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(Yuu Yazawa) Real Meat Urinal


n0233 2007/06/22
Yuu Yazawa
Real Meat Urinal

How cruel it is!! The college student who fall a victim to men is being curried out for the insulting. Even the woman who seems to be weak-headed, it is likely to become crackers really if she is made insult like this.
YUU YAZAWA is such a beauty college woman with tall. Though she looks like foolish but loves the fuck, she is seemed to accept to do anything. The slim and beauty leg is attractively and appearance of Race Queen is suited well, too.
YUU is always flirting with the boyfriend. She supposed to enjoy fucking in the love hotel today, there is those who intrude into in the middle of fucking.

It was a start of unhappiness of YUU. The body is gnawed at with various liquids after being fucked. YUU makes deep kiss with a boyfriend in the love hotel.
The pussy is attacked by rotor toy at the open leg pose after she is caressed tits and between the groin and the love juice is dripped immediately. Then the rotor toy is inserted at crawl on all fours.
The joy juice that becomes cloudy and coagulates to violent stimulation overflows from the vagina. In the next, cock is inserted from the back after standing fellatio is made.

YUU ejaculates as soon as the cock enters the vagina. Fucking is curry on at the woman on top, backward woman on top and missionary posture and pussy gets wet much.
The uniting part is seen at bending posture afterwards and she joyfully calls "It is pleasant" repeatedly. YOU is considerably lascivious slut. YUU is voluntarily requested vaginal cum shot at the end.
A large amount of semen is poured into the vagina. Though YUU changes clothes to costume of Race Queen at the desire of the boyfriend after the fact, but she takes shower before that.

The boyfriend contacts the senior while YUU takes the shower. Boyfriend who made failure and had troubled to the senior presented the body of YUU as an apology.
YUU changes clothes to costume of Race Queen after the shower and flirts again with the boyfriend. The senior intrude with two juniors to the place where YUU makes standing fellatio.
YUU who doesn't know anything gets to the mouth throwing in senior's cock as incomprehensible. Back of the head is violently suppressed and the cock is pushed into the interior of the throat.

Two juniors also join and three cocks are licked at the same time. Then YUU is opened the pussy in the bed and compulsion toy attack is made. The clitoris is intensively stimulated and she is made acme immediately.
Immediate aftermath, when the test tube is inserted, an innumerable umbo is bristly and it wriggles to the vagina wall. She is an owner of the wonderful pussy with a lot of lewd folds that coil around the cock and make double pleasure.
Then, Cuzco is inserted after that. The opening of uterus where adhering semen is exposed. Men who get excited by the appearance in the vagina immediately begin fucking.

It is currying on at the missionary, side, backward woman on top, back and woman on top posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy and it adheres to the cock.
The first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture, the semen is poured mercilessly in to the vagina of YUU who violently opposes. Then, the second cock is immediately inserted.
While the piston is made at bending posture, the semen that flows backward in the vagina and overflows becomes a big stripe and it drips and falls along in hips.

And second vaginal cum shot is made at back posture. The cock is pulled out once after it ejaculates and it is inserted again and semen is poured up to the last one drop.
The next third vaginal cum shot is made at the side posture. Afterwards, YUU is made open leg pose while pussy is going into convulsions for the impact of a continuous vaginal cum shot.
In addition, other juniors are called and throw in the cock one after another to the pussy where is being the convulsion and inject semen compulsorily.

YUU turns into a public lavatory by semen of total five people being injected by force. Afterwards, YUU is expanded pussy immediately by the lift hip up pose.
In addition, other juniors gather, too and semen is splashed aiming to her pussy. Semen of nine is poured in the pussy and the between groins becomes muddy by semen.
Urination is put on cruelty in order to flushing semen afterwards. Four people urinate one after another to whole body of YUU. Men are pouring urine intensively in the pussy and the face.
Then, one of them forces the play of villainy that inserts the cock in the pussy in the middle of urination. It is a real public lavatory. The last is PISS SHOT scene of YUU.
She sits on the sofa and opens the pussy by the finger in the open leg pose and urinates. A large amount of urine is discharged dividing into several-time.
YUU laughs gladly after urinate. She is really natural foolish woman. The construction of a new public lavatory is not realistic now at the time of stringent with the country and local financial affairs.
Therefore, it proposes the installation of the meat urinal that the budget is unnecessary. It differs from a former public lavatory and both urination and semen can be discharged excellently.
Foolish woman's body can be used to its maximum and it is very practicable.

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