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(Mayumi Watanuki) The Best Jeanist Slut


n0241 2007/07/20
Mayumi Watanuki
The Best Jeanist Slut

The model who is marketing makes oneself better known early and it is important to acquire popularity. The one's most charming feature that the person doesn't have is necessary for that.
It was tall of 170cm and slender body for MAYUMI WATANUKI of the new comer model. And, she is one of the hot stock with a lot of work of the gravure taking a picture and exposures to the increasing media now.
In addition, jeans willingly put on from usually get good reputations as well shape for tall body. She is achieved a chosen splendid achievement by best jeanist Prize this year.

The contract with the manufacturer is decided and a major sponsor also backs up completely. However, the great hole is open to the part between groins in passed new jeans.
The disgraceful body service to waiting for MAYUMI who makes pussy exposed from hole of jeans and faces campaign. Let's appreciate as much as you like the appearance that woman is teased thoroughly.
MAYUMI is made to hear that she is chosen as the best jeanist prize at current year and a new manufacturer is hoping for the contract by the manager while taking a picture of gravure.

MAYUMI is pleased with the acquisition of the prize with the authority from which the well-known actress and the model have been chosen up to now and the contract with the major manufacturer.
Later jeans that open hole to the part between groins delivered to the office from the manufacturer. Though MAYUMI immediately puts it on and goes to the campaign, she dislikes participating because of panty is full view.
MAYUMI doesn't try to step out of a car though she is put to the car by the president of the manufacturer and arrives at the hall. The president tears up the panty with scissors and insists that it is basic to put on pussy hole jeans without panty.

MAYUMI gets the pussy caressed in the car and she is compelled to become a mistress instead of declining the campaign and the cock is thrown into her mouth.
Then, cock inserts between holes of jeans at the missionary posture after compulsion fellatio. MAYUMI originates a big pant voice though shame is felt in fucking in the car at the afternoon.
And she is made vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture after powerful piston is made at the side, backward woman on top, woman on top and back posture.

The next scene, MAYUMI put on the new pussy hole jeans and shows it to sponsors. It is a limited edition model in the summer of height on the knee. Sponsors get excited by the under hair that is pushed up from the hole.
MAYUMI changes clothes to standard pants after she is made variously pose. The sponsors begin to touch around between woman's groins in order to confirm the functionality and the material of jeans.
However, sponsors' aims are pussy. It is toy attack after pussy is opened and clitoris is fingered. In addition, the clitoris and vagina hole are attacked with the rotor toy at the same time and MAYUMI faints in agony.

MAYUMI goes into convulsions the whole body and is made acme. Next, Vibs toy is inserted from the under by the standing pose. The piston is violently made and the cloudiness joy juice gushes.
Afterwards she is made acme again to the toy attack by crawl on all fours pose. In addition, the thick vibs toy is inserted by open leg pose and she is made acme continuously.
MAYUMI is made acme many times and she is an absence of mind. However, she is stimulated between groins with the electric massage machine. Then MAYUMI goes into convulsions and ejaculates much and is made acme again.

Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted. In the vagina and the opening of uterus where the cloudiness joy juice stays are exposed. Sponsors drive recklessly further and begin fucking to MAYUMI.
The cock is inserted by missionary posture after standing fellatio. In the middle of fucking at the side posture, other sponsors hear the rumor of MAYUMI and it gathers.
To discharge semen into the face of MAYUMI who is fucked, men surround around MAYUMI. Immediate after first facial cum shot, it is vaginal cum shot at the side posture.

In addition, semen is splashed to face of MAYUMI one after another at the same time as continuously vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture.
Labia meat is enlarged by the continuous vaginal cum shot and the ostium of the vagina is polluted with the semen that flows backward. All over her face is also covered by the semen that splashed by 13 facial cum shot.
Last is MAYUMI mounts on the toy that is upward and fixed on desk and it inserts in the pussy. It ends by the appearance of MAYUMI who keeps masturbating.
The set menu as the vaginal cum shot and facial cum shot will continue for a long time for one year with the sponsor of duration of policy. The image of pussy hole jeans of MAYUMI is completely established afterwards.
If she puts on other clothes, the complaint like "The fan was betrayed. ","Appeal by the default of contract" and etc. rushes in from a fan and all of related person.
MAYUMI becomes impossible to put on clothes other than the pussy hole jeans though it was private.
If pussy hole jeans become popular in this condition, the woman who is walking in the town will be attacked and it become a good world where the cock can be immediately thrown in.

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