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(Kyoko Takigawa) A Reader Model


n0238 2007/07/10
Kyoko Takigawa
A Reader Model

KYOKO TAKIGAWA is a slender beautiful woman who floats adult amorousness from the whole body. KYOKO sometimes does the model of the magazine though she is a student normally.
However, she is not only been exposed nakedness in the presence of others but also not appeared in the Adult Video. My endurance soup begins to blot more than usual in the best model's appearance.
It starts from an easy interview and progresses to cruel villainy play at dash. Staffs who get excited insult her intently at the end. First of all, it is interview by the bikini appearance.

When she is answered shamefully to a lewd question and is made to say the argot by force, it is very freshly and excited for the scene that swims line of vision and answer in incoherence.
Even if masturbation is compelled, she is not possible to become serious by the shamefulness and the tension. Interviewer's man gradually stimulates the clitoris with the rotor toy.
The clitoris is peeled off by force, and the pant voice grows gradually when the rotor toy is inserted in the pussy. Then, it is finger fuck and fellatio after she is got acme in the presence of others.

She licks cock from glans skillfully by the standing fellatio and the camera eye line gets excited very much. The appearance to suck the cock with lascivious sound while hanging saliva down is also the highest.
Two men appear continuously and labia meat is picked with chopsticks at M-leg pose and finger fuck is made. The pussy immediately drips the joy juice. Next, pussy and clitoris are stimulated at the same time by small two rotor toys.
In addition, it is toy attack at the backing style. The clitoris and the pussy are obstinately stimulated and a large amount of joy juice gushes. In continuously, leg is greatly opened on the sofa.

KYOKO is made to faint in agony with the electric massage machine while being finger fuck. Kyoko is made acme while whole body's going into convulsions.
KYOKO who exposed to make a fool of her twice in the presence of others is exhausted. The test tube is immediately inserted in the pussy and the vagina wall that just got acme is exposed.
Also Cuzco is sintered and the opening of uterus is exposed. Then, it is fucking time and it starts from standing back posture.

The joy juice that becomes cloudy is gushed from the pussy after fucking is been made at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture. The expression of KYOKO becomes hollow by continues violent play.
More violent piston is made at back, missionary and bending posture.
Though KYOKO violently opposes to worry the pregnancy immediately before the vaginal cum shot at the back posture, a man doesn't care and inject semen into the vagina interior and taught the severity to her.

Then, three men begin gangbang to KYOKO who was change clothes to costume of Race Queen. After compulsion fellatio, it begins to test the condition of the pussy by three men.
They enjoy the piston while being said an obscene word at the missionary, bending, woman on top and backward woman on top posture. The first vaginal cum shot is made by backing though she opposes it.
The second vaginal cum shot is made immediately at the missionary posture and also third vaginal cum shot is made at the backward woman on top posture by force.

The cock pulled out once after it ejaculates is inserted again and the piston is done violently. When it begins to squeeze all the semen of the remainder, KYOKO seriously dislikes it.
Next, exhausted KYOKO in continuous vaginal cum shot is fixed by lift hip up pose and the compulsion pour is begun. The semen of total five is splashed on one after another into the pussy where greatly expanded.
The KYOKO is made open leg pose. The cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted to the pussy one after another and it explodes by accident in the vagina.

After compulsion excretes a large amount of semen from the pussy on the tray for tableware on the way, injection is restarted. Total six men poured semen into the vagina.
It is perfection of the devil play. Immediate aftermath, two men splash semen into vagina where already covered with semen. The cock after ejaculates is rubbed against the pussy.
Semen that is made to excrete to the tray is rubbed against the hair by force at the end. The amount of semen only became tens of times at the end though KYOKO was absorbed in and performed to tens of time magazine model guarantee.
The woman of the reader model has grown up to the model on one rank by the cruel villainy play.
Afterwards though KYOKO repeats fucking and vaginal cum shot in order to rank up, when KYOKO is noticed the vagina jar is polluted with semen and she might be complete changed to sink to a simple public toilet from model.

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