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(Maki Noguchi) Miss Campus


n0261 2007/09/28
Maki Noguchi
Miss Campus

The idol talent must balance studies with work because most of them attend school after debut. Though there is a case to give priority to studies and to give up the work, most of case is to neglect the school.
MAKI NOGUCHI is a saucy, slender beautiful woman who commutes to a certain famous woman's university. She makes the best use of tall of 172cm and is acting as a model.
Studies' becoming careless and asking for help to the chief director naturally also offer a perfect body often in return.

MAKI who is demanded body service in the model business is overworked body by both the school and work and breaks mentally and physically.
MAKI of the three years continuation Miss campus is a famous person in the university and the model business that just started goes well also. A certain day MAKI visits the chief director.
The purpose is to obtain the insufficient unit due to offer the body. The bust is immediately caressed from back by the chief director and the panty is lowered. In addition, the pussy and the clitoris are groped by the open leg pose.

Then it is female ejaculation after gushing a large amount of joy juice by the continuing finger fuck. Immediate aftermath, MAKI got the acme by the finger fuck. Next is skillful fellatio while stimulated pussy by the finger.
And, the cock is inserted in a pussy where wet much. MAKI faints in agony to the piston of the fingering of the clitoris in the continuing backward woman on top posture. The joy juice adds to quantity more and the crotch of MAKI is in the state as flood.
Then, semen is injected into pussy of MAKI who violently opposes it because it is dangerous day. Thick semen stays in the ostium of the vagina. MAKI changes into clothes of a Race Queen next via an image scene.

It is the photography spot. MAKI of the new figure model obediently follows the lascivious pose that the cameraman demands. In addition, the cameraman who gets excited by Maki's perfect body demands fellatio & hand job service.
MAKI who is suppressed back of the head and put cock in throat deep hangs a large amount of slaver down and sucks hard. In addition, two assistants also join and three cocks are licked at the same time.
In the next, MAKI is made taking off the panty after she tears up stockings by the open leg pose and the pussy is exposed. The clitoris is intensively fingered and she reacts violently while shaking the whole body and gushed a large amount of joy juice.

In addition, the pussy is enhanced right and left greatly with two metallic forks and the pulsing vagina wall is made dew. In the next, it is rotor & vibs toy attack by open leg pose after the special vibs toy is thrown in at the backing style.
She got the acme for the merciless stimulation to the pussy and clitoris. Immediate aftermath, vibs toy is inserted and clitoris is attacked by the finger at the same time and she pants much.
In addition, the clitoris is violently stimulated with the electric massage machine and MAKI ejaculates greatly. The joy juice gushes from the pussy where the vibs toy is buried. She got the acme while violently shaking the whole body.

However, the attack of the electric massage machine doesn't end. Though MAKI cannot endure strong stimulation and tries to shut her leg, it is expanded greatly by contraries and she is made acme.
Then cock is inserted mercilessly into exhausted MAKI at the bending posture. Her beauty leg is lifted high and the piston is done. It is the best posture that can be satisfied of the beauty leg.
The first vaginal cum shot is made at the back posture after hard piston is made at the side, back, woman on top and backward woman on top posture. Immediate aftermath, cock inserts in the pulsing pussy by the side posture and semen is injected.

The third cock is immediately inserted in at the bending posture and semen is poured into the vagina jar that semen mixes with the joy juice. Also the editor of each magazine that came to cover the movie set is gathered.
For the new figure model who is marketing, it is important task to offer the body to editors. Men discharge semen one after another aiming to the pussy of MAKI of lift hip up pose. Total 14 cum shot are made.
The semen that collected in the ostium of the vagina flows in the vagina at a dash when the semen that scatters around the pussy is pushed by the finger in the vagina. After the fact, MAKI is taking up in one's arms and is made semen excretion.

In addition, vagina is raked out by the finger. MAKI who is admitted hard work at the photography spot is selected for an exclusive model of the monthly periodical.
It is decided to put on MAKI sale the market as a vaginal cum shot model of adult magazine called monthly TOKYO HOT. After this, MAKI graduates from the school safely due to offer the body.
MAKI spend days to move around the country to offer the body to the each fan in order to get more popularity though she is taking an active part as a model in these days. This slut intends to live to serve the body through life.


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