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(Maki Ninomiya) The Fucking Gym


n0263 2007/10/05
Maki Ninomiya
The Fucking Gym

It is heard that various schools like aerobics, the jazz dance, and swimming, etc. prosper. Though user's purpose is various as health maintenance and train one's body, the female member goes mainly for dieting.
Moreover, the woman who does a martial art of boxing, wrestling, karate and so on for dieting is not unusual either. MAKI NINOMIYA who has the attractive tightened body and beautiful tits do karate not a diet but considerably in full scale.
The purpose is a thing to knock down hateful men. We waited such a strong-minded and impertinence woman. It is a role of the Tokyo heat to make fucking without reserve and surrender for the woman of masculine.

It returns to an original appearance of the woman who never make to revolt against a man. At the beginning, MAKI is went girl hunted and attacked in following destination of two men. She is made deep kiss and locked a full nelson from the back.
After stockings are tearing up, the panty is taken off and pussy is exposed. A small pussy with good shape is exposed. In the next, she made an open leg pose with a stark-naked. The joy juice overflows for the finger fuck & attack to clitoris.
Then, it is fellatio play after the whole body is shaken and she faints in agony violently. She made a skillful fellatio while hanging down large amount of slaver. Then, cock is inserted at the woman on top posture.

The appearance where the made small pussy strongly tightens the cock is projected in detail in the close up of uniting part. Her pussy is stimulated with the cock violently while being fingered the clitoris with the finger and she is made acme.
She drips joy juice that becomes cloudy while shaking her body at the same she got acme. The piston becomes more violent at the back and bending posture and MAKI faints in agony. And it she got acme again.
Immediate aftermath, vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture. The second cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made, too. After the fact, labia meat is getting rolled up greatly.

The following scene MAKI is flirting with the boyfriend. However, MAKI violently opposes boyfriend who requests her body. The things before become a trauma and not only she cannot have sex but also she had violent abhorrence for the man.
The image scene is continuously placed and it is the Karate gym. MAKI acquires the Karate in full scale. The purpose is to knock down hateful men by the Karate. She mixes with men and a violent practice is repeated.
Three men are defeated one after another by MAKI while practicing. MAKI is a fist for the partner who fell down. The master couldn't stand any longer enters for the stop.

The master with three men who is knocked down by MAKI attack her who hated men because of things played with by a man before. The thing to remove the trauma by the roughness treatment of making man's cock and semen accepted is an aim.
The pussy is fingered in the open leg pose and MAKI gets wet and the toy attack starts immediately. The thick vibs toy is inserted in the pussy where drips and throws joy juice and the whole body goes into convulsions violently,
and she got the acme at the last. In addition, four cocks are thrown in to the mouth one after another in the backing style after the attack of the vibs toy and fellatio play is made. Next, the cock is inserted in the pussy.

The hard piston continue at the bending, back, backward woman on top and woman on top posture and first vaginal cum shot is made at the side posture.
Immediate aftermath, cock is inserted at the back posture and semen is injected into the pussy after cock stimulate inside of vagina hardly.
Then, the third cock is inserted at once and vaginal cum shot is made again after the hard piston is made at the missionary, woman on top and bending posture.

In addition, the fourth cock is inserted in the pussy where a large amount of semen flows backward and of course it is vaginal cum shot. The cock pulled out once after it ejaculates is inserted again and semen is poured into the opening of uterus.
After the roughness treatment, total 31 brute made cum shower aiming to her face & intraoral & hair. The cock after it ejaculates is thrown in to the mouth and it is made to bail out of semen that remains in cock by the tongue.
MAKI is covered in semen from the top of the head to a face. Next, the semen is painted on the face, the hair, and the tits. In addition, semen that raked up being pushed in the mouth and she is made to drink it.

It ends by a miserable appearance of MAKI who was poured a large amount of semen on so as not to understand an original face. MAKI who is got rid of the trauma was reborn to the fucking slave who submitted oneself to a man through life.
The master who undertook treatment closes the Karate gym and begins counseling. Vaginal cum shot healing that treats the trauma of the mind takes a considerable effect.


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