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(Yui Fujikawa) A nurse in semen


n0234 2007/06/26
Yui Fujikawa
A nurse in semen

The nurse is a person yearned for with the angel in white. The salaries are higher than general female office workers and there is a possibility that it can marry the doctor, too.
However, the work is very hard as an irregular holiday, long working hour and stress that come from weight of responsibility keeping people. Therefore, it is heard that the number of nurses is insufficient recently.
A long-awaited new figure nurse who has just graduated from the nurses' school comes though it is one of the hospitals where this TOKYO HOT hospital worries due to nurse shortage, too.

The new figure is YUI FUJIKAWA who is slender beautiful woman. Not only the doctor but also in-patients were looking forward to the new figure nurse. The doctor's nurse education immediately executed and healing to the patient are all TOKYO HOT styles.
The body of YUI thoroughly dedicates. The nurse should get to know herself well before receiving the patient. YUI is said so by the doctor and gets the body caressed on the first day.
The purpose is for the doctor to find out the sexual sensitive point instead of YUI who can not find it by her self. The doctor compels the masturbation after he caresses the bust and the groin.

YUI takes off the panty and greatly open the pussy by the open leg pose, and stimulates mainly clitoris by the finger. Then, doctor's cock is thrown in to the mouth and it inserts in the pussy at the standing back posture after compulsion fellatio.
She is made piston violently while one leg is lifted high. Fucking is continue at the backward woman on top, woman on top and bending posture and the vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture at the last.
The cock is pulled out once after it ejaculates and it is inserted again. Semen is sent to the bottom of the vagina. Immediate aftermath, a large amount of semen flows backward from the small pussy that has small labia as well.

Three in-patients press it on YUI of the nurse clothes in the continuing scene. They peeped at play with a doctor a little while ago. YUI is threatened to disclose it to the director and the cock is thrown in her mouth.
YUI is sucked three cocks one after another by the standing fellatio. The patients' demands continue, and YUI strips off one's shorts on the chair and makes open legs pose.
The stocking tears up violently right and left and pussy is bared. In addition, labia are expanded by the finger and it is the finger fuck. The rotor and vibs toy attack is begun to the pussy that is wetted much by the joy juice.

The toy is inserted in the pussy and YUI ejaculates greatly for the hard stimulation to the clitoris and she is got acme compulsorily. The toy attack is continues mercilessly and she is made acme again immediately.
The vibs toy is inserted in the pussy that opened greatly by crawl on all fours. The clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy at the same time and YUI faints in agony.
Immediate aftermath, the test tube is inserted by the open leg pose and the vagina wall that slips by the joy juice is exposed and Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus is peeped at after that.

And patients pushed YUI down on the bed and begin the gangbang play.
They enjoy the fucking at the missionary, bending, side and backward woman on top posture, and the cloudiness joy juice begins to overflow for the pushing up from under at the woman on top posture.
The first vaginal cum shot is made at the side posture though the cock is inserted one after another at the back, missionary and side posture and she opposes.

The sticky semen overflows in the ostium of the vagina. The second cock is immediately inserted at the back posture and semen is injected after a violent piston.
Then, third one inserted at the missionary posture and made compulsion vaginal cum shot. The vagina that goes into convulsions for a continuous vaginal cum shot is grubbed with the finger and semen is raked out.
Also other in-patients gather and the semen compulsion pour is forced. YUI is opened her pussy by the finger at the lift hip up pose and total 14 people splashed semen to there one after another.

The semen that overflowed is pushed in the vagina by the finger. And it is the compulsion semen shooting at the end. Semen drips and drops with lascivious sound.
In addition, one container filled with a large amount of semen appears. They are the one of other in-patients who were not able to come. That?fs semen is painted on the whole body of YUI.
The last is PISS SHOT scene. YUI extends on the container and expand pussy by the finger to excrete urination. A large amount of urine is exhausted for a long time.
Yellow urine bubbles in the container. YUI is seen whole process of the urine excretion and feels shy seriously. YUI made tattered after this is hospitalized as a patient.
It is a matter of course that YUI becomes patients' playthings every evening, not only the knowledge that she learn in the nurses' school is useless, also she is paid hospitalization expense.
Recently, YUI doing part time job as she is used as a guinea pig of the most advanced medical research like strength of the vagina,
the expansion and contraction level of the labia meat, and the dilation level of the clitoris in order to manage to raise the overdue hospitalization expense.
The pussy of YUI is fingered from morning till night every day and the pussy of a small appearance has loosened completely.

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