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(Maki Ninomiya) The Slave for Desire


n0280 2007/12/04
Maki Ninomiya
The Slave for Desire

The minor offense such as the public nuisance and the underwear thief has increased while an increase in the violent crime is remarkable, too.
It is heard that the sales of crime prevention goods such as crime prevention buzzers are increased in order to defend the body by one self. MAKI NINOMIYA is a beautiful office lady who has attractive fair compact body.
MAKI acquires the Karate by the opportunity to encounter damage of public nuisance. Such a masculine MAKI is an obedient employee in the company to the superior's instruction.

MAKI receives cruel treatment as a sexual desire processing slave after she having been played with a body by the bosses.
MAKI encounters the public nuisance put panties on a head and is looking for lingerie at home at a certain day and she is suddenly used violence by a man who was seen the scene.
MAKI is push down to the sofa after clothes are taken off and made the open leg pose. MAKI is made finger fuck & careful licking service and get acme while shaking whole body. Then, she is requested fellatio and made skillful licking service.

And MAKI is pushed down to the bed again and cock is inserted. She reacts the body react many times and ejaculates at the missionary, bending, woman on top and M-leg woman on top posture.
Then, it is vaginal cum shot after made piston at the missionary and bending posture. The labia meat greatly extends right and left. The image scene that performs the type of the Karate is placed and the same public nuisance invades home again.
However, MAKI repulses the public nuisance by the Karate without difficulty. In the next day, news to which MAKI repulsed the public nuisance is well known to in-house. Superiors begin to caress body of MAKI at the same time as feeling admiration.

The interest of men is the body of MAKI than news of the public nuisance repulse. MAKI is immediately suppressed and the pussy is exposed. In addition, both hands are bound on the desk and the pussy and anal are licked at the same time.
Next, four people carry out finger fuck to the vagina hole at the same time. The vagina hole is stirred by four fingers.
After the point of metallic apparatus of S character type is inserted in urethral openings, nipple & pussy is sucked with another apparatus. The nipple and the pussy are strongly sucked up and it transformed.

Then, simultaneous attacks of rotation & piston explode to the pussy by original vibration machine of TOKYO HOT. A large amount of joy juice gushes from vagina hole.
Next, the rotor toy is inserted in the pussy and the clitoris is stimulated at the same time with the electric massage machine. Then, MAKI got the acme while ejaculates. Immediate aftermath, the test tube is inserted.
Inside of vagina is soggily by the joy juice. Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus with which the joy juice that becomes cloudy overflows is exposed afterwards. Then cock is inserted at the missionary posture.

The body is made to react to the piston at the bending posture and she got the acme. In the next, it is the standing fellatio after moved to mat. MAKI corresponds to four cocks hard by sucking and hand job service.
Slaver that pulls the string between the mouth and the cock is obscene. MAKI is push down to the mat and cock is inserted at the banding posture and hard piston is continuing at the side, back and woman on top posture.
A man installs the belt made of rubber in abdomen of MAKI at the following back posture. After it fixes so that body of MAKI should not move and he pulls belt to toward and made violent piston.

The interior of the vagina is violently poked and MAKI ejaculates. And, the first vaginal cum shot is made after side posture. Immediate aftermath, the second cock injects semen at the backward woman on top posture.
The third cock immediately inserts at the missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made after the piston is violently done. After the fact, the fourth cock is inserted in a pussy where made dirty with semen by missionary posture.
Forth vaginal cum shot is made at the same time as being violently poked at the bending posture and acme. Then, men of other posts gather for body of MAKI, too.

Men insert the cock to which it erects immediately before the ejaculation and make the ejaculation in the vagina to the pussy expanded by the finger. In addition, the body pose is changed and semen is injected into vagina at the lift hip up pose.
The total 13 semen is injected. The overflowed semen is pushed by the finger in the vagina. After the fact, it is lifted a waist more by a posture of the lift hip up and is stirred in the vagina.
Semen scatters in the vagina and the semen that adheres to the hand is paint in the face. MAKI will be assigned to the sexual desire processing section from the next day and days that cock is inserted continue at the inside and outside of company.
Therefore, consciousness as the slave arises recently and MAKI comes to present the pussy obediently even if she encounters the public nuisance.


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