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(Yukari Shibayama) The Slut Spy


n0259 2007/09/21
Yukari Shibayama
The Slut Spy

Japan is extremely a secure country compared with other advanced countries though the opinion that the acknowledgment number of crimes increases gradually after 90's and the safety myth collapsed is in part.
However, there is not a little the illegal organization acting secretly.
Though the Japanese who becomes accustomed peacefully thinks that it is the one that doesn't exist and actually in the fiction with the movie and the drama when you hear the spy and so on,

it is a new event to the memory that a lot of agents provocateurs and spy from the neighboring country disappeared in a Japanese society. YUKARI SHIBAYAMA is one of the members of a certain clandestine organization.
YUKARI sneaks into the organization that is hostile as the woman spy and has handled the work of masculine up to now. However, she is a tall and slender beautiful woman, also the leg that expands without trouble is attractive.
Though the mission in this time is sneaking into the hostility organization that disguises oneself as a man, it comes out to be a woman when it was off her guard.

The body is fingered by men and a painful pant voice is heard from the mouth of unyielding YUKARI. It gets excited by the appearance that desperately endured for insult that break the hole and a female nature is exposed.
It is arrival of a message from the boss in the cellular phone of YUKARI who is sleeping in the bed. It is a request of a new duty. YUKARI disguises herself as a man according to the boss's instruction.
She finishes rolling the cloth in the chest, changing clothes to the suit of men's things, and becoming a man.

The other party's is very dangerous organization that plays when seeing the woman and therefore sneaking that disguises oneself as a man is preferable.
She disguises it as mastering the bar from which the target goes in and out to obtain information on the hideout from one of the organizations. However, the thing that she is a woman is easily detected by the other party.
A man has attacking YUKARI and took off her clothes from the back. And, her body is demanded as the condition on the thing to teach the place in the hideout.

YUKARI who is taken on the bar counter is made careful licking service violently by the open leg pose and pants loudly.
She sucks the cock of a man who gets on the counter and expands his groin while pouring away of a large amount of slaver at the fellatio after finger fuck.
Then cock is thrown in her pussy at the standing back posture after skillful fellatio such as licking ball bag and point of cock. YUKARI is put the one leg on the counter and is made hard piston to the interior and ejaculates.

YUKARI is made acme and drips the joy juice that becomes cloudy. Next, she is fucked at the backward woman on top posture on the sofa and got acme many times by the hard piston at the woman on top and missionary posture.
And, a large amount of semen is injected into the pussy where immediate got acme at the bending posture. YUKARI who obtained the place in other party's hideout in exchange for own body disguises herself as a man later and sneaks.
They are three men in the hideout. However, the information of YUKARI was leaked out by the man who was offered her body. Therefore she is immediately suppressed and clothes are taken off. Both hands are bound with the necktie and the bust is exposed.

In addition, she is stimulated between groins from the panty by the open leg pose and the whole body is shaken. In the next, when the panty is taken off, her lovely pussy is already wet.
A painful female pant voice leaks from the mouth of YUKARI of masculine by violent finger fuck. Next, she is attacked clitoris with rotor toy and faints in agony and is made acme while greatly ejaculating.
Immediate aftermath, the vibs toy is inserted, and the pussy is wet with a large amount of liquid and she got acme again. At the next toy attack at the crawl on all fours, she got acme while she goes into convulsions whole body.

Then, cock is immediately thrown in the mouth and YUKARI is made fellatio. After three cocks are inserted deeply into throat one after another, cock is inserted by missionary posture.
The hard piston is made continuously at the bending, back and M-leg backward woman on top posture. The interior of the vagina is thoroughly poked and she is made acme many times while cock is inserting in.
And, semen is continuously injected into the pussy where made dirty with the joy juice that becomes cloudy at the missionary posture. It is three continues vaginal cum shot.
In addition, men who starved for the woman in the organization gather one after another and splash the semen to face of YUKARI who is made vaginal cum shot many times. Total 9 facial cum shot is made.
It gets excited by appearance of YUKARI who come to feel sick, and have a coughing in a large amount of semen. A large amount of thick semen flows backward from the pussy.
YUKARI who is made laughingstock severely is abused for the appearance polluted with semen. After this, YUKARI was sold away to the foreign country.
The body of super level is a steady commodity that is no part thrown away and has dealings by a high value at anywhere. Shifting from the stock trading and the foreign exchange dealings to the body dealings is the latest trend of the trader in the world.


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