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(Hiromi Noguchi) The fucking torture


n0269 2007/10/26
Hiromi Noguchi
The fucking torture

The job for police takes up various topics from the management of the illegal parking to the investigation of the violent crime.
It also often hears voices that an insufficient policeman if there is an internal scandal and the workload like the investigation etc.
are huge. Though the municipality that combines employment measures and increases the policeman exists, too, the ratio of arrests tend to fall and the local populace's understanding is not obtained for the staff increase.

Therefore, the arrest rate improvement is an urgent problem in the police. The possibility that a forcible investigation is somewhat rampant cannot be denied.
HIROMI NOGUCHI who has the erotic atmosphere that seems to like lascivious things and a plump leg spilling out from the miniskirt is attractive is restricted as a suspect of a certain case.
It is a police station of the rumor of driving in the suspect to the confession by cruel torture that was brought. Body of HIROMI who is confined is destroyed to many of the torture that is done every day.

At the beginning, the agent asks to stop HIROMI who is going to work. The other day, though the jewel shop where HIROMI works meets the burglar, but the criminal is arrested and the stolen money and goods returns, too.
However, a diamond of 1.5 carat alone is not found. The agent requests HIROMI of clerk to go the police station as the suspect. HIROMI who has not an idea is examined a body by the man of the investigator.
HOROMI is doubted to conceal the diamond and is made taking off clothes and panty and gets caress between groins. In the next, pussy is expanded on the desk and it is stimulated by the finger.

The joy juice that has already become cloudy blots in the pussy. In addition, she is made finger fuck by the open leg pose and an obscene sound leaks in the vagina. Then, the cock is thrown in to mouth of HIROMI and fellatio play starts.
The cock is violently pushed by the standing pose. And the cock is inserted at standing back posture. The piston is continuing at the woman on top and bending posture and the cloudiness joy juice adheres to the cock and the string is pulled.
And then it is vaginal cum shot after violent piston. Afterwards, HIROMI is gone home without the suspicion is dispelled. In the other day, HIROMI who appeared again receives the investigation in front of the prison.

She is suddenly suppressed by three men and both hands are bound in the steel fence in the prison. It is a start of the torture to make HIROMI confess. A small rotor toy is put between groins & nipple and she is left for a long time.
HIROMI makes the body twisted and endures violent stimulation of the rotor toy. Afterwards, one leg is lifted by men and the clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy. The next is to make hard piston to vagina hole by the vibs & toy.
Immediate aftermath, the electric massage machine is put on between groins, and she goes into convulsions the whole body and faints in agony. HIROMI holds feeling like to urine for strong stimulation.

However, HIROMI was made to excrete on the spot without going in the restroom. She squats down and urinates into several times shyly. And she is put in the prison afterwards. Torture will be continued the next day.
HOROMI put out by the prison is bound to the hand in the back and has three men thrown in the cock to the mouth one after another. She is made fellatio by standing pose.
A man who became irritated with HOROMI who did not confess even the torture is made the day after day begins fucking. She is inserted cock at the missionary posture and pants painfully while being shown the uniting part in the following bending posture.

The cock is also thrown in the mouth while hard piston is made at the side, backward woman on top and woman on top posture.
The appearance that the cock is inserted into the interior of the throat while vagina is stirred with the cock and has a fit of coughing is pitiful. Then first vaginal cum shot is made after enjoy the piston at the back and missionary posture.
Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted by missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made. The third cock immediately inserts it in the bending posture.

The third vaginal cum shot is made after the cock is violently poked while being turned over labia meat. After the fact, semen overflows from the ostium of the vagina that moves in obscenity.
The facial cum shot is made at the same time as continuously fucking & vaginal cum shot. Total 13 people made facial cum shot to HIROMI who has been fucking. Her face is made dirty by a large amount of semen.
After the fact, it is reported that diamond thief's criminal was caught. Though HIROMI is said thank that cooperates in the criminal arrest, she is left in the state of tired out.
Afterwards, HIROMI accuses police officers at evidence with the picture which recorded the all the details of the investigation.
However, it is judged the sexual intercourse after agreement by the reason of cloudy joy juice that gushes from the vagina and loses a suit.
Though she pays an indemnification in the money that sells the image with illegal channels and got, it is assumed that the image that belongs to the police station was sold without permission and she will be arrested adversely.
HIROMI who is thrown into prison again is guards' playthings now.


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