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(Miyuki Yano) Young Mistress


n0235 2007/06/29
Miyuki Yano
Young Mistress

MIYUKI YANO is a college student of today. The body that sunburns lightly receives impression of easy going slut though she is seemed as a girl of lovely and quite.
As it is fact, MIYUKI made mistress contract with president of TOKYO HOT trading Corp. MIYUKI is coquettish as ask papa to buy anything she wants. However, she has a boyfriend to the president in the secret.
It should be naturally punished by Heaven to such as terrible woman who underestimate the world. It is made to regret for the cheat of a man. Let look appearance that the super limbs are fucked by force, and to decline in the bottom while laughing.

MIYUKI is a hot spring trip with papa. It takes a hot spring bath together and the deep kiss in the bathtub. Papa embraces MIYUKI who pleads for new bag from back and caressed bust and pussy.
The joy juice drips and drops from the pussy. The careful licking service and finger fuck is made by the open leg pose after finger fuck is made at the standing back pose.
A large amount of joy juice gushes more and it is fellatio. Fellatio by the periscope style seems to be considerably pleasant. In the next, cock is inserted by standing back posture.

The joy juice drips and drops from the uniting part at each piston by the woman on top, bending and standing back posture, and it is vaginal cum shot at the last.
After the fact, the finger is inserted in the vagina and semen is raked out.
MIYUKI pleads anything she wants every time she meets papa. On the other day, MIYUKI pleads to buy the necklace to the reward chosen as the Miss campus while fingering between papa's groins in the bed.

The e-mail is arrived to cellular phone of MIYUKI at that time though papa pleasantly approves it. The secret love affair comes to light from the content to papa.
Papa who raged called his subordinate in the company and order to insult MIYUKI. MIYUKI is made a plaything by three men as a punishment that betrays papa.
Men immediately throw in the cock to mouth of MIYUKI and made compulsion fellatio. MIYUKI desperately continue fellatio though two cocks are thrown in at the same time in the mouth.

Next scene, pussy is greatly opened by the open leg pose. Metallic apparatus is inserted in the vagina to fix with the pussy extends greatly after finger fuck is made.
It is completely fully exposed of the vagina until the depth exposed from the fold of the vagina wall. It is the vibs toy attack following stimulation of clitoris and pussy simultaneously by rotor toy after metallic apparatus is removed.
The clitoris is fingered in the rotor toy at the same time as the thick vibs toy being inserted in the pussy and she is made acme compulsorily. MIYUKI reacts violently while shaking the whole body.

When the test tube is inserted in the pussy, it is filled with the joy juice that becomes cloudy in the vagina. Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted.
A large amount of cloudiness joy juice adheres to the opening of uterus. The fucking is begun mercilessly at the missionary posture to MIYUKI who is exposed to opening of uterus and trembles for insulting.
Yes, it is starts of 4P play.

MIYUKI is to be made saying an obscene word many times while fucking is carry on at the side, back, backward woman on top and woman on top posture, and the cloudiness joy juice drips from the vagina and she faints in agony.
Then it is first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture to MIYUKI who opposes much. Then second cock is inserted at once at the side posture while a large amount of thick semen flows backward.
Then, it is second vaginal cum shot. Moreover, the third cock is inserted in the pussy where makes semen flow backward. After cock is poked many times into the vagina, it is the third vaginal cum shot.

Cock that pulled out once is inserted in the pussy where is convulsive again and all the semen is injected. Next, other parties in the company are called and insulting continues.
It is a start of the semen pour play. Metallic apparatus appears again there. The apparatus has been inserted in the vagina of MIYUKI at the open leg pose.
Apparatus is inserted by force and pussy that extends greatly with crooked shape is miserable. Semen of total 12 is poured in that pussy one after another.
The vagina jar is filled with a large amount of semen as not to see the opening of uterus and the semen that began to overflow in the ostium of the vagina seems to be going overflow at any moment.
Then, last is the compulsion semen excretion at the take woman up in one's arms posture. The semen that remains in the vagina is violently raked out by the finger.
After this, MIYUKI is forced to receive insult by the staff of office from tomorrow, too.
The mistress contract with papa is annulled. She is made a complete change from the standpoint of happy mistress to woman who sinks to bottom level of life as only to be made insertion of cock.
It is the proper reward that let a man pay a tribute in spite of a stupid low level slut. After this, it is look her down more miserable situation and make her never crawl up.

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