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(Asami Niikura) The Fucking Interview


n0264 2007/10/09
Asami Niikura
The Fucking Interview

The woman going the town is aimed at. Though there is a possibility to be involved in the crime, too, still a lot of one that is solicitations of cosmetics and the esthetics goods in the downtown and the amusement center and scouts such as sex clubs and A
The wonderful woman has a more risk to be aimed in. Though the majority of women do not think them who that is forcible and obstinate to be pleasant,
it is TOKYO HOT that is feared most by women now. It was a start of the hell that ASAMI NIIKURA with idol looks had been marked down by KIMURA of Mr. Scout at the street corner.

We will show the all the details that the slender highest body of ASAMI of the candidate new idol collapses by an intense play of the TOKYO HOT. At the beginning, it is the meeting scene of ASAMI and the staff of TOKYO HOT.
ASAMI is immediately put to the car and moves to the studio. A little interview is performed until arriving at the spot. One of the staff begins to touch body of ASAMI and clothes are taken off and the bust is caressed on the way.
ASAMI is made finger fuck after she is made taking off the panty and clitoris is groped. ASAMI is anxious about the outside and feels shy seriously because the car is running in the town where a lot of traffic exists.

It the next, she is sucked the cock and fellatio begins. It is skillful fellatio in a back seat. It arrives in the place where the ball bag was politely sucked. However, there is no sign from which a man steps out of a car.
ASAMI becomes a stark-naked in the parked car and is made finger fuck at the open leg pose and cock is inserted at the missionary posture after that. ASAMI cannot cover the uneasiness whether it is not noticed around for a state opening a rear bonnet.
It gets excited by her appearance for piston to be done and to subdue pant voice many times though joy juice that becomes cloudy is poured away.

The cloudiness joy juice gushes more and drops in the standing backing and it drips and is thrown around the pussy at the missionary posture. Then it is vaginal cum shot. Immediate aftermath, semen in the vagina is raked out by the finger.
Afterwards, ASAMI moves in the studio to face the shower. Two men stand by in front of the shower. ASAMI was helped to wash the body by men. After she washed a whole body by body soap, she also washed inside of vagina beautifully to use a bidet.
And she moves to the bed and clothes are changed to prepared clothes. Men gently support her here. ASAMI also recovers feelings that tended to become cloudy a little in forcible play in the car. She cheerfully wears clothes to the body.

However, men change suddenly immediately after that. Men violently throw down ASAMI to the bed and tears up the panty stocking. Clothes of ASAMI who opposes are cut with scissors and the brassiere and the panty are cut in pieces.
ASAMI calls Kimura of the scout man because it is different from a prior story, but is not connected. Men drive recklessly further and made finger fuck & clitoris attack by the open leg pose.
Then, cock is inserted at the missionary posture after fellatio play. The hard piston is continuously made at the bending, side and M-leg backward woman on top posture. She is violently poked to the vagina interior and the pussy opens greatly.

And it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. It gets excited by a tragic appearance that semen is injected though she violently opposes.
Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted and a large amount of semen is poured by missionary posture. ASAMI is seriously angry and sulky to the continuous vaginal cum shot in the continuing scene.
However, the men's reckless driving doesn't stop and it begins to finger pussy of ASAMI. Also rotor and vibs toy attack is made after finger fuck.

ASAMI is pressed the electric massage machine to a wetted pussy and clitoris is stimulated intensively, and made acme. Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus that adheres the cloudiness joy juice is exposed.
Then, cock is inserted at the missionary posture through standing fellatio afterwards. She is rubbed with the cock severely in the vagina at the bending, M-leg woman on top and back posture and faints in agony.
The first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture. And second cock is inserted at the missionary posture immediately and vaginal cum shot is made. Then third cock is also inserted at the back posture.

Semen is poured into the vagina jar where is soaked by full of semen and joy juice. In addition, the cock pulled out once is inserted again and semen is poured into the vagina interior.
After the fact, Kimura's telephone is connected and the thing to which ASAMI came by the promise only of interview turns out. The woman who comes for only the talk and the interview has been made vaginal cum shot by the swift attack.
It is the TOKYO HOT indeed. The good slut is never missed. It is the end if slut is aimed by the TOKYO HOT, she will get to carrying out the body until rotting away.


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