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(Mizuho Hamasaki) The Wicked Sales Slut


n0276 2007/11/20
Mizuho Hamasaki
The Wicked Sales Slut

The business that used Internet is active. The net infiltrates the dealings between traders and the way of business has changed fairly. However, the direct deal face to face is basic after all.
The person in charge of business who understands it enough has good results. MIZUHO HAMAZAKI is slender sales woman who is always result in the top and a red suit attracts attention.
However, the fact palmed off a medical appliance without use by force under pretense of love. Insulting to MIZUHO starts when a forcible technique fails. Please enjoy appearance that a delicate body is fucked and ungracefully sunk.

MIZUHO of top sale woman visits customer's hospital. It is cylindrical medical equipment that took out. It is a fraudulent article seen only the adult goods though seems to fix into the finger and to use it.
MIZUHO immediately approaches the doctor who hesitates at purchase under pretense of love. The doctor is laid down in the consultation seat and the medical equipment is installed in the cock and hand job service is started.
Next, the pussy is licked by mounting on the face posture. And, MIZUHO voluntarily leads the cock to the pussy at M-leg woman on top posture.

The piston is continuously made at woman on top, back and missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made at bending posture at the last. Semen overflows from the ostium of the vagina that opened greatly.
After the fact, the doctor is made to approve the purchase of a large amount of medical equipment. Later, the medical equipment without the usage is distributed to patients in the waiting room free of charge.
The hospital has a heavy loss. In that case, patients who hear circumstances from the doctor is waiting at the consultation room to punish for a cruel woman.

MIZUHO who came other day is pressed by the patients and is made open leg pose on the birth stand. The panty and stocking are taken off and the pussy is exposed. The finger fuck and clitoris attach is made to beautiful pussy where labia meat is small.
The opening of uterus is exposed in the continuing Cuzco insertion. Next, she faints in agony to the insertion of vibs toy after the clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy and it is inserted in the pussy.
Then, it is vibs toy attack after hips are spanked by back style. She is violently stirred in the vagina and is made acme. MIZUHO is put on the birth stand afterwards and is made the open leg pose.

And, the cock is inserted in the pussy that greatly open. In the next, they move from the consultation seat to the bed. And three cocks are thrown in to the intraoral one after another and standing fellatio play starts.
MIZUHO is also lick ball bag and moreover it is double fellatio. Then, three cocks are licked at the same time. Afterwards, she is violently thrown down to the bed and is inserted cock.
MIZUHO distorts the face to violent insertion at the woman on top and backward woman on top posture and endures.

The hard piston continue at the M-leg woman on top, side, missionary and bending posture and the cloudiness joy juice overflows from the pussy. Then, first vaginal cum shot is made to MIZUHO who refuses it at the missionary posture.
Then, second cock immediately inserts at the back posture. A lovely pussy seems to be expanded greatly with the piston for a long time and it gets excited.
And it is second vaginal cum shot. Immediate aftermath, the finger is put in the pussy that loses shutting, it is stirred, and it begins to grub semen. The third cock is inserted at once and vaginal cum shot is made again at bending posture.

The pussy is made dirty by the semen that flows backward. Labia meat is enlarged and the pretty pussy doesn't have seen shadow either. Afterwards, MIZUHO has been expanded pussy by the finger at the lift hip up pose.
The people who are sold the medical equipment are gathered there. All are the appearances of the fly into a rage to forcible business of MIZUHO. Total nine men ejaculate one after another aiming at the vagina that is exposed.
The semen hangs down toward the anus. In addition, the semen that overflows from the pussy is pushed with the vibs toy in the vagina and the piston is done violently as it is. MIZUHO is made acme while being made between groins dirty by semen.

Afterwards, MIZUHO is assumed that there is a problem in the sales technique and is dismissed the company. In addition, a large amount of medical equipment which she stocks on her own judgment is bought and a large sum of debt will be owed.
MIZUHO resolved the door-to-door selling of her pussy in order to repayment for a debt. She starts the business that fucking and vaginal cum shot by the customer is started.
Though the sales result is good due to use the sales knowhow of the medical equipment, it is heard that her beautiful pussy is tattered in the fucking of every day.


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