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(Sayuri Kanzaki) The Race Queen


n0236 2007/07/03
Sayuri Kanzaki
The Race Queen

The gratitude for all of the people who are usually taken care of concerned as like a client or a customer is important. The world of a gorgeous Race Queen is also similar.
The activity that more close to the fan and the sponsor, etc. is important. A steady activity will connect the truth in the future because of this business is full of ups and downs.
SAYURI KANZAKI is a Race Queen of a great popularity. However, there is a present position supported by not her own power but various people. And, it is a turn this time that SAYURI gives a reward.

Let's make people to enjoy much by the offering body of the best without fault as dynamite tit and beauty leg. SAYURI is called by the president of the office and she is informed that today's schedule is fan thanks day.
A lot of fans have already gathered. To make fans pleased, the president compels SAYURI to become a stark-naked and to make lascivious behavior in front of everyone.
SAYURI reluctantly takes off clothes and cock is inserted in the pussy at the standing back posture. The love juice gushes immediately from the pussy and the string is pulled.

Fans get excited and begin taking a picture of fucking. Fans immediately take a picture of SAYURI from whom the one leg is lifted high and the uniting part is made exposed.
SAYURI pours away the joy juice that becomes cloudy and trembles with shame. And, the pussy is stirred with a violent piston and she is got acme by force.
In the next, SAYURI feels shy seriously while fainting in agony when labia meat is expanded from the back by the finger at M-leg backward woman on top posture.

The compulsion semen injection is made though SAYURI opposes for the vaginal cum shot after made piston at the woman on top and bending posture.
Then, the original semen pour container that improves PET bottle and is made is inserted in the vagina immediately after vaginal cum shot.
Moreover, SAYURI who is suppressed both leg by the open leg pose and cannot move is made to pour semen compulsorily. It is the services to fans to become more pleasant.

Total nine funs ejaculate aiming to her pussy. In addition, the semen of total nine funs is splashed to the super beauty tits. The gratitude is declared though SAYURI is choked with semen at every time fans ejaculate.
After the fact, SAYURI is lifted the waist high and is poured all the semen of pour container into the vagina. In addition, SAYURI is immediately hold in one?fs arms and is made semen excretion compulsorily.
As soon as it was stirred in the vagina by the finger, a large amount of semen flows out greatly. Afterwards, SAYURI who is covered body by semen expresses gratitude for the fan while making standing pose.

Fan thanks day's ending and having rested are the moments. The president noticed the continuing schedule is "Sponsor thanks day". The president forces the masturbation to SAYURI who sits on a sofa with a black bikini appearance.
Sponsors surround SAYURI who stimulates clitoris with vibs toy and begins to finger the nipple and the pussy with rotor and vibs toy violently.
In addition, SAYURI is stimulated clitoris by the rotor toy while vibs toy inserts in the pussy and she is got acme compulsorily. Then, cock is thrown in to the mouth and it is compulsion fellatio.

It moves to the bed after three cocks are licked by standing fellatio at the same time and fucking is begun afterwards. Hard piston continue at the missionary, bending and back posture.
And SAYURI is got acme while cock is being inserted at the woman on top posture and the cloudiness joy juice is overflowed. SAYURI is made acme again while faint in agony with disheveled hair.
In addition, piston is made at standing back and side posture, and first vaginal cum shot is made at the bending posture. The second is violently thrown in to the ostium of the vagina that opened greatly.

In spite of SAYURI seriously opposes vagina cum shot, the second semen is injected. Then, the third one immediately inserts at the missionary posture.
Again the semen is injected while adding more violent stimulation to the pussy where is opened sloppily and expanded due to cock is thrown in without any interval.
Then she is hold in one?fs arms immediately and powerful finger fuck is forced. SAYURI is made female ejaculation and splashed joy juice that mixing semen and she made screaming.
The fact that contract of SAYURI terminated by today comes to light afterwards. The president apologizes to sponsors and promises business by a Race Queen.
Now then, SAYURI who is through impoverishes for continuous villainy play and has a fit of coughing violently and it sits down. It is a business world with indeed violent ups and downs.
The high class Race Queen sank in a day. It is almost impossible to come to the surface again. She will sink to lowest slut who is fucked by a strange man.

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