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(Ami Matsuda) The Talent Wannabees


n0240 2007/07/17
Ami Matsuda
The Talent Wannabees

Though the applicant rush in when various auditions like the decision of the lead of movie and the nymph contest are held, being chosen is extremely a few.
The remainders should act whether to keep auditioning or belong to some production office as a talent reserve. AMI MATSUDA belongs to the TOKYO HOT production of major production as an event companion though she is one of such the talent reserves.
However, there is not necessarily work in constant even if it is the major company.

In order to get major task, AMI who will aim at the actress in the future becomes a mistress relation with president of TOKYO HOT production and she avariciously obtains work.
However, the life of the fall had waited since the moment having been thrown away by the president. Please enjoy the content that a slender body sinks to the meat mass for the sexual desire processing.
At the beginning, it is intertwine of AMI and the president. It starts from the deep kiss, and the bust is fingered and AMI is made finger fuck by the open leg pose.

AMI is stimulated clitoris violently by the finger and faints in agony. In the following, cock is inserted in at the woman on top posture after fellatio play.
The clitoris is peeled off while being done the piston by backward woman on top and she pants seriously. Piston is being continued at the back and missionary posture, and the joy juice that becomes cloudy overflows and it adheres to the cock.
Then it is the vaginal cum shot by the bending posture at the end. Labia meat open widely and semen drips and drops from the ostium of the vagina that is the convulsion.

AMI in preparation for work takes the catnap a little. And, the president requests fellatio to AMI who awoke her eyes again. AMI holds the cock in her mouth at the standing fellatio pose.
Then, three employees intrude into there. It called so that the president who got tired of AMI might offer employees the body. And, the president goes out for the conference.
The employees who are given wonderful body go into raptures. The cock is immediately thrown in to mouth of AMI. The cock is deeply inserted by the direct hit of the interior of the throat and AMI is suffering while flutter the leg.

By the next scene, attack to the pussy is begun after image scene of bikini appearance is put in.
She made open leg pose on the sofa and insulting play to which labia meat is picked with chopsticks and labia meat is sucked with the straw made of the glass continues.
Then, clitoris and vagina hole are attacked with the rotor toy at the same time and she is made acme compulsorily. Next, the vibs toy is inserted by standing backing pose.

Furthermore, the point of the cane is deeply thrown in to the vagina. And, the test tube is compulsorily inserted. The fold overcrowded to the vagina wall wriggles.
It is president's mistress as may be expected, it must be a considerable rare hole. In the next, Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus where president's semen and cloudiness joy juice pile up is exposed.
The PISS SHOT is in the next. AMI squats down and a large amount of urination is discharged. It gets excited by a detailed urination scene to which urethral openings greatly open.

Men drive recklessly further after urination. They move to the bed and fucking is begun. The cock is thrown in one after another at the missionary and side posture and the uniting part is shown by side posture and AMI dislikes it seriously.
The mouth is closed with another cock and compulsion fellatio is started after M-leg woman on top and standing back posture. In addition, a violent piston continues while she is made to say an obscene word.
The first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture. Semen flows backward from the ostium of the vagina that opened greatly.

Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted and made vagina cum shot at the missionary posture after violently stirring in the vagina.
The third one is immediately inserted at the back posture and made vaginal cum shot again into vagina where is full of semen.
The pussy is greatly expanded by the finger by force in the lift hip up pose though AMI cannot get up by the impact of continuous vaginal cum shot. And, new employees are gathered and the semen pour is forced to the enhanced pussy.
Vagina of AMI is filled with the semen of total seven people. Immediate aftermath, AMI is took up in his arms and is made excretes semen compulsorily. A large amount of semen flows and falls with lascivious sound.
In addition, another six new employees make the facial cum shot. Semen is cling to the face and AMI is painted it to all over the face. President's mistress is the 108th person in AMI.
After they are thrown away by the president, mistresses are made employees' sexual desire toys. Women of the sexual desire toy to be covered in semen and playing by employees and becomes the slut for the genital finally.
Such sluts are called by the number and semen is repeatedly injected and they are made to get pregnant. AMI will be called "The 108th" from tomorrow and the life is spent as the sexual desire toy.
This east heat style measures to deal with the effects of the decline in the number of births are admitted by the government and the subsidy seems to be given from next year.

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