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(Aya Hasegawa) The flight attendant


n0230 2007/06/12
Aya Hasegawa
The flight attendant

The flight attendant is important job to keep guest's life. The perfect work is requested because the trifling mistake is related to the life. AYA HASEGAWA is a beautiful flight attendant.
The uniform appearance is suited and seems to do good job. However, actually she late to come to job many times and the mistake are repeated. Therefore, she is marked by the superior.
AYA who can't devote herself to her job will be thoroughly given reeducating by cabin crews including the captain. She is insulted and consciousness as the flight attendant is driven in to the body.

AYA who can not endure for the menu of a too violent reeducating is screaming and her sensitive body faints in agony to a cruel attack. The boyfriend makes a pass at AYA who tries to go out in the morning by an early flight.
He wants to devour her body before AYA makes oversea flight for one week. The boyfriend makes deep kiss to AYA who refuses and nipple is fingering and the pussy is stimulated by open leg pose.
AYA got the acme by short finger fuck play, she is such a lascivious slut. AYA is made acme again and the pussy remains cracking greatly to the next fingering.

And, AYA voluntarily sucks boyfriend's cock in the mouth. Then, cock is inserted at the bending posture after fellatio play. AYA ejaculates for the violent poke at the woman on top and backward woman on top posture and made acme while cock is inserted.
Immediate aftermath, cock thrust deeply and she pants loudly. And it is vaginal cum shot at the bending posture and semen drips and drops from pussy that goes into convulsions.
After all, AYA i absorbed in sex even she should go to work and late. AYA is scolded for the late and mistake by the captain during the meeting. Reeducating will be done to AYA from whom reflection is not seen.

First of all, it is compulsion fellatio. AYA sucks four cocks of captain, sub-captain and mechanic one after another. AYA is painful and drips a large amount of slaver from mouth.
In the next, the pussy is completely opened by the open leg pose after stockings tears up. In addition, she is bullied pussy by the vibs and rotor toy attack and is made acme.
Immediate aftermath, the special vibs toy is inserted at the backing style and a large amount of slaver drips from the mouth, and she is made acme.

In addition, the clitoris is fingered by the rotor toy at the open leg pose and she is made acme continuously. Cuzco is inserted in a lewd pussy that got acme many times and the womb entrance exposed of humiliation.
The joy juice that becomes cloudy blots in the opening of uterus. Next, it is the education that moves to bed. AYA is fucked by backing and is made acme by a violent piston.
The cock thrust in the pussy that just got the acme by the side posture and she ejaculates. Cock is inserted by backing afterwards and she faints in agony.

AYA is made acme many times and pants by becoming unable to breathe, focuses of eyes are not decided. In addition, AYA who is made powerful piston and receives violent stimulation to the opening of uterus ejaculates greatly.
Then it is first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture after poked mercilessly at the woman on top and backward woman on top posture. Immediately after, second one is inserted at the bending posture while semen drips.
Semen is compelling injected in the vagina of AYA who ejaculates distraught. AYA goes into convulsions the whole body and makes semen flow backward while agonizing.

Then third one is inserted at once. And it is vaginal cum shot again into the pussy where is drenched with semen and joy juice. AYA is in the state of consideration faintness.
After this, it is PISS SHOT by open leg pose that she is voluntarily expanded pussy. Urine gushes out from the upper part of the ostium of the vagina that peeps at the great void.
The reeducating continues still more. The staffs who works at the airport launches semen to the pussy of AYA who became lift hip up pose one after another.

A large amount of semen of total 15 is poured in the vagina. The obscenity of the spectacle swallowed to the vagina interior by the semen collected in the ostium of the vagina while setting up the bubble is so wonderful.
The leaked semen besides the ostium of the vagina is pushed back into the vagina by the finger. And, it is semen compulsion excretes customary. However, it may be the limit of use was exceeded, vagina meat goes into convulsions.
It is only a small amount of semen flows backward from the pussy. Semen is excreted only a little though she straddles by the standing poses afterwards.
Reeducating is reported to be a request of the boyfriend to AYA who keeps standing miserable while pussy is covered by semen. In addition, the notice of dismissal by today is informed to her.
AYA is betrayed by the boyfriend and lost job at same time. Even the desperate situation, if the pussy is fingered, AYA will also get acme immediately. It was a content that recognized the woman is only creature of the pussy again.

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