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(Sae Yasuda) The Slut Pet


n0278 2007/11/28
Sae Yasuda
The Slut Pet

Time and money are spent so that the new employee may become independent. It peeped into TOKYO HOT in which a unique way to raise was practiced this time though the way to raise was various according to the company.
Slender SAE YASUDA is fair beautiful new office lady. SAE is fucked suddenly in an in-house rest room though work is handled while getting nervous at the first day of work. However, it was a part of bring up program to train the new office lady.
It is possible to become independent only after violent training from which it tears up the body is endured. The woman of the new office lady carries tea to the guest who is having a business talk.

Though SAE got the good reputation of the visitor and is surrounded by good seniors, and the strain of the duty first day comes loose, she is attacked by a man as soon as she came out of the restroom.
SAE is thrown down immediately after having been pushed into the rest room again and clothes are taken off. SAE who doesn't speak for fear is made taking off the panty after it tears up stockings and the pussy is exposed.
In addition, the finger is inserted in the vagina hole and cock is thrown into the mouth. The appearance of SAE who is bullied and frightened is caught in the camera by man's line of vision and there is a presence.

Then, cock is inserted at the standing back posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy drips at the next backward woman on top posture. Then first vaginal cum shot is made after she violently posed at the M-leg woman on top, sit and bending posture.
Immediate aftermath, the vagina hole is grubbed with the finger. The next scene, seniors who worry gather to the place of SAE who depresses it. And, SAE saw the president who came there is astonished.
It was a president who bullied SAE in the rest room. The president instructs the subordinate to train a lewd new figure who wets the pussy while being fucked as a pet dog. SAE is had a collar with nothing on and is thrown to the veranda of outside.

And, Cuzco is inserted by the open leg pose. SAE ejaculates to the following vibs toy attack and the cock is thrown in to the mouth. Next, the pussy is caressed by two electric massage machines.
In addition, both nipples are stimulated with the electric massage machine and SAE is made acme. On the other day, SAE is introduced as a trained slut pet dog to the president of the customer who visited the business talk.
Customer's president immediately tastes body of SAE. After fellatio, SAE shows the technique for smoking in the pussy. Smoke is vomited from the vagina hole with an obscene sound.

The seniors of SAE also join insulting and SAE is made taking off clothes and is made finger fuck and joy juice is splashed by the open leg pose. In addition, the cock is pushed into her mouth by the backing pose.
Then, SAE is pushed down to the bed after three cocks are sucked at the same time and the cock is inserted by missionary posture. The hard piston is made at the bending, back, side and backward woman on top posture.
The cloudiness joy juice drips from the pussy where cock is inserted deeply and it adheres to the cock. Then first vaginal cum shot is made at the woman on top posture. Immediate aftermath, cock is inserted at the back posture.

The pussy extends greatly and anal also does the slack shrinkage and second vaginal cum shot is made.
Immediate aftermath, the cock is inserted in the pussy to which semen is excreted by the power of pussy by missionary posture and third vaginal cum shot is made. The labia meat has finished lengthening in right and left mercilessly.
The president of customer who likes SAE takes her to his company and makes her to the plaything in-house. Employees splash the semen to the intraoral of SAE who is pushed down to the bed.

Total three cum shots are made into the mouth and the spilling semen is carried to the intraoral by the finger, too and everything is drunk up. Immediate aftermath, SAE is made to lift hip up pose.
The semen of total eight are continuously poured in the pussy where keeping open greatly. In addition, the spilling semen is pushed into vagina hole, too.
And, she is made finger fuck as it is and a large amount of semen flows backward from the vagina hole. Immediate aftermath, female ejaculation is made and the liquid that semen and joy juice mix scatters.

Then, it is disgraceful PISS SHOT. The pussy is expanded by the standing pose and yellow impure urination is excreted. The end is to smoke the cigarette by the pussy.
SAE offers the customer the trained body as a slut pet dog and settles a big business talk one after afterwards. And, the results are admitted and she is promoted at a dash.
Recently SAE has the subordinate who immediately light and put it in the vagina when she takes out the cigarette.


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