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(Megumi Ishikawa) The Gangbang


n0258 2007/09/18
Megumi Ishikawa
The Gangbang

MEGUMI ISHIKAWA who is most recommended idol of TOKYO HOT is appears in this time and receive storm of vaginal cum shot thoroughly. Terrific amount of semen is injected into not only the pussy but even also the anus at the end of a large gangbang.
The shape of the pussy and the anus are transformed miserably by the continuous fucking that exceeds the limit. All meat holes of the whole body are closed and the appearance of the idol who struggles is must see.
It is the presentiment of new MEGUMI fan sudden increase by the continuous of an impact image. It is exactly historical masterpiece. Make it to the heirloom during the third generation! At the beginning, it is conferring of the sale of idol's MEGUMI.

But the conference ends without such an idea coming out. Later, the producer comes to MEGUMI while she is practicing dancing and the decision of the promotion video production is informed. It is a content that MEGUMI dances with the backing dancer.
Dancers arrive immediately and meet with MEGUMI. All members are nakedness and strange masks in the face. Though she is surprised at the appearance, MEGUMI politely teaches one person one-choreography of the dance that herself thought about.
However, dancers do not have the motivation, in addition, they begins to squeeze the erected cock. MEGUMI who is taken off the clothes and hold by the open leg pose made a fellatio play after careful licking service.

MEGUMI is surrounded by ten people or more and the cock is thrown in one after another into the mouth. In addition, dancers insist that they cannot feel like remembering dancing if they don't make vaginal cum shot.
Then cock is inserted in MEGUMI at the missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made while MEGUMI opposes it after violent piston is made at the backward woman on top, woman on top posture.
Then second cock is immediately inserted and semen is injected into the vagina hole of MEGUMI who faints in agony violently.

Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made again after it stirs in vagina. The cock is immediately thrown in at missionary posture afterwards and vaginal cum shot continues endlessly.
The meat labia of MEGUMI remain extending greatly by continuous 12 vaginal cum shot. It is made dirty between groins by the semen that flows backward.
Though MEGUMI thinks that dancers concentrate on the practice by this, they say that they got exhausted and all of them back to home.

The next scene, MEGUMI who changed to white see-through body-conscious clothes appeals dissatisfaction with dancers to the producer. She is said that the thing that becomes them more happily is necessary for putting out dancers' motivations.
And, when she is said that the deepening friendship with the producer is necessary before it is made with dancers, the cock is thrown in the mouth.
After the standing fellatio that politely sucked from head of cock to lateral stripes, cock is inserted at the standing back posture. She is violently poked at the bending posture and vaginal cum shot is made and semen flows backward from the pussy.

The next scene, it is practice scene of dance. The producer points out that there is no oneness in the dance to MEGUMI who is accompanied by backing dancer and dances with white body-conscious clothes.
He emphasized that vaginal cum shot is necessary for all members to integrate and to dance. Dancers immediately attacking MEGUMI and begin the gangbang.
After violent piston is made at missionary, back and backward woman on top posture, the cock is thrown in to anus. MEGUMI is inserted the cock also in the pussy while being anus fuck by backward woman on top posture and ejaculates.

The mouth is also closed with the cock and three hole play simultaneously is done. In the next, the cock is inserted in the pussy at missionary posture one after another and eight continuous vaginal cum shot is made.
After the fact, the cock is continuously inserted into the anus of MEGUMI who appeals for pain in pussy at the missionary posture. In addition, facial cum shot is also made while anus fuck is making.
Total 11 facial cum shot is made and five cum shot is made into intestines one after another. It is stirred by the finger in intestines and a large amount of semen drips from enhanced anus.

The producer is convinced of the completion of good promotion video to see the appearance of MEGUMI who is made pussy and anus dirty with semen and is exhausted and is satisfied very much.
The last is ended by the scene that all the members including MEGUMI made the dance exercise with the complete nudity. Promotion video is completed several months later.
However, the producer in haste replaces contents because there are not all oneness and it was an ordinary content and the fucking image of MEGUMI is put on the market as replacement. It is made good sales at dash.
The content of the second PV that now on producing is vaginal cum shot. It is recruiting back dancers now to make it contents more than first one.


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