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(Emi Moriguchi) The Slut Doctor


n0275 2007/11/16
Emi Moriguchi
The Slut Doctor

Though it is often heard that lack of doctor but besides lack of number of absolute doctors also it is a background of increase of the number of patients, too.
The thing that people who suffer from mind and body in the prime of life are in the increasing tendency is especially attached to importance.
The dynamite tots nymph EMI MORIGUCHI is a probationary woman doctor of TOKYO HOT clinic where having a lot of problem patients. She is not become accustomed yet and far from treating, and own body is fingered by the patient as they like.

EMI is chastised by the director who raged at a negligent examination as a result. She is completely treated like a toy. Though it is a standpoint where the patient is examined, she was made dirty as like oneself seems to become sick.
Only the patient of the serious illness coming to a hospital though the examination is left to EMI of probationary woman doctor by the director.
There are patients that suddenly massaging dynamite tits of EMI and fingering the nipple and returns with a sense of relief and who was swollen up cock afterwards. EMI is made to suck the cock after she is made hand job service.

EMI is keeping to suck the cock and it is cum shot by the hand job service at the end. Immediate aftermath, cock is thrown into the mouth and remaining semen is politely wiped off by the tongue.
The patient who came over has a stroke for a considerable serious case afterwards. A man suddenly takes off panty of EMI while talking to oneself and makes careful licking service by the open leg pose.
After the pussy is expanded by the finger and the bean is rubbed, it is the dynamite tits fucking. In addition, EMI is inserted the cock into the pussy and hard piston is made at the missionary and back posture.

The meat of hips is strongly gripped by the following backing, the piston is done violently, and an obscene image of the full view of anal continues. And it is the vaginal cum shot.
The director rages at EMI who exposed the disgraceful behavior fucked by the patient though the fit is safely settled. EMI is called in director's home as a penalty for obscene act and both hands are bound on the head.
The dynamite tits is fingered by the director and assistants, she is made taking off the panty, and nipple & pussy is attacked with the rotor toy. In the next, three small toys are inserted in the pussy at the same time and EMI pants violently.

Then, the vagina hole is stirred with the thick vibs toy and the joy juice that becomes cloudy is gushed, and she faints in agony. She is also inserted a toy at the back and is made to say obscene word.
And, EMI got the acme for the attack to the clitoris by the electric massage machine by the open leg pose. The vibs toy is inserted again afterwards by the open leg pose.
Person related to hospital and patients who gather splashed semen continuously aims at a drenched pussy by the joy juice. Her groin is made dirty by the total 14 semen. In addition, the overflowing semen is pushed with the vibs toy in the vagina.

After the fact, the vibs toy is deeply inserted into the pussy and she is made acme by the violent piston. Director's anger has not been calmed down yet and fellatio play is requested continuously.
Three cocks are sucked one after another by the standing fellatio pose. Three cocks are licked at the same time at the end though EMI tried to service desperately by hand.
Next, EMI is thrown down to the mat and the cock is inserted at the missionary posture. The spectacle that the enlarged labia meat adsorbs the cock is so obscene.

At the next bending posture, the uniting part where the cock was completely buried is shown. The hard piston is continue at the back and M-leg backward woman on top posture after it shifts to M-leg woman on top posture.
The mouth is shut up with cock and a large amount of cloudiness joy juice gush from the pussy. In addition, the pussy that extends greatly is violently stirred at missionary posture and EMI ejaculates.
Then semen is injected immediately after the one leg is lifted and the cock is inserted deeply. Afterwards the second cock is immediately inserted at the back posture.

It is heartless vaginal cum shot in the pussy which wriggles to push the first shot semen outside. Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted by the side posture. And semen is injected into the pussy where labia meat spreads through slovenly.
Immediate aftermath, semen flows backward with an obscene sound when the cock is pulled out. EMI is judged that there is no nature as the doctor and will be bred in the hospital afterward. EMI keeps offering the body to heal serious patients.
However, she is treated as a pet and there is no salary naturally, and only special food that sprinkles semen on the hospital food that the in-patient left is provided.


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