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(Shiori Yamana) The Meat Urinal


n0277 2007/11/23
Shiori Yamana
The Meat Urinal

Recently, especially the rise of the popularity of the occupation with a high specialty such as licensed tax accountants and lawyer. The manager and the secretary who becomes politician's right arm and works are one of the popular occupations, too.
The capable secretary is intelligent and has good skill for the language. It has the one with high problem-solving ability. SHIORI YAMANA who lights the fire to man's sadistic mind by saucy atmosphere is a beautiful secretary.
Though SHIORI is capable, lewdness with the boyfriend is seen by the superior in the company and falls into a predicament. The office is thrown into an uproar for the scandal of the beautiful secretary.

The great reckless driving of the employees who rages at a lewd slut and devour her body has not stopped any longer. The body of SHIORI is insulted mercilessly and becomes the criminals exposed to public view in a company.
SHIORI is fingered her body by the executive director while confirming the schedule. SHIORI is made taking off the panty and stocking and is made finger fuck by the open leg pose though the she dislikes.
The joy juice that becomes cloudy immediately drips. Then it is standing fellatio play. The head is strongly suppressed, the cock is pushed into the interior of the throat and she groans painfully.

And, the cock that is wetted by the slaver of SHIORI is inserted at standing back posture. The one leg is lifted and cock is inserted deeply, and a large amount of cloudiness joy juice is gushed.
The joy juice adheres to the cock and an obscene sound is made. The surge piston is continuing at the M-leg backward woman on top, woman on top and bending posture.
Then it is the vaginal cum shot after both legs are lifted high and prick the vagina as breaking. The finger is inserted in the pussy immediately after the injected semen is excreted by power of vagina at squatting down and it is raked out.

The boyfriend approaches SHIORI who is change of clothes in the locker room afterwards and he made deep kiss. To tell the truth, SHIORI is a habitual offender of fucking at the company.
She enjoys the fucking with boyfriend behind a other employees' back. The panty is taken off and she is made the open leg pose after the nipple is licked from the deep kiss. The pussy is drenched in violent careful licking service.
However, it is found by a director and a chief when she sucks a cock. The bosses rage with the indecent act in the office. SHIORI is made the stark-naked and pussy is enhanced in the open leg pose.

In addition, the finger is inserted and the vagina hole and the clitoris are attacked at the same time. Afterwards, it is shames play that vagina meat and clitoris are picked with chopsticks. Then, the big vibs toy is inserted by the backing style.
A large amount of joy juice that springs up in the vagina is transmitted in the under hair and the spectacle that drips below is obscene. Next, the electric massage machine hits between groins directly.
The clitoris is violently stimulated by an extreme vibration and she is made acme. After the fact, Cuzco is inserted and the vagina wall and the opening of uterus are exposed. After they move to the bed, cock is put in the mouth and it is fellatio time.

The expression that keeps miserably opening mouth and sucking is pitiful. The superiors' reckless driving doesn't stop and the cock is thrown in to SHIORI at missionary posture.
It is told that SHIORI was made vaginal cum shot by a managing director by a director, and the boyfriend who was looking it in amazement by the side changes suddenly in a manner.
The boyfriend rages at lewd appearance of SHIORI and he participate in a fucking to look down thoroughly.

SHIORI is thrust intensely at M-leg woman on top posture, back and side posture without an interval to take a rest, and first vaginal cum shot is made at the M-leg backward woman on top posture.
The second cock is immediately inserted at the back posture and semen is injected into the pussy. Immediate aftermath, the third cock inserts at the missionary posture. More a large amount of Semen is poured into a muddy vagina jar.
Other employees get excited by beautiful secretary's lewd appearance and gathered. They splashed semen one after another into pussy of SHIORI who is pushed in the rotor toy in the pussy and is made lift hip up pose.

Total 12 cum shot are continuously made and the pussy is muddy. The overflowing semen is pushed by the finger in the vagina. After the rotor toy is put out, SHIORI is hold in his arms and semen is excreted.
In addition, it is stirred by the finger in the vagina and semen is grubbed. SHIORI is taken around in office while polluted with semen, and she is exposed to public scorn. However, she goes mad on the way and escapes.
To tell the truth, this company is recruiting the meat urinal only for the director use under the pretext of secretary.
When woman like SHIORI who tries to work seriously as secretary join the company, she will be insulted and assume to be meat urinal or it will throw her away at a point in time when it repeated a vaginal cum shot thoroughly and went mad.


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