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(Risako Mamiya) The dispair slut


n0262 2007/10/02
Risako Mamiya
The dispair slut

The reason why the woman works in the sex shop is roughly money. Though there is a reason of extension of hobbies and favor in a part of maniac sex club such as SM club,
lasting long is generally difficult even if I jump into the world of the shop out of curiosity. There is a woman has been sold away by the debt while there is a woman who works to save a lot of money, too.
RISAKO MAMIYA is tall and a beautiful woman of a preeminent style. It is the great woman who is too good to work in the sex club. Why does such a woman work in a sex club? In this time, we present the condensed fall life of RISAKO who falls forever trigge

The devil play to which a lot of cocks stir in vagina of RISAKO one after another is must see. At the beginning, RISAKO is serving for the customer. A gorgeous past revives in the mind of RISAKO while she prepare for the work.
RISAKO was the Race Queen who played an active part brilliantly before. RISAKO was a popular person who is took care with by the all staff including the cameraman and treated importantly and was chased every day to taking a picture.
RISAKO who is soaked in memories is hurried by the guest and moves to the bed so that the service after washing of the body may begin. However, a disgusting past revives just after that.

She had handcuffs on both hands suddenly without the time when RISAKO who came over by work of the photography changes into the clothes of the Race Queen and is took off the clothes.
She is lie down to the bed after Stocking is tearing and finger fuck is made. The pussy immediately gets wet. Then it is standing fellatio. The cock is politely licked from top to root.
And cock is inserted in the state that she was tied both hands to a bed. When the cock is inserted in the vagina deeply at the bending posture, the cohesiveness joy juice that becomes cloudy is gushed.

Though both hands are liberated from the tie fast on the way, it is bound again in order to not able to oppose for the vaginal cum shot and semen is injected at the missionary posture. Semen overflows in the ostium of the vagina.
It was all things that were done the scout by a man and planned at the time of beginning though RISAKO who started the work of Race Queen. The purpose of TOKYO HOT is only insulting her body.
The days insulted earnestly continue on the site though she is called by work of the photography since this day. RISAKO sucked cocks of three men who sit on a chair one after another.

The woman kneels in front of men and is inserted the cock up to the interior of the throat and sucks while drooling. After three cocks are licked at the same time, clothes are stripped off.
And cock is inserted in the pussy after finger fuck and careful licking service is made at open leg pose while she is taking up in one s arms.
Then, they move to the bed and the cock is inserted in RISAKO one after another at missionary, bending, side, back and woman on top posture and she faints in agony. The pussy is greatly expanded by the insertion of cock and it is miserable.

Then, semen is injected into RISAKO at the woman on top posture though she violently opposes the danger of the pregnancy. Then second cock is inserted immediately at back posture and made vaginal cum shot.
Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted in the pussy that does the slack shrinkage at the missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is again. Labia meat is rolled up with a violent piston.
After the fact, though the pussy is stirred by the finger and semen is excreted, RISAKO brushes off man's hand and dislikes it seriously. In addition, insulting continues and semen is splashed to the pussy of RISAKO of the lift hip up pose in the group.

The cock is inserted in the pussy immediately before the ejaculation and vaginal cum shot is made. Continuousness 19 people make vaginal cum shot one after another.
It is unbelievable devil play. A large amount of semen is poured and the pussy is violently convulsive while fucking. Semen is made to flow backward many times and some of them drip and falls to anus.
Immediate aftermath, semen is excreted by the power of the pussy. The finger is inserted in the pussy that transform into anus even if it begins to manage to squeeze semen and to strain oneself and semen is raked out.

After this, RISAKO who insulted many times will be loose interest before long and be resold to sex club. RISAKO wakes up from the memory here and the guest who is making piston made vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture.
However, the guest is not contented in anyhow and leave the shop with the service time left. It ends by appearance of RISAKO who deeply lowers head and bows.
The pussy of RISAKO has already lost cracking down on by the repeated insulting of the Race Queen times. As the commodity, she is an article below C level.
Guest's dissatisfaction can consent. However, she cannot be return to teacher either and she is resold from a shop and furthermore, it will be a matter of time to fall.


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