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(Nanami Moritaka) The Model of Pussy


n0279 2007/11/30
Nanami Moritaka
The Model of Pussy

The woman who is longing for the gorgeous world such as the gravure idols and actress doesn't cut the back. A reader model is popular recently and application rushes for an audition. It is said that the fierce competition will be developed.
NANAMI MORITAKA of the model wish is a college student who is tall with beauty leg. She wins the audition of the reader model and remains in the final interview. However, the final examination is an insult interview that fingers with body.
The slender super body of NANAMI is thoroughly bullied before she stands in a gorgeous stage as a model and rots away. It is the reader model's final interview.

The skin can be gradually exposed and the bust is caressed from back though NANAMI is made the trial taking of the photograph. After the nipple is persistently licked, the cock is thrown in the mouth and it is fellatio play.
The standing fellatio to which the head is strongly suppressed continues. Next, NANAMI is pushed down to the sofa and the cock is inserted in the pussy suddenly.
The cock is deeply buried at the bending posture after missionary posture and hard piston is continuing at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes and it adheres to the cock.

NANAMI faints in agony to the piston to which the one leg is lifted and the uniting part is shown at the continuing back posture. The vaginal cum shot is made to NANAMI who opposes.
Semen flows backward to the ostium of the vagina and the pussy and anal move lewdly. The woman safely passed the interview. The directors' examinations are only left now.
As soon as NANAMI is introduced to director, the whole body is fingered and the back and toe of foot is licked.

NANAMI who seriously dislikes it is made deep kiss and is made open leg pose with a stark-naked and after labia meat is fingered, it is finger fuck. It is stirred in the vagina and the pussy repeats the slack shrinkage violently.
Then, she is made acme by the clitoris attack by vibs toy. Immediate aftermath, the pussy is violently stimulated with the vibs toy. The cloudiness joy juice gushes and the string is pulled. And Cuzco is inserted to expose the opening of uterus.
Then, it is the electric massage machine attack after four cocks are pushed into the intraoral one after another. NANAMI is bound to the bed by the sprawl and is stimulated the nipple and the pussy with the electric massage machine, and ejaculates.

The converging attack of four massage machine to pussy is made and she got acme while throw her head back. Two holes of anal and the pussy are licked at the same time immediately after that and she pants.
Then, cock is inserted while both hands are bounded. The hard piston is made at the woman on top, backward woman on top and standing back posture after cock inserts one after another at the missionary posture.
NANAMI is made to say an obscene word many times and the piston is done violently. And the first vaginal cum shot is made at the side posture after she is piston at the back and missionary posture.

Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted in the pussy that is the convulsion and vaginal cum shot is made at the back posture.
The third cock is immediately inserted at the M-leg woman on top posture and injects the semen after the cock rubs in the vagina. The cock is pulled out and semen flows backward. A small amount of urine is leaked at the same time.
Immediate aftermath, the fourth cock inserts at the bending posture and it is vaginal cum shot again after it stirs in vagina. Immediate aftermath, it begins to grub semen with the finger.

NANAMI passes the final examination and all employees are gathered in order to introduce her. Employees insert the cock immediately before the ejaculation in the vagina of NANAMI who has been expanded pussy by the open leg pose.
The ejaculation in the vagina of villainy is made one after another. Total six cum shots are made into NANAMI. In addition, other employees also splashed semen aiming to her pussy that became muddy by the semen.
Total 14 semen are poured in the pussy. And, all the spilling semen is collected to the container. The collected semen is injected over two times in the vagina by the syringe.

In addition, all the semen that remains in the container is poured in the vagina by the lift hip up pose. The vagina is filled in a large amount of semen and it overflows from the ostium of the vagina and seems to fall.
As a result, NANAMI acquires the model contract. However, only a characteristic pussy that moves disagreeable and boldly is paid to attention and work to come is only taking a picture
of the appearance of the vagina when the stick and the toy are inserted and taking a picture of the appearance of the vagina when vaginal cum shot is made. In these days,
NANAMI is not possible to take a picture of the face but taking an active part as a talent of the pussy as the talent only with the hand and the leg.


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