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(Kana Fujiki) The Scrap Slut


n0265 2007/10/12
Kana Fujiki
The Scrap Slut

There is woman of banker who falsifies data of deposit balance so that she may give financial aid to a favorite man. There is a woman who keeps taking out heavy loans and frequenting host club.
The woman who behaves to be convenient for a man is not few even though it acts went out of self intention. It driven in the obedient woman more and bullies her thoroughly.
There is an excitement different again from the enjoyment to make a saucy competitive woman surrender. KANA FUJIKI is slender a beautiful office lady who has the masochist mind.

KANA steals the important documents of the company where she works at with it being said to a boyfriend. However, she is cruelly tortured and the theft is confessed. She is be victimized by all employees.
The play that beautiful office lady is teased in the office where became a place of the insulting body, and is diminished to a meat urinal develops. At the beginning, the boyfriend asks KANA to steal important documents of the company.
KANA declines it many times, but she is made deep kiss by a boyfriend, and had handcuffs on both hands and put off clothes. She is tearing up stockings at the open leg pose, the panty is taken off and finger fuck is made.

The finger fuck continuous and movement of finger increase speed at the back style. The joy juice and the pussy wind leak from the ostium of the vagina which wriggles.
And it is fellatio time. After the gem is politely sucked, KANA is made to promise the carrying out of important documents after KANA having been irritated badly by a boyfriend.
Semen is injected into vagina jar where is made dirty though KANA violently opposes the vaginal cum shot after hard piston is made at the back, side, M-leg backward woman on top and missionary posture.

The cock pulled out once is inserted again and semen is pushed into the interior of the vagina. The next scene is an office of KANA. KANA tries to steal the document while the other employees are all out on business and director have telephone call.
However immediately after, a director notices documents loss and is convinced that a criminal is her. He starts torture to let her confess it. The hand is bound in the pillar and the matter of the document is questioned closely to KANA.
Furthermore, she is put the metal fitting for bondage and domination in a mouth, and is in the condition that a mouth not to be closed.

Other employees who returned from the business also join torture and two cocks thrown in a mouth in the state that metal fittings had put in. After metal fittings are removed, the cocks are thrown into mouth deeply one after another.
Then, it is neglect play for a long time while bound in the pillar. However, KANA doesn't confess easily. Stoking and the panty are torn up with scissors in the standing pose and the pussy is exposed in the open leg pose.
And the pussy is stimulated with the vibs &rotor toy. KANA is violently stimulated pussy with the electric massage machine and faints in agony after the clitoris and vagina hole are attacked at the same time.

The lower half of the body goes into convulsions and she is not possible to stand. In addition, cock is inserted after the attack of the vibs toy is made by standing backing style and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes.
In the next, KANA who is liberated from the tie fast is fucked at missionary posture in the mat. The piston is made at the bending, M-leg backward woman on top, woman on top and back posture, and KANA is disheveled of the hair,
distorts the face, and agonized. Then first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture. Immediately after that, second cock is inserted at side posture and vaginal cum shot is made. The third cock is inserted at the modified side posture.

The semen that flows backward is pushed with the cock again in the vagina and injected semen again. Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted after it is stirred in the vagina by the finger.
It is made to expose in the vagina into which it is rubbed with the cock violently and a large amount of semen was poured. KANA confesses stealing the document to a cruel insulting at the end.
The director and other employees rage by the thing that the confidential matter leaks to outside the company. And KANA is made to take responsibility. The punishment from which semen is poured on the pussy at the lift hip up posture is given to KANA.

Eight people made cum shot mercilessly to pussy of KANA who apologizes desperately. Also five people made facial cum shot at the same time. Whole body of KANA is covered with semen of total 13.
While the semen that overflows from the pussy is pushed by the finger in the vagina, it is hung down in the face, too. It ends by the scene of the pitiful face made dirty by semen. KANA will be made to work as a meat urinal after this.
For the reason of not understanding when she steals documents again, KANA is usually put in the cage and only when becoming a plaything, she is put out from the cage.
Because the presidential order that company may throw her away when the employee of the majority gets tired had been put out and she was actually disposed the other day.
It was assumed that it cost money with the business garbage, and it was abandoned illegally. Afterwards, the slut body recycling shop collects it and it seems to have been carried to foreign countries with the steel scrap.


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