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(Hitomi Nishikawa) The Housemaid Slave


n0267 2007/10/19
Hitomi Nishikawa
The Housemaid Slave

It is general that an affluent home has employed the housemaid in foreign countries. The house that employs not only one housemaid but also employ many is not unusual either.
On the other hand, the housemaid is in not individual's home but the housemaid cafe, comic market and so on in Japan. There are a lot of girls who yearn to the housemaid if a costume play is pretty.
HITOMI NISHIKAWA is a cute girl whom the housemaid costume suit well. The pretty voice is also attractive.

Though HITOMI is employed to a certain doctor's house as a housemaid, but master's important one is destroyed without permission and she is angered. The master comes to her heavy punishment. The master's instruction is absolute though HITOMI opposes.
A maid exclaims intensely and faints in agony to the shame play to which the meat hole is grubbed and joy juicer is blown many times. At the beginning, it is consultation room in the hospital.
The doctor is doing the interview of the housemaid who personally recruits it in the hospital. HITOMI who shows the motivation appears putting on the housemaid clothes. First of all, the doctor checks the health condition and the palpate begins.

HITOMI is made taking off the panty by crawl on all fours and the small pussy is exposed on the way of the palpate. Then, she is made finger fuck by the open leg pose.
In addition, the whole body goes into convulsions and she made female ejaculation to the piston of a small vibs toy. Immediate aftermath, cock is thrown in the mouth and she is licked it.
Then, the cock is inserted in the pussy at the missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made after M-leg woman on top and back posture. After the fact, pussy and anus do the slack shrinkage to a violent piston.

HITOMI who was in favor with a doctor will be immediately decided the adoption and work from the next day. It is the home of doctor after image scene. HITOMI is asked to clean the room and the arrangement of the warehouse.
HITOMI who does the work requested while the doctor has gone out is surprised to discover three men of the stark-naked while the warehouse is being put in order. Men are bound with the rope and do not move at all.
Is it man or is it a doll? HITOMI approaches them to pierce and finger the cock. Afterwards, HITOMI is got angry at her having played with them without permission by a doctor and she is bound in the hand in the back.

They were doctor's important object. HITOMI gets cum shot on the tongue as a punishment. Total three cum shot is made and she is swallows everything in every case. New object delivered later to the doctor.
They are five men in this time. The doctor asks HITOMI to polish them and goes out immediately. HITOMI who polishes it while being surprised at an object looking just like a human being squeezes a cock of men out of curiosity and begins to lick it.
When HITOMI who licks the stick growing big in amusement notices, she is surrounded by an object, and is pushed a cock. In addition, men are made to take off clothes and the whole body of HITOMI is caressed.

HITOMI who seriously dislikes it by fear and uncanny takes up in one's arms by the open leg pose and made ginger fuck. At the same time, clitoris is fingered and a large amount of joy juice is blown.
Immediate aftermath, the ostium of the vagina wriggles in obscenity. In the next, HITOMI is lied down to the bed and cock is inserted by missionary posture.
After the cock is deeply inserted at the bending posture, joy juice gushes from the pussy momentarily cock put off. Immediate aftermath, semen is injected into a vagina hole that wetted by joy juice at the side posture.

Then cock is immediately inserted at the missionary posture. The piston is violently done at the back and missionary posture and when a man pulls out the cock, a large amount of joy juice is blown again.
HITOMI blows the joy juice while she is made piston even the continuing bending posture. The second cum shot is made to the pussy that dirtied by the backflow semen and joy juice.
Immediate aftermath, cock is inserted at backward woman on top posture and the third vagina cum shot is made. In addition, the fourth vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture.

The fifth cum shot is made into pussy where love juice, joy juice and semen are mixed at the woman on top posture. Labia meat of HITOMI who is thrown in stick one after another and goes mad is enlarged.
Labia meat protrudes from the pussy slovenly. In addition, the doctor angry again to HITOMI for groped them without permission, and she received the punishment on which semen is poured on the hair and the face.
Semen is poured from the top of the head of HITOMI who sits down uneasiness and facial cum shot is made as well. HITOMI is polluted with semen for 16 people in total from the top of the head to a face.
HITOMI will be added to doctor's new collection as object with an untouched appearance. The occupation that lower people originally engage in the housemaid is common sense of the world. It is the vocation for the lower slut.
As the rich population increases in Japan in the near future, woman who yearns to housemaid will be employed to a rich house as an fucking object and a meat hole housemaid.


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