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(Megumi Ishikawa) A Wreck of Idol


n0271 2007/11/02
Megumi Ishikawa
A Wreck of Idol

It is only the limited the number of years that people can play an active part in the sports such as exercises or the sprint including martial arts such as the boxing. It cannot be in the active parts when the body becomes weak with the age.
A similar thing applies to the gravure idol. The expiration date is only several years for them. It is the very important strategies that how they break between those days and become the talent and the actress, etc.
MEGUMI who decorated on a lot of gravures and has healed men is a gravure idol in a popular height. She has already thought about the following development with the manager in the office.

MEGUMI who wants to change over to the actress will work in the cabaret club in which the person related to the television gathers a lot. MEGUMI expected to conduct a sales campaign there, but she is requested the devil play.
Please enjoy pitiful appearance of MEGUMI who is teased by many brute. At the beginning, it is the meeting of MEGUMI and manager. They agree that the turnover of the idol is necessary.
MEGUMI who hopes for acting career are requested the masturbation to test whether to have the attainments. Hereafter, it is uncertain as the actress if feeling shy in front of others for anything.

Though MEGUMI has exposed only the appearance of swimming wear in front of people, she is taking off panty & stoking and made open leg pose. The pussy is fingered with the finger and masturbation is started.
Vagina meat is expanded by the manager at the time of that and it is finger fuck. Next, the cock is thrown in to the mouth and it is the fellatio. Then, cock is inserted in the pussy at the standing back posture after a thick and polite fellatio.
She is made hard piston at the M-leg backward woman on top, woman on top and missionary posture and semen is injected mercilessly though she opposes the vaginal cum shot.

After the fact, semen is raked out by the finger after semen in the vagina is excreted by the power of the pussy. The image scene is placed and it is the in the cabaret club. MEGUMI is put on the black chic dress that greatly opens the chest.
At the good timing, MEGUMI service producers related to the drama of the TOKYO HOT television. Men dangle the leading part of the drama and caress body of MEGUMI. MEGUMI is made taking off the panty & stocking and the pussy is exposed though she opposes.
Then finger fuck is made at the open leg pose. After the thumb of man's foot is put in the vagina hole following careful licking service, clitoris and labia meat are placed with chopsticks.

The following are the rotor & vibs toy attacks and the pussy is stirred with thick vibs toy and she is made acme. Next, the rolling pin is inserted in anal by the backing style. The maraca is inserted in the vagina hole at the same time.
Then, the original spirit stick of TOKYO HOT as big as the bamboo sword is thrown in to the pussy and Cuzco is inserted afterwards. The opening of uterus filled with the joy juice is exposed.
And, three cocks are thrown in to the mouth one after another and she is made standing fellatio play. After three cock are licked at the same time, it is inserted into pussy at the missionary posture.

MEGUMI is poked hardly at the bending, missionary and M-leg woman on top posture and the cock is inserted one after another though MEGUMI opposes and the cloudiness joy juice gushes. The first vaginal cum shot is made at the side posture.
Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted by missionary posture. Then semen is injected by missionary posture after back posture.
The third cock is made cum shot into the pussy where compound liquid of cloudiness joy juice and backflow semen mixes. However, the insult play is not over.

Original pour apparatus of TOKYO HOT is inserted is set into the vagina of MEGUMI by the lift hip up pose. And, staff discharge semen one after another in the container. Semen of total 13 is poured in the vagina.
Immediate aftermath, MEGUMI is hold in his arms and semen is excreted with an obscene sound. In addition, a large amount of semen drips and drops momentarily at the time of put the finger in the pussy.
The last is double PISS SHOT. MEGUMI squat down and enlarges the hole, and urinates in large quantities. A large amount of urine is excreted for a long time and she feels shy seriously. The second is standing urine.

The leg is opened and urine gushes out from the pussy where expanded by the finger. The camera catches the urination scene in detail by the angle from the under.
The notice comes when the work of MEGUMI was decided from the TOKYO HOT television after this. The content is work of the costume though it is a pleased MEGUMI.
Afterwards, there is no new work at all though the person related to the television is entertained with vaginal cum shot.
When in season as the gravure idol passes and she began to be in a hurry, she is scouted by the chairman of the special vaginal cum shot troupe that came to the cabaret club and acquires leading part's seat.
She is poured semen on the stage as a leading actress every day now. It seems to be the prosperity day after day so that there is the special performance that a visitor can make vaginal cum shot by sudden participation.


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