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(Momoka Nakamura) A part-time job


n0231 2007/06/15
Momoka Nakamura
A part-time job

Lovely MOMOKA NAKAMURA who has some quite feeling lives a poor life without matching the appearance. MOMOKA works part-time while going to school, but coexistence is difficult and school expenses cannot be paid.
She is called by the school master regarding nonpayment of school expenses in such one day. The reason is because it is subjected to withdrawal from school when nonpayment is prolonged.
The school master introduces a good part-time job for such MOMOKA.

However, it was a shop of sex shop. While there are many women losing the body in a shop easily in order to make pocket money, MOMOKA fall a victim and her body and mental are degenerated thought MOMOKA rubs cock of men desperately for school.
The part-time job from which MOMOKA was introduced by the school master is fashion health. Money for MOMOKA to have worked there is paid to the school from the shop as school expenses.
MOMOKA is made to suck the cock of school master before she works in the shop as entering test. She is made fellatio and hand job service by force and it is mouthful cum shot at the last.

Semen in the mouth is vomited in the cock at a dash after having begun to squeeze soup from the root by the hand while suck the cock that just ejaculated.
The continuing scene is the inside of a fashion health shop. The manager teaches the rule of the shop as make cum shot without fuck to MOMOKA at the first day.
And, it is time of first serves. Play begins from the deep kiss. Guest makes the caress from the bust to the lower half of the body and careful licking service while fingering labia.

MOMOKA is persistently attacked the clitoris and ejaculates. Next, MOMOKA starts fellatio play with sucking and licking the testicle. A man gets excited by the polite fellatio play that cannot be thought at the first day and force fucking.
MOMOKA is overwhelmed to man's power and approved to make fuck. The rule of the shop is broken. MOMOKA is poked at the missionary posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes.
Moreover the cloudiness joy juice blots from the uniting part at the side, backward woman on top and woman on top posture. And, a man injects semen by force into MOMOKA who opposes for the vaginal cum shot.

A man reports on a full detail to the manager ignoring MOMOLA who is amazed for this situation that is from fuck to vaginal cum shot. Punishment is made to MOMOKA who broke rule of shop as a penalty by the staff including the manager.
The pussy of just received vaginal cum shot is exposed by the open leg pose and labia meat is enhanced. In addition, after the finger is twisted, the pussy is stirred with the vibs toy.
The cloudiness joy juice gushes from the pussy to merciless stimulation of the vibs toy. And, she is made acme by force while shaking whole body. Immediately after this, Cuzco is inserted and a wet opening of uterus in the liquid is exposed.

Punishment with a cock is started following a toy. Three cocks attack MOMOKA. The cock is thrown into the mouth and it is compulsion fellatio. It is made to serve thoroughly by using the hand and the mouth.
Then, cock inserts at the missionary posture. Other cock is also throw into pussy one after another and piston at the side, back and woman on top posture.
The pussy is open widely by force with a huge cock. The spectacle that the cloudiness joy juice begins always to blot from pussy and it adheres to the cock is pungent.

MOMOKA ejaculates to the piston that becomes gradually violent at the backward woman on top and missionary posture and it is vaginal cum shot. The second cock inserts in the pussy that overflows semen mightily.
In the next, other cock make the compulsion facial cum shot one after another while she is fucked at the missionary posture. Semen of total 8 is splashed to the face of MOMOKA.
In addition, the cock after ejaculated is pushed into the mouth in pitilessness and semen of the remainder is wrung. It gets excited by the scene that vomits semen in the mouth.

And it is double vaginal cum shot is made. The semen compulsion pour is begun at the lift hip up pose without any interval. Total eight men discharge semen aiming at the pussy that is opened by the finger.
The scattering semen besides the pussy is pushed into the vagina interior by the finger. The last is compulsion semen excretion. A large amount of semen overflows from the pussy.
MOMOKA who broke the rule of shop was going to dismissal will be employed continuously as special staff of fucking course by the warm-hearted of the manager.
There are many guests who hope for vaginal cum shot by the option and the nominations have increased, too. When the master of school also comes frequently with other teachers, they nominated MOMOKA and enjoyed vaginal cum shot by gangbang play.
The price is subtracted from salary of MOMOKA because there is a kindness that introduces work. Therefore, it is heard that school expenses cannot be paid and she became withdrawal from the school after all.

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