posture and licks anus is must see. In addition, MARIKO who is violently poked at M-leg woman on top posture gushes the joy juice that becomes cloudy.
On the other hand, obstinate lick of MEGUMI continues. Though it will continue next time by here, quality of slut level is greatly power-up compared with the last special.
The mind leaps for the dance wildly of sumptuous feast by four beautiful sluts.

Yui Kawai
Race Queen
Kanon Kaduki
Akane Matsubara
Ren Hoshikawa
Saya Namiki
Aiko Imai
Moe Ohsawa
Kei Ishiguro
Mayura Serizawa
Chinami Kawana
Riho Matsuoka
Saori Mizusawa
Kokona Kawai
Anal sex
Himari Kohinata
Miki Sakai
Maya Inoue
Mizuho Hamasaki
Rika Kitajima
Japanese Girl
Ran Kato
Yuki Ozawa
Miki Hirota
Yaya Matsushima
japanese fuck
Rika Wakabayashi
Reimi Minami
Mai Kawana
Junna Akimoto
Remi Oomiya
Ayane Komatsubara
Yukie Shinozaki
Shiho Nakanishi
Youko Kudo
Misaki Sasaoka
Yukina Yoshikawa
Miyu Ohta
Japanese Anal
Akane Midorikawa
Ai Tanaka
Riko Araki
Yuma Furukawa
Saki Mikami
Minami Kitahara
Hitomi Aizawa
Ayaka Kaneko


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