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(Hitomi Nishikawa) The Love Juice Slut


n0274 2007/11/13
Hitomi Nishikawa
The Love Juice Slut

It is said that the times when it was common that a wage and a reward are decided by seniority were over. And the principle of result is demanded for these past several years.
Though the reward improves according to achievement is good, but if the achievement is bad, the reward is downed.
HITOMI NISHIKAWA who is lovely looks with an attractive miniskirt appearance is suddenly selected the team leader of a new project from the receptionist. However, company was given great damage due to her mistake.

It is insulting of the hell to have waited for HITOMI who valued the repulsion of subordinates after she took responsibility, and having been forced to a body offer.
An obscene spectacle which is made to blow a large amount of joy juice many times with it having been firmly inserted a cock in the sensitive pussy must see !
At the beginning, HITOMI who made a big mistake on the business is chased for the correspondence in an office.

HITOMI is pressed to take the responsibility by the president who shows up there and the body is fingered from back. HITOMI who made great damage on the company cannot opposes is fingered pussy and clitoris from the back by the standing pose. Next,
HITOMI faints in agony to clitoris attack and finger fuck by the open leg pose and she is made acme. Next, the cock is thrown into the mouth and it is standing fellatio. The head is strongly suppressed and the piston is done violently.
It is thrown in again though the cock is painfully vomited once. And then cock is inserted into pussy at the standing back posture. The clitoris is fingered with the finger in the continuing backward woman on top posture and she dislikes it seriously.

The cock is inserted in the interior in the following bending posture and HITOMI ejaculates after woman on top and missionary posture.
A large amount of joy juice is blown as soon as the cock was pulled out and she got acme and vaginal cum shot is made afterwards. After the fact, pussy and anus wriggle in obscenity. In the next, it is PISS SHOT scene at the bathroom.
The bath towel is rolled in the body and a large amount of urination is excreted mightily in a sitting posture. It gets excited by the appearance of which it feels shy after it ends. The next scene is an office again.

HITOMI scolds subordinates as the mistake is responsibilities of them. However, subordinates repulse when it is a result of movement according to the instruction of HITOMI and attack her.
The pussy is enhanced though HITOMI who is made taking off clothes and tore up stocking violently opposes. Then joy juice is blown immediately after the clitoris is stimulated with the vibs toy and she is made acme.
The vibs toy pushed clitoris many times and she is made to gush a large amount of joy juice afterwards. The original vibs machine of TOKYO HOT appears continuously. A thick vibs toy is installed in the point of the apparatus that moves electrically.

The vibs toy repeats the piston while rotating. The pussy is driven in to immediately before destruction by the violent movement of the vibs toy.
In addition, the vibs toy attack continues and continues female ejaculation is made after she is made to blow joy juice by the open leg pose. After the fact, Cuzco is inserted immediately after the test tube is inserted and the vagina wall was exposed.
The vagina wall that does the slack shrinkage in obscenity is exposed. And, they move to the mat and it is fellatio play. The cock is thrown in the mouth one after another and she is made finger fuck at the same time and gush the joy juice.

In addition, the cock is inserted in a pussy where is drenched by joy juice at the missionary posture. HITOMI made the female ejaculation while cock being inserted at the bending posture.
In addition, she made female ejaculation again while being stirred inside of vagina at the backward woman on top posture. Two cocks are alternately inserted at the woman on top posture and a large amount of joy juice is gushed afterwards.
At the next backing posture, HITOMI gush a large amount of joy juice that describes a parabola from the pussy by the violent piston. Immediate aftermath, the cock is deeply inserted and HITOMI is splashed joy juice again.

The cock is buried under the pussy in the state of the flood by joy juice one after another and four continues vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary, back, backward woman on top and bending posture.
After the fact, the pussy has been made dirty by a large amount of joy juice and the semen that flows backward. However insult is not ended yet. Other employees who have the grudge in HITOMI gathered, too.
The cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted in the pussy of the lift hip up pose and it is vaginal cum shot of villainy. 14 continues cum shot is made into vagina. Immediate aftermath, HITOMI is hold in his arms and semen is excreted.
In addition, HITOMI is made finger fuck and joy juice is gushed. HITOMI is returned to the reception after this, but the work is not receptionist.
She greatly opens the pussy and sits as object of joy juice fountain instead of statue of urine boy that put on the entrance in the company.
HITOMI amuses visitors' eyes by voluntarily stimulating the pussy with the vibs toy put on by the side and gushing the joy juice.


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