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(Rina Takagi) Young Slut


n0239 2007/07/13
Rina Takagi
Young Slut

It is common things that the make-up suddenly becomes showy and going out at night for pleasure increases when a serious schoolgirl begins to associate with a man.
RINA TAKAGI of the dynamite tits schoolgirl begins also to associate with the boyfriend and her clothes became showy.
Not only the skirt of the uniform shortens suddenly but also tattoo is put in the left arm and the waist as it is said by the boyfriend.

However, school regulations of her school are anyway strict and many students have received the expulsion from school in the past. RINA whom clothes turned into suddenly is called by the teacher.
RINA is at a teacher's beck due to escape the expulsion from school. RINA who turns into meat slave is trifled by devil teachers. At the beginning, it is intertwine of RINA and the boyfriend.
The boyfriend fingers the pussy of RINA of the open leg pose after he caressed her tits from the back. Large amounts of joy juice that become cloudy gush to violent finger fuck.

Then, fellatio is begun afterwards. After the cock rub service by dynamite tits, cock is inserted at the missionary posture.
The powerful piston is made at the woman on top, back, M-leg woman on top and back posture and it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. Semen overflows in the ostium of the vagina.
RINA receives a severe warning by the teacher about a tattoo, color of the hair and short skirt later. RINA is threatened the expulsion from school, and cock is thrown in her mouth.

Back of the head is suppressed by standing fellatio and powerful piston is made. The other three teachers gather, too and mouth of RINA is closed with the cock one after another.
Also three cocks are thrown in to the mouth at the same time following the double fellatio. Then, RINA is made to suck class president's cock continuously.
RINA licks glans by the tongue while making hand job service and it is mouthful cum shot at the last. A large amount of semen is shot on the tongue. All the leaked semen besides the mouth is absorbed, too and it is vomited in the palm at the end.

The continuing scene is a thorough insulting to the pussy. RINA sits on a sofa and exposes the pussy in the open leg pose. RINA is sucked labia meat and the clitoris with the straw made of the glass and writhes to shame.
Then, it is attack with the rotor and vibs toy. After she ejaculates to the rotor toy attack to the clitoris and vagina, vibs toy is inserted into the pussy and she is made acme.
Immediate aftermath Cuzco inserted compulsorily after the test tube is inserted in the vagina hole and the vagina wall of the pink color is peeped and the opening of uterus is exposed.

The next scene is PISS SHOT. Labia meat is voluntarily expanded by the open leg pose and it gushes at a dash. Then it is fucking at the standing back posture after the insult play of the PISS SHOT.
One leg is lifted and powerful piston is made. Vagina meat sticks to the cock whenever the cock is put in and out at the woman on top posture. It might be superior vagina jar and seem a very pleasant pussy.
In addition, the cock is inserted on at the lift hip up posture. Labia meat is enlarged and the vagina hole is greatly open by the hard piston by the back, side and backward woman on top posture.

Then first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture. The man is excited so as to hate though RINA opposes for the vaginal cum shot from beginning to end.
The second cock immediately inserts and made vaginal cum shot at the back posture while enjoying fully vagina meat sticking to a cock. The third cock inserts in the pussy where drips semen at the missionary posture.
The third vaginal cum shot is made after violently stirring the vagina that full of semen. It is urgent staff conference afterwards. All teachers gather and right or wrong of the expulsion from school of RINA is discussed.

RINA has been expanded vagina at the lift hip up pose. The teachers who agree the expulsion from school splashed semen one after another to her pussy. Total 9 cum shot is made and they are poured into the pussy.
She immediately takes up in ones arms and semen is excretes compulsorily. A large amount of semen flows backward when the vagina hole is stirred by the finger.
Then teachers against the expulsion from school splashed semen to the face of RINA. Total semen of seven covered her face. The principal appears there and announce the urgent report that the school is amalgamated by the TOKYO HOT high school.
Though all students become the expulsion from school, teachers can work after amalgamates. The appearance of RINA from whom the whole body is polluted with semen is miserable in contrasting with relieved teachers.
Last is PISS SHOT of RINA who changed the school uniform of the blazer to the white suit like adult and put on the high-heel. She sits down and excretes urination while expanding labia meat.
Impure yellow excrement describes a parabola. It gets excited by the appearance of RINA to whom focuses of eyes are not decided by shame after excretes.
After this, RINA is highly evaluated her super pussy and escapes the expulsion from school as special measures is decided to be exhibited on the passage at the school after amalgamates as object.
RINA becomes playthings to not only the board of education and parents who visit school but also teachers. Though it was miserable day such as the nightmare, but nobody knows what fortunate it.

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