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(Touko Mikuni) The Throwaway Lovers


n0255 2007/09/07
Touko Mikuni
The Throwaway Lovers

It often hears of the story that the number of couples of sexless increases. Sexless seems to have increased in not only a married couple alone who faced the stage of weariness but also young lovers recently.
The reason is various as it is busy every day, it is not interested in sex each other so much, disagreement of the affinity of the sex and so on.
Recently, sex with the lover neglects to call TOUKO MIKUNI who is lewd beautiful slut of fair beautiful skin. It is because the boyfriend cannot be satisfied in usual sex. It is devil sex of TOKYO HOT that the boyfriend gets excited only.

The boyfriend is in the state in which masturbation begins in the material as for X-rated book that introduces the work of TOKYO HOT even if TOUKO is in the next. The boyfriend forces TOKYO HOT appearance on TOUKO in order to cancel a sexless.
TOUKO who is became a sacrifice is insulted thoroughly by strange men mercilessly in front of the lover, and she is destroyed the body. TOUKO and boyfriend are on the beds. The boyfriend is crazy about X-rated book though TOUKO wants to flirt.
A lascivious delusion swirls in the head. TOUKO is attacked by the kimono bathrobe appearance by two men and is fingered pussy at crawl on all fours pose after compulsion deep kiss in the delusion.

In addition, it is finger fuck & attack to clitoris by the open leg pose. TOUKO is made crawl on all fours pose and pussy is violently stimulated and she faints in agony. Then, TOUKO violently wants the cock.
Cock is presented in front of TOUKO and she starts fellatio. It is thoroughly irritated though she wants semen while licking the stiffening cock. The man ejaculates it not in the mouth but on a plate prepared before the eyes of TOUKO not the mouth.
Six people discharge semen one after another likewise on a plate. TOUKO who wants to drink semen cannot frequently endure and grabs at a cock after ejaculation.

Then, after once containing semen on the plate in the mouth and vomiting it, TOUKO breathe it in at once and drink it up. In addition, she licks the plate with a tongue slurp-slurp and semen is taken by scooping all one drops.
Then, it is fucking time. Hard piston is made at the side, backward woman on top and M-leg woman on top posture and TOUKO incontinence after she is in ecstasies much.
Even the continuing bending posture, the vagina interior is violently poked and urine is leaked again. Afterwards, semen is injected into the pussy where the joy juice exists together to urine.

Immediate aftermath, the second cock inserts at the missionary posture and a large amount of semen is injected into the pussy that extends greatly. The boyfriend who woke up from the delusion immediately embraces TOUKO and made deep kiss.
He interrupts though he caresses her tits, and read X-rated book again and masturbation is started. They go to the office of TOKYO HOT in order to rid of sexless.
The reason is because TOUKO who is persuaded by the boyfriend as he may be excited when he looking at the lover having sex with the other man consented to become the prey of the TOKYO HOT unwillingly.

Men of the TOKYO HOT go into raptures at a sudden prey. The pussy is immediately exposed in the open leg pose and finger fuck is started. The pussy immediately gets wet though TOUKO who is brought semi compulsorily opposes.
She feels much with a loud halloo to following rotor & Vibs toy attack. After the fact, Cuzco is inserted compulsorily in the vagina where extended greatly by toy attack and the opening of uterus filled with the joy juice that becomes cloudy is exposed.
Then, fucking start after compulsion fellatio. She is made acme with the cock inserted and a large amount of cloudiness joy juice is gushed after poked at missionary, bending and back posture.

Afterward, violent piston is continued at the backward woman on top, woman top and missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made at the bending posture at the last. Semen overflows in the ostium of the vagina that forgets to close.
The second cock is immediately inserted by missionary posture. The boyfriend who closely saw the spectacle from which the lover is fucked demands the group cum shower to TOUKO further.
TOUKO is splashed semen to force by force while being violently stirred in the vagina by cock. Total 16 facial cum shot is made.

In addition, semen in the face is pushed into the mouth by force, and she seriously dislikes it and has a fit of coughing many times. And, semen inject into pussy, too. The boyfriend gets excited by the appearance of the insulted lover, too.
The cock is inserted in the pussy where a large amount of semen was poured and made vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. The cock is pulled out once and it is inserted again and all semen is injected to the last drop.
It ends by appearance of TOUKO in the state of being made to tattered and falling down. After this, TOUKO is decided to be offered as a public toilet to men.
Though it gets rid of sexless, the lover relation to the boyfriend was completely broken off, too. At the same time that reflecting on current sexless, let her returns to original woman is attitude that bred with semen to bait and serve to a man.


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