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(Azusa Yamabuki) The Obscene Receptionist


n0266 2007/10/16
Azusa Yamabuki
The Obscene Receptionist

Though there is shoplifting in one of the crimes to annoy the shop as supermarket and convenience store of the store sales, many case in a comparatively small-scale store is the thefts of proceeds from sale by the clerk.
It points a surveillance camera to the cash register in the convenience stores to prevent it.The crime to embezzle the money of the company except for the difference of the amount of money not only the convenience store but also it may be generated in mos
AZUSA YAMABUKI who hangs erotic pheromone in the air from the whole body is a office lady of the non-bank. AZUSA embezzles money kept from the guest though she deals politely with the guest who came to return the money. Insulting starts at the clue itツ’s

It is immediately before the limit to cruel play that not only the pussy but also the anus and the mouth are closed. Let her have a proper reward that did a bad thing. AZUSA of the non-bank receipt quietly peculates money received from the guest. It is fo
the body is examined whether she hide anything else. AZUSA is made taking off the panty and is made open leg pose on the desk, and clitoris is attacked while finger fuck is made.
The president comes back when the section chief intend to throw cock into her mouth. The president who hears the fact of the peculation from the section chief rages and orders AZUSA to make fellatio.

And cock inserts into pussy at the standing back pose afterwards. The piston is made at backward woman on top, woman on top and bending posture, and finally vaginal cum shot is made.
The president leaves disposal of AZUSA to the section chief and goes out afterwards. Section chief fix a half-naked AZUSA with packing tape in the outside of the window of the company, and she is exposed to public view.
The employee who see the spectacle and gather know embezzlement of AZUSA and rages. After AZUSA was tied to the pillar of the office, and she was licked a body clean, both nipples are hold with the clip and the vibs toy is thrown in to the pussy.

In addition, the electric massage machine is fixed with the packing tape between groins. After she is made acme by an extreme vibration, AZUSA is spanked hip at standing back style and faints in agony.
It the next, vibs toy is put in the anus and pussy and a large amount of joy juice is hung down. In addition, the clitoris is attacked by the finger and she is made acme again.
Then, cock is thrown in to the mouth one after another at the standing fellatio. It gets excited by the spectacle that drools whenever the cock is put in and out.

It is moved to the bed and the finger is inserted in the anus deeply by the open leg pose afterwards. When anus is licked by the lift hip up pose and air is blown in intestines, she is made wind.
The cock is inserted in the pussy following the shame play. She is made piston at the missionary, side, back and M-leg woman on top posture. At the time of being fucked at woman on top posture, the cock is also inserted in anus at back posture.
In addition, the cock is thrown in also by the mouth and it is three holes fucking simultaneous play. At the same time, hand job service is made for two cocks to using both hands. Then, it is anus fuck at the missionary posture.

The appearance to which air gushes from the anus immediately after the cock was pulled out is exposed many times after side and back posture. In addition, the cock pulled out from the anus is sucked.
Then, the anus is skewered by backward woman on top posture and the cock is inserted also in the pussy. In addition, the cock is thrown in also by the mouth and it is simultaneous three holes play again.
It is opened so that the vagina and anus seems to burst. In the next, it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. The cock immediately after the ejaculation is alternately inserted in anus and pussy, and the semen of the remainder is injected.

The second and third vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture. Moreover, forth one is made at the missionary posture and fifth vaginal cum shot into anus at the side posture.
Immediate aftermath, intestinal juice of brown is mixing with semen and hangs down. Then, all staff gather and anger to AZUSA is made shown. Semen of total 16 is splashed to the head and face of AZUSA.
The cock after it ejaculates is thrown in to the mouth and the adhering semen is wiped off. The hair is sticky in semen. In addition, it is painted on the face and the whole body and it ends.

AZUSA who covered with semen will be made to work as a receptionist. Afterwards, the company starts the service of vaginal cum shot to AZUSA as a privilege to the credit member. The system is the points collect as much as member make vaginal cum shot.
When it is crowded, it is not enough to use only the pussy and she corresponds to be in high gear the anus and the mouth, and she thanks for it having been pierced an anus in these day.


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