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(Rio Niiyama) The Trial Sex


n0270 2007/10/30
Rio Niiyama
The Trial Sex

It is common that the recent young woman goes out with the man who liked it first of all. If they go together for trial and feel that they do not be different, then, they go out with another man.
It is the trial periods Healthy goods, Sports club and the company have the trial periods. Though it can be said that their behavior is reasonable if it thinks so, as a result, it is a fact that it is very likely that there is the betrayed man,
and another problem happens. RIO NIIYAMA of slender slut is such recent girl's college student, too. RIO separates from the boyfriend and she is looking for a new lover recently. However, the TOKYO HOT won't leave such a fast fanny loose.

It is necessary to punish the joking woman who gets conceited and changes a man. She is been raggedly by violent insult such as can crush waist and not setting up. At the beginning, RIO is called by an old boyfriend, and she is urged for reconciliation.
RIO who refuses because she focuses on the following man is massaged bust from back and is made deep kiss by old boyfriend. RIO who dislikes it is violently attacked nipple and is made to take off the brassiere and the panty in addition.
The finger fuck is made after clitoris is fingered. Labia meat is expanded right and left by lift hip up pose and the attack to the clitoris continues.

In addition, the cock is thrown into the mouth and it is fellatio play, she is made to lick cock politely. Then, the cock is inserted in a soaked pussy.
The piston is violently done by missionary, bending and woman on top posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes. And the semen is injected mercilessly at the missionary posture though RIO violently opposes for vaginal cum shot.
Other day, three men who are former boyfriend's friend intrude suddenly when the RIO is in home. They start to devour her body immediately. RIO is suppressed and cock is thrown into her mouth and she is made to suck.

RIO is inserted cock until the depth of throat and writhes and suffers. After double fellatio, RIO is turned face up and the mouth is opened, and the cock is inserted. It is disgrace fellatio of pressing the ball bag against the face.
The next is that she is put off the clothes and exposes the pussy by open leg pose. It is made violent careful licking service. In addition, she holds on man's shoulder by the lift hip up pose, and it is finger fuck.
Her pussy becomes wet much with joy juice. Next, labia meat is expanded by the open leg pose on the sofa and finger fuck. In addition, the clitoris is attacked at the same time while being inserted three small vibs toys.

The whole pussy is stimulated obstinately by the electric massage machine and she faints in agony. In addition, RIO is made finger fuck and is made to female ejaculation while distort the face and showing a miserable expression.
Immediate aftermath, it is test tube insertion. The vagina road of clamminess by joy juice is exposed and the opening of uterus is exposed in the continuing Cuzco insertion.
The opening of uterus that does strange movement is seen and men drive recklessly further. Then, fucking starts and cock is inserted by backward woman on top posture.

The meat of hips is expanded in following woman on top posture and the piston is done violently while being exposed the anus. The spectacle that cock deeply pierces in vagina hole that greatly expanded is miserable.
RIO faints in agony by the next carry body in his arms posture. In addition, she is made violent piston at the carry body in his arms while inserted by standing back posture.
Then first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture after missionary, bending and back posture. Immediate aftermath, the second cock inserts at the side posture.

Semen flows backward from the vagina hole at each piston at the following bending posture. It drips to an anus and second vaginal cum shot is made. Labia meat opens greatly. The third cock is immediately inserted at the back posture.
Then semen is injected after cock dig vagina hole violently. After the fact, a large amount of semen flows backward from the vagina. In addition, men's junior gathered, too.
Total ten people splashed semen one after another aiming to the vagina that greatly opened of RIO who is expanded pussy by finger at the lift hip up pose.

The spilling semen is pushed by the finger. After the fact, RIO is hold in his arms and semen is excreted. In addition, semen is vomited with the finger. The last is PISS SHOT. RIO squats down and urinates.
It gets wet between groins in urine. Afterwards, RIO will be insulted by men every day. It decides it to making the graduation thesis with vaginal cum shot as the theme though the day that fucking her is continued and graduation was doubted.
The writing advances smoothly because the theme is that she wrestled with most eagerly through school days and the image submitted at the same time seems also to have received the high evaluation.


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