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(Yukie Yamazaki) Haughty Slut


n0237 2007/07/06
Yukie Yamazaki
Haughty Slut

The number of woman who go into society has increased overwhelmingly by the development of legal systems of the Equal Employment Opportunity Law and Recognition to the gender-equal society also is generalized.
Therefore, woman who is the boss is not unusual. However, it is it in the thing that the improvement of the position of the woman multiplies an egocentric woman on high-handedness with impertinence.
The typical case of this is YUKIE YAMAZAKI of president. Employees cannot say anything because they scare the woman president though YUKIE is throwing her head back importantly and make employees sweat.

However, the grudge that employees accumulated explodes by a certain opportunity. Then, the body of YUKIE becomes the prey, and it is torn up into pieces.
YUKIE orders the massage with the other two employees while smoking after today's schedule is confirmed to man's secretary. It is the greatest that the authority of woman president.
The employee who was scolded unskillful of the massage kneels on the ground immediately and apologizes. YUKIE shows way of dictator in the planning meeting in men's inner.

YUKIE takes off pants that two boy employees are putting on by force and abuses them. In addition, she rages at the cock without vigor. YUKIE begins fellatio and hand job service in order to make it energetic.
Employees masturbate voluntarily and ejaculation to palm of her hand at the last. YUKIE sees its semen and abuses "It is dirty" and stands from the seat.
In the next, one employee is called and made him to serve of whole body caress. After emphatically licking the pussy from the thigh, it is woman on top on the face by force.

Then, it is the fucking time at the woman on top posture after six nine play on the bed. The employee made piston at the back and missionary posture by lead of YUKIA, and the employee made vaginal cum shot according to the demand of YUKIE.
Semen overflows in the ostium of the vagina. Later, customer's president jumps into the place where YUKIE is having employees massage.
The president rages because the all the commodities of her company are all defective goods and he said to return the all of them.

At the beginning, though YUKIE is overbearing to the last and attributes it to employees, she is a sudden change the behavior when understand that the client is an origin of financing of her company and begin to apologize.
However, client request to YUKIE to take the responsibility and begins to violence suddenly. In addition, employees also join it. After exposing the pussy by the open leg pose, it is compulsion finger fuck play.
Moreover, the clitoris and vagina are attacked with the rotor toy at the same time. Then, two rotor toys are inserted in the pussy.

YUKIE is stimulated the clitoris with the rotor toy at the same time as the vibs toy being thrown in to the pussy and ejaculates. In the continuously, two thick vibs toys are inserted by the back style.
A large amount of joy juice gushes. In addition, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and the clitoris is stimulated violently with the electric massage machine and YUKIE is made acme again with ejaculates greatly.
Her consciousness is almost lost and expression is also hollow. Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is mercilessly inserted in the pussy deeply. YUKIE seriously dislikes to the play of the womb entrance exposing.

Next, YUKIE are restrained both hands and hang from a ceiling. Employees attack YUKIE who cannot move and start finger fuck. And she is made female ejaculation at the last.
Then cock is inserted at the back posture. Employees' cocks are buried under the vagina one after another. In the following, it moves to the bed after compulsion fellatio and fucking begins.
Piston is made at missionary, side, back and backward woman in top posture and one another cock is inserted in the vagina where the cock is buried in woman on top posture by force.

The pussy is greatly enhanced to two insertions simultaneously, and the ostium of the vagina become full length and is miserable. YUKIE gives a loud halloo and shows the vigorous oppose while fainting in agony.
Next, president of client made vaginal cum shot after enjoy the piston at the missionary posture. Labia meat is greatly enlarged to a violent piston.
The employees are following to president and make seven continues com shot and semen is injected into the loosening pussy. It was not only an employee that had the grudge in YUKIE.
Part-timer gathers too, and the semen compulsion pour is forced to the pussy of YUKIE who became lift hip up pose. Semen of total 18 is poured. In the next, it is semen compulsion excretes as keeping lift hip up pose.
The all what she can do is just only get up. And it ends in the expression that distorted to insult. YUKIE is recalled the president and she is demoted to a person in charge of complaint processing afterwards.
When there are some complaints, she will go to apology and try to solute the claim by offering the body.
Disposal of YUKIE has been decided with the mountain of the stock of defective goods, because the complaint that the vagina of the person in charge of processing is loose has reported besides complaint with a lot of defective goods recently.

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