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(Narumi Watase) The conceited Slut


n0273 2007/11/09
Narumi Watase
The conceited Slut

The only daughter is almost selfish because she is indulged and is grown up. If it is the rich president daughter, she is given all the things wanting since she was child and in addition, it is natural life that the servant does anything.
There is some exception, but mostly rich daughter is selfish, and self-assertion is intense and it is one's character that is not satisfied unless she does it just as wanted.
NARUMI WATASE of college student is tall slender beautiful woman of the height 168cm. She is the president daughter that father manages the company.

The arrogant behavior to drive the servant of some hard with a chin with a selfish only daughter has an intolerable thing. The arrogant behavior to drive the servant of some hard with a chin has an intolerable thing.
However, the anger that employees accumulated explodes at a certain day. The president daughter who is arrogant with impertinence fell to a meat slave of one of them which belonged to a bottom layer after she was stripped off the clothes of the high-quali
and having been insulted thoroughly. NARUMI comes home from school and presses the employee tea soon. However, she rages at too hot tea that came out and the preaching is started. In addition, masturbation is pressed to another employee.

NARUMI laughs away off to see a figure squeezing a cock desperately and abuses to see splashed semen. In addition, she ordered another servant make her comfortable.
Though NARUMI is caressed the bust and the pussy is licked, she gets irritated because the point that she felt was excluded. After NARUMI sits astride on man's face and pressed her pussy, the cock is sucked in her mouth.
The cock that grew by standing fellatio is led to the pussy by standing back posture. A man does the piston at the backward woman on top, woman on top and missionary posture while satisfying the slim leg that expands.

The scene to which an obscene sound leaks whenever the cock is put in and out gets excited. Piston is continuing at the bending and missionary posture and the uniting part is drenched in the joy juice that becomes cloudy and it is the vaginal cum shot.
The yawning pussy is stirred by the finger and it begins to grub semen. NARUMI who is made vaginal cum shot rages. The employee is scolded and is made to leave there at once.
One of the employees who exceed the limit of endurance to cruel treatments of every day requests to insult NARUMI to two seniors. Men who call the director of the customer in father's company visit at home of NARUMI after the image scene is placed.

In the fact, they are men who were requested insulting of NARUMI. NARUMI who doesn't know anything is grateful for them when she is told that they considerably hold the stocks of the company of father.
She is completely brought in to other party's pace. Clothes are taken off and the panty and stocking are torn up with scissors in the open leg pose. Then, after the pussy is exposed and labia meat is expanded, Cuzco is inserted.
And finger fuck is made after the vagina wall and the opening of uterus are exposed. Next, the clitoris and the vagina hole are stimulated with three rotor toys. The pussy is drenched in the joy juice by the following vibs toy attack.

In addition, the clitoris is intensively attacked with the electric massage machine and NARUMI faints in agony while makes the leg stiffen. The employee also participates and NARUMI is made to suck three cocks one after another afterwards.
Though NARUMI desperately endures insulting that is made the lick of three at the same time, a true insulting was the future.
NARUMI is pushed down on mat, and cock is inserted at the back posture by the servant and piston is made at the bending, side, M-leg backward woman on top and woman on top posture.

NARUMI is abused "Vulgar Slut" and she is mixed with the cock in the vagina. After the hard piston is made at the following back posture, first vaginal cum shot is made. Immediate aftermath, cocks insert one after another and vaginal cum shot is made.
At the result four continues vaginal cum shot are made. After the fact, a large amount of semen flows backward while blowing the bubble. Insulting has not ended yet though NARUMI is tired out. There were other many people person who had the grudge.
It is the servants who were unfairly discharged with the selfishness of NARUMI. They surround NARUMI of lift hip up pose. The cock is inserted in NARUMI's pussy that greatly opened by continues vaginal cum shot and it is vaginal cum shot.

The cock is continuously inserted by 14 people and semen is injected. Immediate aftermath, NARUMI who is hold in his arms flow backwards a large amount of semen from the vagina.
The men demand a large amount of money to father to use a photograph of NARUMI who expose the appearance that polluted whole body by the semen afterwards.
Furthermore, the bad reputation that a daughter of the president is a fucking slave spreads out, and the stocks of the company make a sudden drop. After the company having gone bankrupt, the family of the president is scattered.
NARUMI who was forced to the life of the bottom layer which looked like a homeless person sips semen of passing men in order to satisfy the hunger.


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