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(Arisa Yuduki) The report from pussy


n0268 2007/10/23
Arisa Yuduki
The report from pussy

The female announcer in the TV station is the most gorgeous occupation. The dating with the idol and the sports player of the first class is clarified and the secretly meets the politician is scooped.
It is existence to exceed far gravure idols in the gorgeous. Besides, they live a celebrity- life over the foreign countries after having left a TV station and the gorgeous does not decline.
However, such a female announcer is left the quiet work that physical strength is severe and the quiet work that does not attract attention to in the days of the new face. The typical work is a local report.

The girl announcers spend the new face times of the bottom of the pile while dreaming of main caster of the prime time. ARISA YUDUKI who is just became announcer of the yearning has the attractant body such as slander and dynamite tits.
The first job of ARISA is also a report of the prison, too. ARISA who has not become accustomed to work yet antagonizes them and is abducted though tries interviewing to convicts.
The villainy play that loses normal courses of men who was kept long spell of the woman explodes. The body of ARISA is buried in play at which 14 continuous semen is shot. It is the exam hall of joining a company of TOKYO HOT television.

ARISA receives the final interview. ARISA who made reading news manuscript to which bad word is written and is shyly perplexed is caressed a body from the rear by an examiner.
After the brassiere is removed and the nipple is attacked, the panty is taken off by the standing pose and finger fuck is made. Then, clitoris is stimulated by the open leg pose. Immediate aftermath, she is made deep kiss while being finger fuck.
Furthermore, slaver is dripped in a mouth and she made to drink it. In the next, the cock is inserted at standing back posture after standing fellatio.

The piston is violently done at woman on top and missionary posture and the cloudiness joy juice gushes. And then, immediately after vaginal cum shot having been entreated against her will, semen is poured.
Anyway, because the condition in the vagina was good, the examination result was passing and the reporter's work is immediately ordered. It is the scene of a local report after the image scene. A place is a prison.
ARISA starts an interview to a convict while being afraid. However, convicts rage at careless remark of ARISA. She is immediately suppressed by four men and made to take off clothes.

Men who was kept long spell of the woman and living in prison for long time do not work the brake though ARISA violently opposes.
Then ARISA is took up in his arms and is made careful licking service & anus lick service by the open leg pose, then she faints in agony to the following finger fuck and clitoris attack.
In addition, a part of minor labia that protrudes outside of the vagina wall from pussy is fingered and ARISA writhes to shame. The following are the vibs toy attacks by crawl on all fours.

Afterwards, clitoris is stimulated with the electric massage machine in the open leg pose. In addition, ARISA ejaculates for the finger fuck and she gush joy juice. Immediate aftermath, the test tube is inserted in the vagina.
Cuzco is inserted after walls of the vagina are exposed and the opening of uterus is exposed. Next, the convict whom is scheduled to release the next day gathers and the release congratulation party that used the pussy is had.
Both legs are suppressed and ARISA is made an open leg pose. Convicts rub the cock and insert it immediately before the ejaculation in the pussy that extended greatly and made vaginal cum shot. Total 14 people made vaginal cum shot one after another.

There is a person who ejaculates after the piston is done many times in the vagina after the cock is inserted in the inside, too. The next is that cock is thrown in to mouth of ARISA and fellatio.
Four cocks are thrown in to the mouth one after another and face of ARISA is distorted painfully. ARISA who is made lick of three cocks at the same time and opposes is lie down in the bed and fucked at missionary posture.
ARISA is violently made piston at side, back, M-leg backward woman on top and woman on top posture while being made to say an obscene word and vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture.

Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted at backward woman on top posture. Then vaginal cum shot is made again at the missionary posture after the piston is done while pouring away cloudiness joy juice.
The third cock is immediately inserted. After violent insertion, cock is casually inserted in the interior of the vagina and semen is splashed. After the fact, a large amount of semen flows backward.
After the fact, the image is finally put on the shelf for the reasons of extreme though ARISA is made to promise the broadcast on a national network of the report image that puts a full detail of insulting.
However, the TV station side uses their head and sells the adult industry a report picture because they don't want perseverance of ARISA is wasted.
She is immediately adopted for a certain AV manufacturer as a vaginal cum shot actress because of expression when she is fucked and insulted is good. The debut is decided by the catchy copy of "Meat Urinal of The former female announcer", too.
Let's expect gorgeous activity to exceed an active announcer.


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