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(Ami Matsuda) The Slut of Gang Boss


n0256 2007/09/11
Ami Matsuda
The Slut of Gang Boss

A lot of people exist as politician who loses power due to mistake violated in the past and idol who roots out talent life due to become problem defective behavior in former days.
When it does an illogical thing without thinking about a point, retort will be come by all means in the future. AMI MATSUDA of a preeminent style is a slut of the boss who bundle local together of gang.
The chastisement to the opponent who ruins territory in local is an everyday experience. A lascivious man might be strongly blamed and hurt. The gang dissolves suddenly though it is AMI who is doing what her likes.

And, time when a current evil doing is liquidated visits AMI. Please enjoy a refreshing image from which sadistic AMI who joyfully hurts a man is played by force against her will.
AMI is the slut of boss of gang that adjusts the local area and she has the great power. AMI takes the lead in taking responsibility to the fellow who made the bungle.
She chastises two lascivious men who tried to do prostitution involving high school girls and older men. AMI tramples down a fat body of a man made a stark-naked by the heel. AMI violently made spanking body of men who blindfolded and was bound.

AMI spits the saliva to the body while playing with the cock and abuses them. And she leaves them alone there. However, the boss resigns suddenly later.
Left AMI intended to gather up a territory in place of a boss, but three subordinate brothers oppose her and being attack AMI. They had violent abhorrence to AMI. AMI is bound by the standing pose and the whole body is groped.
The groin is expanded and it begins finger fuck, and the joy juice begins to blot immediately. In the next, vibs toy is thrown in the vagina after the attack to nipple & pussy with the rotor toy.

The clitoris is violently stimulated with the rotor toy at the same time. Afterwards, the cock is thrown in to mouth of AMI who is brought to the bed and standing fellatio is beginning.
The cock is inserted up to the interior of the throat and she is sucking it strenuously. In addition, two cocks are sucked at the same time. Two men leave by business on the way of insulting. One remaining man deeply inserts the cock into pussy of AMI.
He pokes AMI at the missionary and bending posture, and AMI is shown the joining parts by force even she dislike it. Also, she is violently poked at the back posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes.

Then, semen is injected by missionary posture while being abused after M-leg woman on top posture. The cock is pulled out once and it is inserted again and all semen is injected. The ostium of the vagina is made dirty by the semen that flows backward.
It is unbearable insult play for sadistic AMI. In the next, it is the photography spot where the scene made AMI a model across the image scene with sexy lingerie. AMI has been changing over to the lingerie model.
The president of the sponsor company and the photographer highly praise beauty AMI who has preeminent style and the photography advances smoothly.

A man of the staff suddenly enters the spot and he is astonished to seeing AMI because he is one of subordinates. A man discloses an old evil doing of AMI to a president and other related staff.
The president assumes that the image of the commodity worsens and switches the content of taking a picture to the one for the back company in haste. AMI is made to take off the panty immediately by three men at the open leg pose and the pussy is exposed.
The pussy is wet in a finger fuck and violent attack to clitoris. In the next, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and the clitoris is stimulated with the vibs toy at the same time.

Furthermore, the toy that is inserted in the pussy is compulsory excrete by the power of pussy. However, the president is dissatisfied with the expression of AMI.
It moves to the bed to make a good expression and the cock is thrown in to the pussy and it is compulsion vaginal cum shot after violent piston. The second cock is immediately inserted at the backward woman on top posture.
After it is stirred in the vagina with the cock at the back and bending posture, semen is injected again. The third cock is immediately inserted at the missionary posture and made vaginal cum shot.

The pussy is grubbed with the finger after continuous vaginal cum shot and semen is raked out compulsorily. In addition, semen of total 15 is splashed to face of AMI at the same time as fucking & vaginal cum shot.
After the fact, AMI in the state covered with semen doesn't remain power to get up either. The popularity of the pamphlet which appeared of AMI is great, and the inquiries from the various directions rush.
The president starts sales image of AMI in the black market. Ami turns back to the world in the seamy side again. She will continue the life made dirty by semen until dying.


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