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(Kanako Yamazaki) The Pussy is Money


n0257 2007/09/14
Kanako Yamazaki
The Pussy is Money

The juvenile prostitution is being frequently done recently by Japan. The width is free to handle anything that catches one's eye as young lady to wife.
It is not stopped easily when experiencing once because a lot of money is easily obtained though the value crumble has happened considerably recently.
Anything is done with money when noticing it. KANAKO YAMAZAKI who is slender and have dynamite tits of nice body is typical juvenile prostitution girl. She has been introduced customer through the man of the broker.

A certain day, the guest who pays money of the exception is introduced and she goes to the hotel with great glee. However, there was a reason to pay such money.
Let see while laughing at a pitiful end of the woman who has severely beaten up her body by money. KANAKO has a business talk with broker on the counter of the bar today. The guest who paid lot of money to body of KANAKO appears.
She is passed a roll of bills by a man and goes to a specified room. Ugly fat a man is sleeping soundly there in the bed. A man who wakes up made a deep kiss violently as soon as he saw KANAKO.

KANAKO is made to take off clothes immediately and is licked the nipple. In addition, the panty is stripped off by crawl on all fours and the pussy is exposed. KANAKO shows the stained panty that is made to take off and dislikes it seriously.
After smelling the sticking fast smell between woman's groins, a man obstinately licks anus after smelling the sticking fast smell crotch of KANAKO. In addition, one leg of KANAKO is lifted high and careful licking service is made.
A man lies down in the bed and force to KANAKO to lick anus while expanding crotch by himself following the finger fuck play at the lift hip up pose. A man rages when the way to lick is lax though KANAKO crawl the tongue in man's anus.

KANAKO is defeated to the bed and he extends over the face and pressed anus. Man is breaking wind while KANAKO is hardly training a tongue over the anus of the man. KANAKO writhe much to insult play. And cock is inserted after compulsion fellatio.
The one leg is lifted and the uniting part is exposed and hard piston is continued at the M-leg backward woman on top and bending posture. In addition vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture after violently piston at the lift hip up posture.
Thick semen flows backward. In the next, the image scene is put in and it is the two-shot of KANAKO and the broker in the bar again. KANAKO rages at the kick-back of the broker of 70 percent of the reward in the other day's juvenile prostitution.

However, the broker introduces the better business as the way of compensation. KANAKO immediately go to the spot with the broker. As soon as they arrive the spot, broker has received bag that roll of bills in from the customer and retreat from there.
KANAKO is immediately suppressed by three guests and made to take off clothes and finger fuck is made after deep kiss is made by force at the standing pose.
Then she became open leg pose at the sofa and thrown two rotor toy in to the pussy one after another. Next, the clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy while being stirred the pussy with the vibs toy and she is made acme compulsorily.

After compulsion play, the cock is inserted at the backward woman on top posture. Three cocks are thrown in one after another and piston is made at the bending, missionary, side and M-leg woman on top posture.
Then it is the first vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. The second cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture and semen is injected into the vagina jar that the joy juice mixes with semen.
And third cock is inserted at once. A large amount of semen that flows backward is pushed back in the vagina and vagina cum shot is made at the back posture. And the semen is raked out by the finger. In the next, KANAKO made the lift hip up pose.

Men who are insufficient to ejaculate surround around KANAKO. The men splashed semen one after another to the pussy which was expanded with a finger compulsorily. Semen of total 11 is poured in the vagina.
The semen that spills around the pussy is bail out by the finger and is pushed in the vagina. After the fact, KANAKO is made putting on the panty by force and is made to stand.
A large amount of semen flows backward from the vagina and she is put in the jail while made dirty by semen. She will be confined in the future and will be bred in the prison until getting pregnant. It ends by the close up picture of KANAKO who despairs.

The woman who does anything by money has sold even the life by money. A lot of women who are bought by money, confined to the prison, and bred exist.
The slut body trade fair that makes such pitiful women a show and knocks down severely is being planned in the TOKYO HOT. The guide is scheduled to be sent to everybody as soon as holding is decided.


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