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(Chiaki Mukai) The Beauty Slender Slut


n0260 2007/09/25
Chiaki Mukai
The Beauty Slender Slut

There is a flow of recent deregulation, too and the foreign company that advances to Japan has increased. The aim is a just huge personal asset of Japan. It approaches by all possible means to let a Japanese consumer spend money.
There are a lot of foreign-affiliated firms which arrange a Japanese other than the top management to do business smoothly.
Besides, all members are Japanese though top management including the president is occupied by the foreigner as for the TOKYO HOT commercial firm.

A Japanese employee is not come to stay and always recruiting by the short-term result principle of foreign-affiliated special. A tall beautiful woman CHIAKI MUKAI of 170cm joins there.
A Japanese employee including directors gets excited by a splendid body without the fault. So she is very welcome by the insult play from the first day.
Fucking with foreigner's fat cock! It penetrates by three holes (the mouth, the pussy, and the anus) simultaneously! The body of CHIAKI goes to the collapse for an eccentric insult play.

CHIAKI of new face office lady greets in front of the foreigner directors at the first day. CHIAKI is made to take off clothes by three men immediately and is put on the desk and made finger fuck & clitoris attack by the open leg pose.
Foreigner's fat cock is thrown in to the mouth of CHIAKI who is ejaculating and fellatio play. Afterwards, the cock is inserted at the standing back posture.
Foreigner's fat cock is deeply inserted in the pussy of neat and truly Japanese woman and her pussy seems to be burst and has been distorted after hard piston is made at backward woman on top and woman on top posture.

And vaginal cum shot is made at the woman on top posture. Immediate aftermath, the second cock inserts at bending posture and semen is injected into the expanded pussy. It gets excited by the labia meat that became bare outside.
The third cock is immediately inserted at the woman on top posture and vaginal cum shot is made after hard piston that pokes even the opening of uterus. A large amount of semen drips and drops. Then, CHIAKI greets Japanese superiors.
But superiors know that CHIAKI has already been fucked by the foreigner directors and rage. It seems to be a custom that a foreign director fucks the new face after the Japanese staff tasted at the first.

Three superiors push the cock into mouth of CHIAKI and fellatio is made. And cock is inserted at the standing back posture after fellatio. CHIAKI is made acme at the following side posture.
The vagina meat which was enlarged at the same time to have acme sticks to a cock, and the whole vagina strongly tightens a cock. Then it is vaginal cum shot after the M-leg woman on top, back and missionary posture.
The second cock is immediately inserted and semen is injected into the pussy at the side posture while she is being shown the uniting part.

Immediate aftermath, third cock inserts at the back posture and a large amount of semen is injected after the piston while hip is spanked. After the fact, semen flows backward with a disagreeable sound is sounded from the ostium of the vagina.
In the next, CHIAKI greets it in the post by which she hereafter works. Employees warmly welcome CHIAKI. The insult play that called welcome party begins immediately. Cuzco is inserted in the pussy of CHIAKI who widely open the leg.
Then, fellatio & rotor toy attack is made after the vagina where semen still remains dew. Then, cock is inserted again at the missionary posture and also cock inserts into anus after pussy is poked at the backward woman on top posture.

Also other cock is inserted into pussy and mouth while anus fuck continue, and it is simultaneous three holes attack. Then, cock is inserted again into anus while being inserted the cock in the pussy at the woman on top posture.
CHIAKI who is closed mouth by cock greatly ejaculates to continuous simultaneous three holes play. After this, it is continues vaginal cum shot show.
Men make seven continues vaginal cum shot at the various posture as woman on top, back, missionary and bending posture. However, it doesn't end by this.

The following are greetings to the customer. CHIAKI expands the pussy by own finger and makes open leg pose. Then total 12 people discharge semen one after another to aim her pussy. The spilling semen is pushed by the finger in the vagina.
After the fact, she expands the pussy by herself and gush semen. The next scene, CHIAKI is made 19 continues facial cum shot. Two of them made mouthful cum shot, too.
CHIAKI rakes up the splashed semen by own hand and carry to the mouth, and swallowed it at a dash. The sound that semen passes over the interior of the throat is so lewd. CHIAKI is promotional to the director from the next day.
It is a plan that prevents to leave the company of the employee who is not possible to endure that hard work and resigns in a day. Director CHIAKI turns round a branch all over the world and spends days to repeat greetings.
Though CHIAKI cannot speak the foreign language at all, three holes communications that use the pussy, anus and the mouth are very reputations in a local foreigner. However, the pussy and anus explode by the excessive fucking play.
And therefore, she is long term recuperation now.


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