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(Aoi Kohinata) Slut Ranch


n0229 2007/06/08
Aoi Kohinata
Slut Ranch

Here is an event hall where the campaign girls gorgeously make the pose. The pheromone of a coquettish slut is filled in the hall and the cock is stimulated.
The TOKYO HOT army corps who came to get wind of the woman body odor drives recklessly suddenly. The slut of the best in the campaign girl was captured and confined.
The slut who fall a victim is AOI KOHINATA. The perfect stacked body with beautiful tits and leg and bikini of panther design is so lascivious. It gets more exciting by the appearance that she is surrounded by men and trembles.

AOI is fixed the collar and is made men's pets. It is necessary to discipline to the pet. Thorough training started in order to make devoted slut pet. AOI who is confined without understand is only frightened.
Men immediately fix the collar to AOI and give training as the slot dog. It is a cock that was given to the reward after AOI is made disgraceful pose as "Sit and Hand".
The cock is thrown in the mouth by force and compulsion fellatio is made for three cocks one after another. Then, it is pussy attack at the open leg pose.

It compulsion finger fuck while being stimulated the clitoris with vibs toy. The pant voice of AOI gradually grows and she ejaculates at the end. Then, she got the acme compulsorily.
In addition, the test tube is inserted in the pussy and inside of vagina that just got acme is exposed. The joy juice that becomes cloudy is filled internally.
Moreover, Cuzco is inserted compulsorily to AOI who seriously opposes shame play. The cloudiness joy juice adheres to surroundings in the opening of uterus.

It is a disgraceful spectacle suitable for one slut dog. However, a man who helps AOI who is confined appears. A man cheats to mention to liberate AOI and demands fellatio.
She starts polite fellatio to lick cock from glans to ball bag and finally made the mouthful cum shot.
AOI puts out semen in the mouth to the palm. The compulsion fellatio and careful liking service at the six nine have been waited AOI who believed liberating.

The clitoris is violently sucked and AOI ejaculates. The joy juice begins to blot from the pussy violently and the clitoris is enlarged. After that, cock rushes into pussy at the standing back posture.
The training to discipline the slut dog starts. It is high speed piston while labia meat is expanded by the finger. It makes fool of the copulation of dog is done.
Then, posture is shift to backward woman on top, the cloudiness joy juice scatters from the uniting part to a violent piston. And, AOI who violently poked at the back is made acme compulsorily while cock is inserted.

Labia meat that gets rolled up outside is more enhanced by the finger and cock inserts at the side posture. The leg is lifted high and it is bending posture after missionary. It is fucking while beauty leg being stared.
The Deep kiss is made as presses AOI who is showed putting cock in and out by force and faints in agony. The pussy extends completely and first compulsion vaginal cum shot is made to AOI who started losing the sense between groins.
The appearance that the woman who violently opposes is played by force is so wonderful. The second cock inserts at the back posture in the pussy where cock is pulled out and semen scatters.

The semen discharge mighty into interior of womb after vagina is naked well. Then, third one immediately inserts at missionary posture. The semen is injected into pussy again after stirring the vagina jar many times.
Moreover, the fourth cock is immediately thrown in to the obscene pussy that made dirty by the semen after vaginal cum shot and fourth vaginal cum shot is forced.
It is four continuous vaginal cum shot and the pussy is in the state of the semen pouring away.

However, training doesn't end. The original semen pouring container of TOKYO HOT is installed in the pussy of AOI who is made lift hip up pose and 11 people splash semen one after another and all of semen is poured.
When the pour container is removed, semen gushes with obscene vagina sound. In addition, she is taken up in his arms by the open leg pose and a large amount of semen flows backward.
Because AOI who was trained as pet is injected the submission to the cock to every corner of the cell, she does any kind of obscene things in meat desire for acquisition of bait.
A large amount of woman is confined now and obedient slut pet is increasing in rapidly. Therefore, the ranch where a lot of slut pet are pastured is under construction.

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