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(Kanade Motomura) The Super Sex Club


n0272 2007/11/06
Kanade Motomura
The Super Sex Club

There are various kinds of sex clubs. There is the cheap shop while there is the expensive shop. Because there is a difference of the content of service depending on an individual type of business,
though it wouldn't say that it is general that well service and beautiful girl is on the register in the shop where charges high price. Moreover, there are not a lot of numbers are existed but there are sex club of high priced to surpass high-level fuck s
The slender slut KANADE MOTOMURA who has the attractive smile that heals a man receives the interview of a secret members club. Members of the club go into raptures at the new figure's appearance.

The mercilessly villainy play of man who doesn't know extend is repeated and innocent body of KANADE is tear up. At the beginning, it is the interview scene. KANADE puts on the miniskirt with frill and blue stocking.
She is atmosphere of really usual and cheerful girl. Up to now, though KANADE has no contact with the sex club, she made up her mind to work by sex club out of necessity to earn hospital charges of father.
She is made to hear that it is a part of the examination and it is not possible to oppose though the interview starts and KANADE is made caressed her bust. Next, clothes are taken off and after the brassiere is removed, the nipple is fingered.

It is an underlying motive that interviewers first taste before it puts it out to the guest. The panty and stocking are taken off and she is made the open leg pose. The pussy is exposed, labia meat is expanded, and finger fuck is made.
The joy juice that becomes cloudy overflows in the vagina. She is made finger fuck while making an obscene sound and the clitoris is stimulated at the same time. In addition, the pussy is violently stirred and she made female ejaculation.
The following is standing fellatio that cock is thrown in to mouth. After back of the head is suppressed and the piston is done violently, two cocks are alternately made fellatio. Then double fellatio is requested.

And, it is fucking examination of the final test. The cock is inserted in at the standing back posture. One leg is lifted high and hard piston is made. Cock enjoys her pussy at the woman on top, backward woman on top and missionary posture.
The cock is buried to the interior of the vagina in the continuing bending posture and KANADE faints in agony. KANADE opposes vaginal cum shot while overflowing a large amount of joy juice from the pussy, however cum shot is made into pussy mercilessly.
In addition, the second cock immediately inserts at the banding posture and cum shot is made into vagina that drips and throws backflow semen. After the fact, labia meat in the state of extending right and left is miserable.

KANADE passed the examination and worked immediately as a result. After the image scene, it is first work.
The first guests are three people. KANADE is made to crawl in the room by crawl on all fours while the collar being worn and having been tied by the lead like the dog. And she made the fellatio one after another.
KANADE is fingered her hips at the time of fellatio. Men made cum shot one after another into the container that KANADE had. KANADE all contains it in the mouth and drinks up at a dash.

In addition, the semen that remains in the container is licked up, too. Then, the following guest is arrived. They are favor in innocent KANADE and make a successful bid by high value. KANADE will be thoroughly insulted.
The whole body is violently touched after clothe is changed to the see-through lingerie in front of the guest. The next is vibs & rotor toy attack by open leg pose.
The thick vibs toy is inserted and KANADE got the acme while gushes the cloudiness joy juice. The spectacle to which a lovely vagina is expanded is a masterpiece.

Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus with which a large amount of cloudiness liquids overflow is exposed. In the next, she is thrown down on the mat and the cock is inserted at the missionary posture.
The hard piston is made at the bending, back, M-leg woman on top, backward woman on top and woman on top posture and the first cum shot is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture.
Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted at back posture and vaginal cum shot is made after it stirs in the vagina. The third cock immediately inserts by the side posture. The third cum shot is made into vagina where is already full of semen.

In addition, the fourth cock also made vaginal cum shot at the M-leg backward woman on top posture. Immediate aftermath, she is hold in his arms and vagina is grubbed with the finger and semen is raked out.
And, KANADE is made the lick of the semen that adheres to man's finger. The following guests play that pouring semen on the body of the standing woman. Semen of ten people splashed one after another to the waist, hips, and under hair.
Poured semen hangs down toward the floor along a leg. It is finished by thanks to the visitor of KANADE in the last. KANADE thereafter obtains members' popularity as a meat slave of the vaginal cum shot specialty.
Though father's hospitalization expense is earned with surprising swiftness, KANADE get a body out of order, and own is hospitalized by the insult play of the day after day. It hears that she is deeply in debt for the own hospital charges this time.


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